Does doing this make a Juul pod hit stronger?

Does doing this make a Juul pod hit stronger?
Is it like removing the filter from a cigarette?

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No, the cotton is there to catch it if the juul spits

Wasn't juul the vape producer, that was suspected to cause the vape sickness, with this artificial vitamine liquid?

actually i always take those out of my juul pods because it hits stronger. also if you try pulling out the cotton at the bottom of the pipe in the middle, it lets more juice flow through and it hits hella fucking hard

No, that's fucking stupid.

Only fags vape Juuls

I bend the contact tabs.

Beats smoking fags, but the addictive quality of this shit is astounding. Used wisely you can quit all of it. The you got time to smoke more cock.

No, that was black market THC pods.

>Beats smoking fags
No, it really doesn't, it just makes you look like a homosexual

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I'm 100% certain I herad that not all cases were connected to THC-Pods.
But on the other handy I'm not living in the US so this BS gone past me anyway.

It's the nic level that makes it stronger or weaker on vapes, nothing else.

A bit of a fix towards this*

if you use vape device that has variable wattage, you can set it to higher to get "stronger" hit, but all it does is evaporate more of e-liquid, strength of it technically remains the same.

*only fags vape

Juul is fucking garbage
get a mech mod and vape 50mg/ml off a dripper you fucking pussy

Better then smelling like shit all time, coughing all the time and spending $5-8 a pack everyday. I smoked cigs from 18-23 and switched to vape from 23-28 and I feel better then i used to, not to mention i can go 8 hours without hitting my vape and i dont wana kill someone for a hit like when i smoked cigs and once you want one its all you think about

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smoked cigs 5 years, bought a juul smoked for 7 months, on day the battery died and realized I didnt crave a cig or juul. 2 years have not smoked a cig or juul.

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Only if you add a drop of tide pod liquid to it.

It will Not make it produce any more Vapor but yes, if you'd like eating the juice it sure does make hit it stronger. What at that point you might as well just buy some Nic salt juice and drip it on your tongue if you're that much of a nic feand

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