Can we get a new good hotwife/cuck thread going? I have tons of stories if anyone wants to hear?

can we get a new good hotwife/cuck thread going? I have tons of stories if anyone wants to hear?

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Experienced black bull with huge BBC looking for cucks with unsatisfied girls, wives or daughters to own

Kik me: BBChungBull

No thanks we just want fun not monkey AIDS

My wife has had 5 other guys since we were married, but no bbc. that's the next step...

show some c r e a m p i es and feet

is helping your black friend fuck your sister considered a cuck story?

can i see her barefeet?

I would say so...

Why? So she can get AIDS and have an AIDS infested halfy kid?

no, so we can have some fun sexual experiences together, and enjoy ourselves...

Hard to enjoy yourselves when your immune system is shot to shit.

why would it be shot to shit?

Because of the HIV and AIDS

how and why would she get that?

any opinions / advice on getting into this in real life? been telling my girl about it lately


Why are so many cucks into Black specifically? How is it any better than her fucking a white guy? Serious q

Hit me on Kik under vegasrod

Cucks Kik qwertyq1e for a big cock bull in Toronto. I'm looking for new couples to play with

Because they're racist in denial. They are so not racist that they want the biggest dicks which by racist stereotype is niggers.

OP of this, my kik is throwaway 0004545 (no space)
the reply is not me it’s a bull

kik me at stephenwilliam, its not that hard to get your girl into it, mine loves its...

just the visual is fun. skill in bed is way more important than race...

I've been in a similar situation with a coworker and said no thanks.


These are Jewish race mixing threads.

>be 13 year old me
>summer time vacation
>go to local park to play some football(soccer for the burgers out there)
>meet black kid bit older than me
>play football together so we become friends
>older sister and i always had a good relationship
>she is bored at the house so i invite her to go with me to the park
>She meets my friend and we all get along
>she keeps coming with me when i go to the park
>at the time i just thought she liked to hang around with me
>black friend and sister get to know each other better
>eventually i start being left out as they hang out more and more by themselves
>one day black friend comes up to my and says he likes my sister and ask for permission to date her
>i say im fine with it
>he asks for help to date her
>Ask my sister what she thinks of him. She tells me he likes him too
>suddenly become middle man of the relationship
>tell him things my sister likes and vice versa
>bring messages from one person to another
>id help them out here and there
>they start dating
>one day invite him over to my house and then leave them two alone
>sister just told me they made out and got to third base
>found out from friend the next day with graphic detailes, that they had fucked
>this went on for all summer
At the time i just thought of it as helping my sister and a friend. Now it seems like a cuck thing

Closet sissy cuck with a gf. The more aggressive and disrespectful a bull is the better. Put me in my place and steal my girl. Kik surferkid32

Cant post it enough

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Kik: laurasmiles90
Sharing my girl.
Insult and degrade her. Can speak to me like shit to

Pretty good but seems fake.

looking for tributes for my girl. stephenwilliam314 is my kik

Wwyd to my wife?

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My gf is into it. Sexted with a bull who has made plans to visit us but travel plans didn't work out. Unfortunately since she has shown little to interest in sexting with other bulls but says if she finds someone irl she'll want it. Still loves the idea. My kik is parsleysagerosemary6.

Pic related her reaction to seeing the bull in action

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who's this girl?

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You know there's sub reddits for this shit, why post it on Cred Forums when every thread fails and gets no interest?

Anyone interested in my tiny wife. I want to watch her get fucked hard

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Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002

Holy shit I’d tear her into pieces. Love petite girls you can force into novel positions

Kik? Fixit80


Please, for the love of God, moar

Never fuck a chick that's into cucking people (or whose husband is into being cucked)

They WILL be crazy and you WILL regret it

More please

Would use that pussy until I exploded inside of her

this actually happened to me years ago, before i knew what cucking was, what b was..i was so naive.

i was dancing in a club, getting drunk with mates, when this woman comes up and starts dancing with me. after a few songs i notice some guy lookinmg at us.
she leans in and says
"youre cute, what would it take for you to come back to my hotel room tonight?'
me - " i dont think youre husband would like that..' pointing at him
"who do you think is paying for it?'

i say thanks but no thanks and carry on getting drunk.

i was freshly out of a relationship and wasnt thinking..i just got paranoid that i'd end up mugged/raped or some shit..
i wonder if thats a problem cucks/swingers many people dont believe you and leave it?

really wish i had done it now...been tryong to get into the scene ever since...this is what b has done to me!!!

Cucks don't rape, black bulls do.

msg my gf kjersti43

Offering up my girl. Questions? Thoughts?

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my ex from 5-6+ years ago recently reconnected... she lives across the country and we aren't really talking romantically per se, but i have convinced her to send me the nudes that she sends to the current guy shes seeing. she actually takes a bunch and lets me pick which ones are the best, and then she'll send them to him

>I have tons of stories if anyone wants to hear?
I want to hear some

Nice looking tits, would like more of her face

Glad you like her!

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Come cuck me.
Kik joelafritte3

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yeah but i had no idea about anything back then...hadnt heard the term cuck/hotwife. just got paranoid and said no..
fast forward years later and im actively looking for cucks and wife swappers and couples to join!

Wife and I got into hotwifing/open relationship when she came back from maternity leave. Any interest?

met a guy in a kik group chat, he met my wife and i in a park, took control, made me pull her pants down and off and give them to him. my kik is pantiboi222 if you want details

Her ass?


Lets see more

For your inspection

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Kik xchangesam
Looking for dom and aggressive bulls who'll bully and humilliate me hard.. (Preferably BBC)
Turn me into a cock loving faggot and make me send you pics of my huge titted sister while i jerk off to your cock pics instead of her pics
Don't even bother asking for her nudes right away because i'll just ignore you, please me and i will please you with her bare tits.
Kik xchangesam

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That cunt isn't worth dealing with an uppity cuck

Kik is: inneedofbbc9

I need hung guys to cock and cum tribute sexy clothed pics of my gf and tell me wwyd to her. If u can't trib don't add me.