Kik thread!

Kik thread!

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Live fag wants to be used and exposed hard, kik me: WI1991

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It says ur phone is off

Jesus this is such a Cred Forums thread it’s unreal

Wtf have we become

No try again or gimme ur kik


Send me your gf/ex/stolen sluts. Start non nude and let's jerk off as you undress them

Sharing pics of this cute teen who got pregnant, I'm diolord24 on kik

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31/F horny. Send me face pic then dick pic Snapchat only kpc3189

Kik: small_62

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rush_dog will rate and comment your girls

Im still here, who wants to have some fun?

kik morningpoop

Posting this here in the hopes that some horny femanon who's not trying to get money messages me. I know how unlikely that is, but others need not apply.


kik me your girl at cbcc5937
If I like her I'll fap to her and show you

Kik G_Eyeburner
25m looking for fembois

Straight bull, can brutaly degrade your close ones if that is desirable. Trading bm megas, dropbox, pics/vids no limits.
Femanons can hit me up for chatting and fun.
Gay/bi can see more for something in return.
Loyalty test and sending girls body amd cock pics/vids on snapchat etc.
No limits chat and story sharing.
Currently looking to people to share incest/rape experiences with, only real. Others can listen.
All saved for saved, live for live.
Kik : lovesick9797

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Looking for petite/teen girls. I trade

Male from Virginia anyone on here got Fredericksburg girls they wanna swap pics of I got my friends gf

Kik unatch

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Kik illnessjay if u can cum on her nudes.
Pm with asl and this Pic cocked.
No bs

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Does anyone else get turned on by buying nudes from real girls cuz it makes them feel extremely beta?

Send me girls you know and their name city and state TheHV12345

Will trade pornVidz
No scat/pizza
Amateur prefered

Kik yourown10

ArkDrakul, kik me if u wanna do some loyalty tests, I'm kinda good doing them

Looking for BBC for tribs and anyone for captions


Any dog lovers want to let me watch as they have fun with their pet? Kik is rhk1999

looking for incest/teens
kik: dinggles

Kik TheJoker317 if femanon or want to share Asian girls.

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I'm hairy and fat with a small cock.
Wanna fap to your mom's/daughters/gfs/sisters/aunt's etc.
Also into lots of hentai. Send me anything.
And every female/sissy/trap is welcome to send me anything


will rate your lady, you can rate mine


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Looking for guys who have a slampig wife or gf to trade. I have a slampiggy of my own (pic related) and lots of pics. Bulls and skinny bitches need not apply. Kik is flyboymike86.

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Trade for pics or teen UgkyStik85

She sends live nudes lol

Kik me your sluts for a rate/wwyd burner1002


Loyalty test, expose gf/ex, message girls you know to see theur response, cucks, nude swap, creep and degenerate shit, pretty much anything

Add princesskawaii07

She won't admit it, but will respond to dick picks eventually


Wouldn't bother...just a pay whore

Send me girls to jerk off to
Kik: ehwalnkp

Need big cocks for small wife


I know her!
Kik is icarus235


Send something good... rape, cp, scat, anything extreme. Send a pic or vid or I won’t reply, I have trades. I won’t reply if you send me “hey”

Cuck here looking for a bull to humiliate me and expose my wife my kik is tog2019


Looking for feet pics

Send me the most despicable sexual stuffs.. like rape ;)


Send pics of girls wearing thong bikinis in public


Dblack3955 Come jerk with me to some 18+ girls I know. Be as rough as you want


Lets share teen stuff

27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involved group experimenting. If you experimented with a group of your friends on sleepovers, campouts, school trips etc. and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.

She loves being exposed

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Send me whatcha got


25 / f
super depressed. True sub boys are the only thing that let me moderately tolerate life.
but alphas need apply too, you're entertaining.

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Had a sadist randomly DM my girlfriend the other day. Talked about wanting to beat her to an inch of her life, kick her, stomp her, rape her. She showed me the messages in tears. The guy even knew what town we lived in. does that make me hard?

Kik longlostlegend91 pic is her

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Tits with timestamp or no one believes you.


I want to choke out your girlfriend till her heart stops then cum inside her then resuscitate her lifeless corpse. Then I'll keep her trapped and nurse her back to health while continually raping her till she is pregnant. Then once she has been fully Stockholm syndrome I'd untie her and we would live happily ever after.


trade 18+

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Pssst that's not his gf

Kik hellalit556
Send me vids of you stroking, will share sis and other girls for tributes

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Trading for your gf kik is marbem12

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Trying to build up. Send me anything? Kik: Positive.pete

She looks like a stupid cunt so I'd fuck her up too.

I know I'm fulfilling some random losers fantasy by saying I'd rape and beat the shit out of some girl he likes and will never even talk to because he is a loser in a kik thread.

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Send me whatever you want

Jerk off to my girl. Degrade both of us.


18 f uk.

Looking for huge creeps and pervs only. Qont talk if you're not

Kik boopboop789

Send me girls to kik or snap!


Anonvik, slut likes big cocks and being exposed

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More please

Experienced black bull with huge BBC looking for cucks with unsatisfied girls, wives or daughters to own

Kik me: BBChungBull


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LTsugar, send anything, doing tribs at night

send me thigh highs

Heythere932 send me your girls to stroke to. Got a couple I can send back

Rating, friends-wives-family-dickpics-other. Will be rated on (quality/originality/moral deprivation) ex.. photo 7/3/4 fun and dark shit welcomed kik: wiaca12

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cuck sharing sister (non-nude), humiliate, expose and bm me

kik: pantycuck36

Kik me shii like the other dude

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Kik grizzly616 and ill trib your gfs and exs you have nudes of if you don't have nudes dont even bother sending a message

Prefer 18/19
Chubby white girls
Or blacks and latinas.

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Cheapskate! There is only one dick pic rating company on b fag

user don't be fooled by this deplorable gay man

Come to the real McCoy @wiaca12 our rates have never been lower

Don't go to this undeserving cuck who says 'I'll have what he's having"


Send wild shit please


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Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore

Jpost12345 high and horny as fuck, let's trade pics of girls, compare dicks, whatever, I'm down for anything.

Jerking off to porn on living room TV while Mia naps. She could wake up at any minute. What would you do if you caught me jerking while she sleeps? Kik WorstRoommateEver and we'll discuss it

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Not online?

Kik me! Megan_harrington_

slut submissive boy

Cucks Kik qwertyq1e for a bull with a big cock!

Show me what you are into. Have oc if you are into flat chest skinny girls. Otherwise, I'll trade dick pics or whatever you are into.


Librarian22 bi/horny looking for good jerk material

Wickr seaboss93
I don't respond to hey.
Send material.

Horny male.
Kik: xRonxWoodx

lickinlauren she's submissive, has a bush and has a thing for asian guys

doing tributes for fakes
kik: huhory

Your kik doesn't show up

sammy.swallows she's a slut, enjoy

Anything taboo

reply with your Kik for more booty

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I like teens, cum, sucking, cocks, sissy hypno stuffand more Write me and send me Kik: phil6543210 26m

anyone want to go on discord and talk dirty about her?
add me

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Once, yeah

looking for someone to make caps of my sexy friends. cuck, forced sissification, cheating, bi. kik philadelphiashaw

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Trading oc nudes with first name and location, kik is cgr941


Sounds lame

Pubeshirt, I wanna jerk off to some OC wives


send me anything to fap to. preferably fem or v-fem traps. if it's good I'll trib.

Kik bigdadscuck

Sharing around a exposed tight teen
Snapchat inc

RazvanC93 wanna send dick pics, will send you their reactions too

Big white cock.
Will fuck the brains out of your non-white gf/wife.
Here are the rules:
>you and her must be 18+
>no black girls
>asians get served first
Kik: nickanon777

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Send legal teens

Bull here
Cucks send me your girls
Kik: anon1222132

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sharing gf and her little sister kik: juan_bar_nas


Kik bhmaster
Looking for fap material, wwyd, gfs, wives

Cuck here. Tell me how you’d brutally rape and beat my gf. Humiliate her. Anyone down to post her nudes on her Facebook wall or send to her friends? My kik: jessiecali951

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Trading for creep shots and got nudes on my sis

Send me anything extreme stuff.
I have no limits. Rape, teens, scat, really weird shit
Kik: jakeythedoe

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Send anything, beast, young, incest etc etc


looking for someone to tribute clothed pics. vid tributes and cum tributes preferred.

Trap femanon, mostly into beast wanna trade zoo and chat with active anons

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Someone want to show his gf or wife off?
Kik me

looking to embarrass this little slut. Kik joshmangoo

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looking for someone to make tributes or babecock. kik philadelphiashaw

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Have wife’s clean and dirty panties and thongs. Love to share. Kik hockeyguy600

Anyone that wants to put their gf and/or exes through a loyalty test should contact me. Kik is mageknight14.

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Send anything

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RazvanC93 send anything, preffer taboo

Snap lydia.yeary00 and Kik bobrichard6890 with replys

Send me tributes of my teen gf.
I want to see her pussy full of your cum.

I trade too if you have nudes of your gf.

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8x5.5 BWC

Looking for cuck or hotwife couples, local preferred. Also interested in redheads and feet.

I forget my kik: adri_md

he says 21 but that gut says 41

Anyone wanna do a loyalty test for me?

Sure. What’s your kik?

Looking to be a good cuck boy for daddy doms and bulls as I share my gf and worship their cocks

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Post yours

Yup Kik dudecummer

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See kik


Kik is wjj.1
Looking for anything really. can trade, send for tribs, etc hmu

Send anything, nothing is taboo here
Kik rockguy01

Sure, my kik is RazvanC93

Post replies to TheB1797 kik

Can’t find it

Lower case L

Got lots more of her to send. Will send for tribs, requests, trades, whatever. kik is wjj.1

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not there

All I got was this

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Bored as hell and need to cum

Attached: IMG_20200205_123629.jpg (480x640, 31K) kik this

On Snapchat

Need some tributes. Cock this and Kik teddywiggins1 for nudes

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Any cucks looking to share their wife or gf for wwyd, ratings etc then message me on kik....jakelewis89

cuck sharing sister (non-nude), humiliate, expose and bm me

kik: pantycuck36

Add me: xano620

Trading no limits

kik morningpoop with your best vids, no lims except gay stuff

I used to talk to this white stoner blonde bekka_cal

kik rinko400 if you want to degrade young teens no limit, or if you have some extreme links like snu.ff

Live pics of your gfs, wives etc. work too



Looking for men to sexualize my very young daughter
No nudes

jerkin my big fat cock to any girls you send me

kik: zittyr

Nolimit Nudeln group

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Exposing my thick slut fiancé @mysluttyfiance

Attached: 380A8C73-FF9E-40AA-BC70-D8CF13F758ED.jpg (640x853, 83K)

814 kik jimjub if you recognize her

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cricketsll. send me your teens please

Will fap to your girls nudes and save them to my mega collection by name and city, kik is cgr941


Looking to share and see what you'd do to my gf

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No limits trade

27 M VA bi switch
Compare/wager, chat, send me anything, show off. Down for pretty much whatever

Looking for pics of Missouri girls especially desoto area

Make my gf and I cum from your girls pics and videos.
Kik: couplethrowaway

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Wanna trade porn.
My favorite pornstars makes me sissy.
Kik: matthiuz

Wannabe cuck here. I like showing wife for wwyd and reposting. Kik maybemontana

Attached: 719_1000.jpg (540x720, 85K)

test my gf loyalty and show results if got any

Share your girls


Cinder27ella- black cock slut send her black dicks

Send girl's and trap's feet pics to weltmacht_

Male looking for female to trade with kik: cuckmans (not actually a cuck)

Looking for a skilled BM. Drop kik below.

Jpost12345 big dick, horny as fuck, let's trade pics of girls

Looking for pay piggies or sugar Daddy's

Get her a fucken nose job. Jesus christ

I have pics and videos of my buddy's stuck up bitch milf ex. Dumb unaware bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be beyond fucking ashamed and embarrassed if anyone saw her with a cock in her mouth and cunt and taking loads to her face. Kik me at sunnymanner for everything and tell me where you are posting this bitch. Here's a screenshot from one of the videos

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Send my girl and I the hottest couple/cuck videos for us to fuck and watch

>kik thread
>posts discord



sissy cuck looking for a bull


Lets chat about chicks we screwed/want to screw


really horny, looking for anything, nudes or some fun

looking for German vid stuff

Kik : Andre..P

Attached: (1080x2244, 443K)

into lewd stuff
trading pics too

but im a femboy
Kik. AkioWeedo

Attached: IMG_20200204_161052.jpg (2976x3968, 1.9M)

I can cum trib your girl, set her as my phone background, rate, wwyd, or trade OC
Kik: Hanstoned

post that tit pic

Spam this dumb slut with dicks and all kinds of fucked up porn


kik is wjj.1
Looking for anyone willing to trib for my girlfriend. will send face pics and nudes

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Lets chat about chicks we screwed/want to screw


27, bi, masc, usa

like chubby girls and twinks but im down to talk to anyone

yall got baited with some random google "amateur tits pic"
go get a life coomers lol

Watch me selfsuck


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Looking to talk to cucks who wanna share their women

Please me with you secrets and your fetishes :*
: tintineleonora

Kik: geilentte

Lovely white trash slut with nice brown nips. Show her her pics and tell her what she is to you. She's into humiliation and having her pics meddled with (write / draw / tribute em). Just put her in her place. She gets really wet when you show her reactions to her pics from other guys.
Hubbys kik is foobar4711. He knows her pics are out but it's always fun to see how mad he gets.
I have more of her and some of the little cucks dick pics, just tell me what you want to see

Attached: 1537431325446.png (1362x851, 1.45M)

Anyone doing tributes feel free to hmu steve5steve5

Looking for petite/teen girls

any uncovered?

Intrested in sharing personal incest/rape experiences? I dont mind if you don't have any if you want to listen, comment and ask questions.
Also trading bm and only the most hardcore cp/rape, dont hit me up with soft shit.
Kik : lovesick9797

cucks dick pics plz, wanna shame her


Attached: 2 - 1bNBVEI.jpg (576x1024, 35K)

says its not her

trade ohio 330
east liverpool, lisbon, surrounding area

Oh it is, 100%

Attached: 1555540811994.jpg (1600x1200, 184K)

Send me anything! Girls, cocks, rates, wwyds, I dont discriminate!

great tits

Send me anything to fap to, nothing fazes me anymore

Darker78 is my name

The more specific the requests, the better

Attached: 123_1(1) (11).jpg (1080x1920, 1.01M)


There you go, have fun.
She hates it when other girls see his cock btw

Attached: 1555315888324.png (1200x1600, 1.4M)

I like teens, cum, sucking, cocks, sissy hypno stuffand more Write me and send me Kik: phil6543210

hahaah got more?

Send me pics of your girl and watch me jerk off to them.
Also bonus points if you send feet pics.
kik: lovejerkingtogfs

Attached: IMG_2021.jpg (640x1259, 102K)

He loves his gf set as your background, let’s help him out

Attached: 3B3E244B-104D-49E8-8BAB-CCE43C9B51F6.jpg (900x1600, 119K)

Add me to your group

any of her pussy?

20,m,bi, bottom. Message me to chat, trade pics, down for whatever.

closest I have

Attached: 1555543450010.jpg (1600x1066, 780K)

Hiletscum Kik

Hithere2uagain snap

Attached: Screenshot_2020-02-06-12-08-22_1_1.jpg (750x948, 93K)

looking for someone who tribute my gf
kik: anamiya.99

looks good any tits and face?


Send lewds to change my lockscreen and background


Yes sir there you go

Attached: 1560817423485.png (1600x1200, 1.17M)

Chubby faggot looking to be bullied, abused degraded, dehumanized, and humiliated by guys of any orientation. Don't care if its lewd or platonic.

kik is fag.boy5

Attached: (5384x5384, 1.95M)

can you send me all Pic´s pls?

Kik : Andre..P

Too bad you’re too much of a pussy to actually do it gtfo faggot


Send naked chicks

25m hetero


He's a wannabe cuck, tell him Master G sent you and demand anything you want. Post her here.


fuck it

bored, time to kill
show me your gfs/exes/moms/daughters/sisters/cousins/creeps/cheating stuff/voyeur/public
love screenshots of shit..cheating/balckmail/witenighting..
anything fuck it!

Pics you shouldn't have or stole


Attached: IMG_1855.jpg (320x240, 14K)

any more tits?

Got my gf into BBC hit me up


Attached: IMG_1330_Original.jpg (759x1223, 141K)

Attached: 1 - UuURQGC.jpg (1024x768, 39K)

Hmu at wankday to talking about very dark chats about your or my girls

I'm looking for someone to cock and cum tribute my gf for me.

Kik me: inneedofbbc9

Love cum. Straight. Lets share anything girls+cum related. Pics/Vids/Chat. - singreally

I want to jerk and cum to hot girls
Will trib if you want


Send me some dark things to look at. Im horny, no limits

Some one more of her

Pls send to: Andre..P
I can send Back other nice Pic´s and Vids

Attached: 1486382370968.png (1600x1041, 1.05M)

looking for a french bull to tribute my gf

Looking for taboo, teens, sluts, bbw. No limits. Love getting off to trashy little whores

Kik tehcheat2

kik: alina.bolshov
I trade teen stuff and looking for some teen voyeur / incest / beastiality stuff

I have pics and videos of my buddy's stuck up bitch milf ex. Dumb unaware bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be beyond humiliated if anyone saw her with a cock in her mouth and cunt and taking loads to her face. I'm sunnymanner on kik and tell me where you are posting this bitch. Who gets off on that? Here's a screenshot from one of the videos

Attached: 20200202_000511.jpg (1600x1508, 463K)


Send feet pics to weltmacht_

just messaged her she seems genuinely concerned I dont want to get put in the slammer for blackmail or anything


It's a dude either showing off his gf or ex. Don't get baited

will rate,wwyd. wife, gf, whatever. dicks too

Looking for someone from Brooklyn to share pics with.


I love sharing my dick pics and love receiving

send beast or shota plox,

Kik: doesarehot

Pics you want shared


idk it seemed a bit too real she was like begging me to stop so I did and just left it alone

Attached: Screenshot_20200206-173357_Lynx Remix.jpg (1080x2280, 421K)

any groups codes?

This dude has been posting for years

ArkDrakul, kik me if u wanna do some loyalty tests, I'm kinda good doing them

i actually buy from a ton of girls...because they're cute

Kik roughconfusion

Feeding teen sluts to teen cock, send cock and asl to me

I'm too much of a Jew to engage in it but iktf

Send sluts to jerk off too. Preferably ones you know. Also interested in beast and incest silk_7


Send your sluts for rates and wwyd kik sbridge69


Lets chat about chicks we’ve screwed or want to screw

Trying to cum real quick. Send me some good material to jerk to. Surprise Me


Not found


Kik me at lyssishere13 if you have nudes of this girl

Attached: IMG_0031.jpg (612x960, 46K)

18 y/o german trap into forced feminization, degradation, anal, noncon, beast and lots of other stuff


don't have kik but i have IG


Send me you’re dicks or you’re women. Can trade

her kik is xxxjessieholden

Attached: 1572661148883.jpg (1499x1200, 115K)

I want the full set, all the videos and pictures

I'm straight, females to the front of course, but I'm open to chat with everyone, so feel free to hit me up. From loyalty tests to just chatting, let's try

Attached: n8vx9n6a0me31.jpg (640x853, 52K)

33 m italian

Hard and horny no and i wanna cum
F is better

Kik milkcarton86

post any wins you get from her plz

Expose my gf while im horny, sem1992x

Attached: 25uktl-0-02-8U8GbxS.jpg (1324x2048, 619K)

Kik Elimar90
Will eat shit for you!!!
Very cheap whore, only 20 dollars

In need of a loyalty test for my girlfriend. Anyone wanting to help me?? my kik is wtjchillin

Will eat her shit for you
Only 20 dollars to see this whore eat shit

Looking for huge chodes to show off to me can feed pics of girls or dirty talk

Kik: stunnerv40

Cuck my small cock

Attached: 94E4A404-EF5D-477D-8A9B-6D26BBB20FF2.png (750x1334, 1.84M)

Screw it, johnorly

I like chicks

looking to rate some nudes/have my cock rated, and talked about guys/girls we wanna fuck

Still need help! kik me, she doesn’t have kik or snap. You’ll have to text her

send me anything