Is it okay? Why do the feminists ignore gender differences? Why do they propagandize the social genders and other shit?

Is it okay? Why do the feminists ignore gender differences? Why do they propagandize the social genders and other shit?

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what am i looking at

She's just helping them cool off their boners.

Ide kick her in her fucking knees

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Haha were they creepshotting her? That owns to bait faggot betas like that.

she is pouring bleach in a bottle on to these guys croches because they are quote man spreading
i hope she got hit by a truck

its some dudes getting wet with water... where is the fucking problem?
nobody is getting hurt - why should anyone care?

story about this --

she was pouring bleach on guys junk who sat with their legs to far apart. AKA ManSpreading

hope she got kicked in the tits

Feminists ignore gender differences because if they say anything about the linebacker with the wig in their meetings/ bathrooms/ safe spaces they get thrown out of the progressive stack.

They made their own bed.

It's acid. She went to jail for 20 years because of it and 1 dude lost his penis. She was an art student and this was some kind of art project.

Notice she isn't bullying any thug ass niggers. They'd beat her like the inferior whore she is.


There are lots of empty seats, and that would be assault with a caustic substance.

Doesn't add up.

It's faked.

that`d be racist ..... i`d ask her if believed in equality then leveled her ass

It's clearly water you dramatic faggot but also lol that owns too. One seat is enough bitch. Get over it you disgustingly fat faggot.

She's definitely wet crotching beta creeps and that slaps.

Do you guys think bleach would like immediately burn your dick off and scar you like the end of raiders of the lost ark XD

I would punch her idc if its water lol. worth the jail time imo

she pouring that might be considered some kind of assault so hey slap away

If you had a sack you'd know that "man spreading" is unconscious and done to be comfortable. If she really wanted to sit down, there are plenty of places to sit. None of these guys was causing a problem. If someone wants to sit, they can ask and I'll make room. Otherwise, women like her don't really want _equal_ rights, they want to be superior.

bleach can irritate your skin if not rinse off fairly quickly

Look up the definition of "assault". You don't even have to make contact with someone to commit assault in any state I know of. If you interfere with someone that is assault. If you touch them, that's assault and battery.

she may have went too far but manspreading is neanderthalesque behaviour.

>making shit up
back to your cave ivan

Makes more sense and I am cool with that.

Hey look a woman or eunuch is here.

shhh let the esl incelnigger fantasize

Its the jews on population control.

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so you could just slap her and be in your right?

You are so fucking queer it's untrue


lol just fold your legs.

>no replies to this
By all means keep fantasizing about what you'd do to this fictional feminazi even after hearing it was designed to emotionally manipulate you

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people who don't acknowledge basic reality deserve to be hated as much as possible because nobody actually wants such thinking to return to the world

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You used "MUH RUSSIA" everyone automatically ignores that now.

To be fair it is propaganda

If a women assults somone they will always say they are weaker and dont deserve as severe or to be punished for it.

Why are you all so fucking stupid and gullible?

Ah yes, because testicles are not a thing apparently.

They don’t even have to say it, they always get lesser sentences.

Funny they never complain about that huh?

She cliamed it was bleach and gave the mix of bleach/water that she claims she used. Not convinced she was using bleach though and there are ones where it was just a guy in the train car by themselvs with Plenty of room to sit down.

I'd have knocked the bitch up side her head so hard her eyeball woulda popped out.

and then?

It would be removed from her hands and poured over her head/ face, then we'd see if it was bleach.

This is either staged or her dumping it on creepshooters. Leaning towards staged.

Are you a femboy or somthing. Wouldn't think that any girls would be on here or post somthing like this.

I'd probably kick her teeth in, punt her head like a fucking football.

You said it. Equality but only when it bends in their favour.

They should demand equal treatment.
After all feminism is just about equality amongst the sexes

>im on my way to work, surely a bottle of water in my crotch wouldnt hurt so it looks like i peed myself
are you fucking braindead?

>women never waste space on public transit

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yes she should be saving that seat for no one, right? And manspreading isnt about taking space.

Think it us sraged some if the guys arent even aware she us there somtimes but none of them seem to be in pain or anything.
Think it was more to get attention plus the mix she said it was would of burned heaps. You would probable see so.e affect to the cloths as well.

Ive seen women take up 3 or so seats just with bags

It's staged. No way she be doing that to actual strangers.

if she did that to me she will need doctor badly

What's the problem with how he's sitting then? If it's not about taking up space what is it about? Because if you google what is man spreading you get:

the practice whereby a man, especially one travelling on public transport, adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart, in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat or seats.

Her name is Anna Dovgalyuk, this happened in Russia. A lot of leftist media sites like Vox are saying this was anti feminist propaganda but she herself has said this wasn't staged.

yeah, let her smear the dirt from her shoes on the whole seat so the next one sitting there can have it on his pants. fucking retard.

She fucked up. She needs to understand that her actions have consequences. I wont stop till I find out who this cunt is and torture and murder her.

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Sick larp there faggot.

because the only source that actually says anyone claimed it was fake was the cbc, and only nytimes and a handful of literal-who emags picked it up as a story. Nobody is buying the russian boogyman, you actually have to prove your claim, not just link an article and think no one would read into it. It's a 6 sentence "article" that claims it was fake based on "guys coming forward" according to the CBC in Canada.
It's a real protest against manspreading, and she used diluted bleach to stain the crotches of men who did so. Previously, she put out a protest video where she lifted her dress to reveal her underwear to protest upskirt pictures. Sorry friend, it's real, just cuntily silly.

No source other than this thread says anything about creepshots. However, she did to a protest video against upskirt pics before this manspreading one. I guess someone in the thread didn't do proper research into this literal facebook stunt.
>Anna Dovgalyuk: Why do people think her 'manspreading' video is a Kremlin hoax?

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This bitch didnt dump bleach on the wrong dude I guess. Woulda ended up with a knife in her neck if she squirted me with chemicals. Boy or girl. Idgaf

Someone’s documenting it. Notice how she’s not doing that shit to any niggers, they always manspread. Bitch would get knocked out. Probably some Instagram story activism or some such. It’s dumb but it doesn’t bother me none. I don’t ride the fuckin train. I think people who do are too poor to drive or they live in some jew liberal haven city and that ain’t my scene.

youd go to jail

What is this bitch’s ducking problem? There’s tons of space for her to sit down, why is she specifically being a cunt to men?

Russian bitches are crazy. Some in the good way, some in the bad way.

I drive and own 3 vehicles, but I am very aware good public transportation is a much better method for cities. I'm from California, I'm a Republican, none of the cities here have good public transportation, but I've been to other cities where it's pretty good (I fly often). Basically you are dumb for having wanting more cars on the road or thinking that a good solution and "durr hurr they are poor" they also dont waste a shit ton on cars. We just grew up in a society that fooled you into thinking you need a car. Also eurofags have a lot of good public transport in major cities that make it more convenient than having a car. Stay in your stupid hick town, son.

her father boyfriend later bled her anus for selling reasons, i think girls cant even

You get extremes with everything, most feminists are just normal ppl.

>Im from California
>Blah blah basically you are dumb blah blah
Okay there brotatochip. Enjoy your nigger infested train ride

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It isnt a larp I already found where she is and driving their now.