Ask a 26 year old who just got a vasectomy anything

Ask a 26 year old who just got a vasectomy anything.

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why'd you do it.

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I'm an Antinatalist. Also never wanted kids. Also not having children is better for the environment.

First reason gay, second reason fine, third reason gay. You are a caricature of a westerner

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Nah. You're just a low IQ dumb fuck who doesn't know anything about philosophy, and you also do not respect the environment that you live in. You're probably a fat carnist - enjoy dying at 70 from cardiac arrest.

haha oh Jesus, struck a nerve did I? Mate, you do you. I just know I will continue my families genetics in the game of life unlike some nihilist. Amor fati my dude

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OP is fake and gay, fucking faggot

"Muh nihilism". Not an argument.

Neither is ad hominems but here we are on /b actually it's a good decision OP means there will be less people with self-destructive genes and fewer people who think like you. I encourage more of your kind to do this .

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Ahh, reduced to a biological determinist. I rest my case.

Your genetic lineage survived millennia fighting against plague, famine, war, etc. but you are so selfish it couldn't survive your own shortsightedness. Congrats user

>Argumentum ad lapidem
three fallacies, three posts yup your privilege has left you timid and blind like most western males.

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Don’t have a family, focus on making money.
Good goy

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Actually it's not selfish at all. The environment is being destroyed due to overpopulation. There may NOT be a future for ANYONE'S "genetic lineage" at this rate. I am simply thinking ahead and planning accordingly (which is a sign of high intelligence, by the way.)

Do you think Africans give a fuck? Nah they don't mate. I live here. Average of 5-10 kids each person. Now after you die there will be fewer people who care about the environment.

Well, if you have a family, you're going to have to "focus on money" regardless. Unless of course you plan on raising your children homeless on the streets. So I fail to see how that argument makes any sense; be it for families or for people who don't have children. And yeah, "hurr durr da jooooos run da world" we get it, you're a paranoid schizophrenic retard who spends all of your waking time shit posting on Cred Forums. I'm sure you're definitely NOT a virgin and are a productive human being ...

what do you know about
>le eterné danacion di jesus

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You're following the absolute most primitive function an organism can have. There's nothing special about being able to reproduce. You achieve absolutely nothing

Africans in Africa do have more children, yes. But the African-American population has remained a stagnant 13% for decades. The reason Africans in Africa have more children is due to poverty and no access to education. That's just how it goes, I didn't make it up. Places with higher qualities of living and places that are financially sound, such as countries in Scandinavia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc, all tend to have lower birth rates. Once Africa is raised out of poverty and given access to education, their birth rate will lower.

What's it like to be less of a man?

...i truly and honestly never thought about this point. I was for sure thinking that no children was hands down the best for the the environment from a purely mathematical stand point. Never thought about the retards like reproducing and having their dumbfuck children be the majority

Exactly. The absolute lowest of the low of humans congratulate themselves on the MAJOR accomplishment of nutting inside a girl's vagina, and a pregnancy resulting...

I don't know, I feel the same as I did before. Maybe try asking my girlfriend.

Can you still nut? If so is it still the same color?

Yes and his children will think the same. And his children's children, etc. Your plan to save the environment will die with you though. Just a single person on an entire planet. What an impact it will have had! Surely this was a better choice than raising a lineage to immortalize your cause.

Also because niggers in Africa literally work since the age of 6. Unlike in Europe amd America, where they never work.

I will when I'm breeding her in 5 years once she realizes she wants kids and you're incapable of providing them.

Of course. Just think of it as "shooting blanks." The jizz looks the same. but there's no substance to it. The semen is the sticky white stuff that comes out when you orgasm. The sperm is the microscopic cells that carry on your DNA. I just no longer have the sperm.

We've already discussed this. If she (like most women probably) down the line has some sort of existential crisis and HAS to have children, then we will adopt. Or if we can't do that, I'd consider going to a sperm bank and officially going down that route. Remaining with her is more important than my philosophical ideas. But as of right now, and as long as she can remember, she doesn't want children.

Exactly, Op I will reiterate, you are a product of a society that has become too comfortable that you have lost the plot, you basis of the human condition so much so that you applpy labels to yourself and undergo procedures to create meaning in your life where there is none. I can't really ever relate to westerners, I pitty them yet envy them at the same time. The heart of darkness is a good anology for this

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I'm the same guy kek.

Okay, that's fine. I disagree, but clearly this argument isn't getting anywhere. But just out of curiosity, what country are you from? I'm from Connecticut (America.)

Miss me with the gay vegan shit, but you did the right thing, OP.
family is a losing institution. Love is never real, nor it will go back being what it was decades ago.
All women cheat. All kids are ungrateful.
I prefear dedicating my time, my efforts and my money to the best person I have left: Me

Plus, this also trigger boomers, because unlike us, he's very mad about picturing the future of his country literally flooded by niggers.
I don't get to live so much to see it, even more because not an american and I rarely even meet a nigro even today, but he's desperate for his kids and their future.
It gives me sort of an half-chunk. If only I could fully masturbate to the thought.
Care lvl too low, unfortunately.

South Africa, been to western countries for a few years been to Eastern Countries for a few years. You notice that race realism is a thing. Not that I believe in racial superiority just difference. Like I noticed most Chinese girls I took out got drunk after half a beer. Red-faced etc. They are missing an enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. Must be nice to feel safe when you go to bed Op.

Why’d you do it? If you say so that the burden of birth control shouldn’t be the females sole responsibility I will find you and kick you in the dick.

Veganism is "gay?" Lol, tell that to Cory McCarthy, a Right Wing Vegan bodybuilder and YouTuber.

Veganism is neither Left nor Right. It's a diet and a rational conclusion when it comes to animal suffering. Anyone on any side of the political spectrum can be Vegan (and should be Vegan.)

Dude you know you can't get guys pregnant right, you faggot?

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I too am a 26 year old with a vasectomy. *nutless high five*

Okay faggot

the real reason your sterility is beneficial is because you believe these things. call that natural selection, just we do it with memes and shit these days gg

>reproducing and having their dumbfuck children be the majority
Also to add on something I am in the solar/ wind energy business my whole house is green. Out of necessity. Our government can't even provide us with water or power. Longest I've gone without water is 2 weeks.

No one gives a fuck

Good goy, normalize it, forget your people, sleep, die

I don't give a fuck about animals.
Can't you just settle down with me complimenting with your savvy choice about reproduction or you have to be an insufferable cunt like all vegans are and make me chow down your veggie shit?
I'm italian, dude, for me it would be better if you cut off my left hand. The food is too good in here. The meat, outstanding. Fuck off, and cheerio for shooting blanks, it's the good choice.

I listed the reasons why in like the third reply I made lol. And no, I did not get a vasectomy because "the burden of birth control shouldn't be the females sole responsibility." If that was the case, that would be retarded. As a male birth control pill is already in the works as we speak and should be available to the general public around 2025/2030.

>what do you mean it's a miracle baby
>but honey you said you never wanted kids
>why are you leaving me

Cheerios aren't vegan tho

Better lose a breeder bitch than find one. Better off alone.

That's fine, you do you. I'm just saying that there's lots of Vegans who don't fit the "SJW" stereotype.

Just some anecdotal exposition. But okay.

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Believing that the environment is being destroyed, by Climate Change and overpopulation is somehow an indication that Natural Selection has selected me to not have children? You make NO sense. 99% of climate scientists & ecologists believe that Climate Change and overpopulation are a SERIOUS threat to our climate and planet.

I don't care. The planet is doomed, and I hope it ends faster, cow by cow. What you save, I kill. What you avoid, I eat. Which makes you useless until you're a relevant majority of the world's population. "MEAT" me again should that ever happen, but.. well, sorry for you?

In any case, good thing you contriboot in making boomers hella mad without spawning a new consumer baby born. They would dump their real estate burden on your kid like nothing.

The fact that you know that makes you a faggot. Also, I don’t read other comments before making my own, I do what I want.

You clearly don’t know what that means, if that was what you got from his comment

Well I just had heterosexual sex last night so I don't think I'm a "faggot" but okay.

>I am simply thinking ahead and planning accordingly (which is a sign of high intelligence, by the way.)

clearly he did.

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We're not going to have kids and we're going to fucking die together. Period.

Someone just started their first philosophy class this semester! Congratulations! It's not just anyone who can absorb the entire contents of their Intro to Philosophy book only one month into the semester. Don't strain yourself, hotshot!

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your pavorite fokemon?

Bulbasaur :)

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>no "but"!
>you have lost Pdir!! go away from Lehm!!!
and they were tossing stones

The word faggot has variable meanings. Also, having sex with a female does not a heterosexual make my dude.

I think you knew already. That's why you used the dude.

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Oh sorry, don't mistake me, I didn't say anything about natural selection, there's nothing natural about what has been done to you. It's just I find it difficult to have sympathy for your nihilism. I mean, you already neutralized yourself, so what's the point? I think western society is suffering from narcissistic abuse, that narcissistic traits have been cultivated which motivated you to do irreparable harm to yourself in order to cultivate social capital, and which have also had the side effect of disabling your reproductive capacity. Furthermore I believe this constitutes a pattern of behaviour across multiple social phenomenon and that this pattern can be fully described, and implemented with sufficient understanding of psychology and sociology. There's just no reason to believe that humans in general, are a problem for the environment. Think you made a mistake OP.

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Gratz, user. Don't listen to these fat Cred Forumslacks, they're just mad that you had a choice about having children, while they're stuck in incel hell, bitching about lineages and racial superiority like they aren't the actual bottom of the genetic barrel of western whites.

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How much does it cost? I need one

His logic is shit, sure, but I disagree with the notion that any of us owe it to society to reproduce. It's a fucking bell curve. I'm not just assuming you'll ensure the continuation of the species without me, I know it with a certainty.

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How painful was it immediately after? A week after?

I always smile when I see something like this. It's really nice when the trash takes itself out. Like people who an hero, get killed in stupid ways, become liberal and fail to reproduce, all of it. Your kind are unfit to be around in the future, and we don't want you. Thank you for not spreading your disease, your shit-tier mental acuity.

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I'm not OP but I have tons of genetic diseases that make life very difficult. I want to get snipped too, so I don't pass them on.

What game did you get for your Switch?

This, and also, can you describe how they did it? I'm getting one soon and am a little nervous about it.

Imagine writing this out thinking anyone would take it seriously.

Obvious bait

The procedure isn't painful at all because you don't feel it. It just feels weird. Similar to when having teeth drilled, your mouth is numbed so the only thing you feel is "movement" around in your mouth, but there's no sensation to it. As far as how it felt days after, it was a bit painful for the first 2 days. I didn't have sex or masturbate. Felt like someone kicked me HARD in the balls. But a week later, it was perfectly fine. The first orgasm I had after the vasectomy was very intense, I should note.

>implying i need to have children to spread ideologies and have a meaningful impact on the world after i'm gone
The future is robots and leisure, medical clones and digitized consciousness. Imagine being cucked into thinking making more drooling bags of hormones and piss is the highest imperative in your life.

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You feel for it you fucking retard.

How do you know? Like other user said anyone who exists in the future has no obligation or physical genetic inclination to be anything like you? What makes your self serving opinion so valid if the rubric you use for valid behaviour is selflessness, that is to say care for the environment? Seems like your logic is shit too.

Make sure you keep using other methods of birth control for at least six months until you get the all-clear checkup.
After that enjoy the 24/7/365 creampie experience. Just remember it doesn't prevent STDs.

The procedure was free, it was covered by my insurance. How they do the procedure is by making a small incision in your scrotum and by snipping the vas deferens. It is really quick and takes about 30 minutes or less. You are given a local anesthesia and they also offer you a benzo if you want, to calm you down.

>they also offer you a benzo if you want, to calm you down.
Oh shit sign me up

Imagine believing technology will progress fast enough to save you. You sound like a blindly faithful religious zealot. Unlike the zealot however, you will face death alone.

Neither of you contribute anything of value to the gene pool individually. You're 98% identical from the start. Thats not how genetics works. Not wanting children isn't nihilism either, there's plenty of other types of lives to live. The notion that the only reason to exist is to have a wife and children is extremely dogmatic.

classic retard pretending to be educated. thank you for voluntarily removing yourself from the gene pool.
I was like you in my 20s, living for myself. Sooner or later you realize that having a family is the only way you can do any lasting good, creating a smart thoughtful empathetic child is the most important thing you can do in the world.
I'm 35 and just had my first kid about a year about, it changes your outlook on life completely.

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Fuck off troll

I'm enjoying the everyday creampie experience so much. It feels amazing.

What a cuck

seems a fair bit more likely than choosing one of hundreds of mutually exclusive religions to believe in and hoping I'm right so I get the 'good end'

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My sides!

What about a person who is a career soldier who never married and spends their life protecting you and your children? Are they worthless because they didn't procreate themselves?

I think you have me confused with another user. I also think you don't understand how statistics work. The odds of some 6-7 billion people all coming to the same conclusion and ending the species wholesale in a single generation by way of refusal to procreate is roughly equivalent to being struck by lightning 84 times in a row on the moon.

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Hope you jerked in a cup to ensure the operation was successful first

Genetics aren't the only thing to pass down, kinship is another way sure but still Like I said each to his own, I actually don't give a fuck. My girl is Asian anyway.

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>implying a zogbot bugman would ever have worth

ok, but see this then.

Are you white?

This is fucking brilliant

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The only good end you're getting is when you die without spreading your defective genetics.

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Yep. I'm white, girlfriend's white too.

no we are just talking about different, unrelated things things

Also getting a vasectomy doesn't prohibit having children because its often reversible and worst case your testicles still make viable sperm cells which can be used for in vitro fertilization. It's basically permanent birth control.

Life is multivariable. I said his second reason was fine.I guess its subjective so pointless to argue. My preference is my own and I gave my reasons. Then I was called low IQ and pointed out this retards logic fallacies. That's about it. I don't care. I just want to impregnate my girlfriend soon after being financially stable of coarse.

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her idea or yours?

Then you're actually damaging the environment more than benefiting it.

Mine. But she doesn't want kids. She's cool with it, but she didn't persuade me into getting it or anything like that.

Makes no sense. Race has nothing to do with environmental impact, countries do and their governments' policies. And as we know, countries are made up of different races.

is your wife happy with your bull?

remember when Tetsuo made his glass of water telekinetically get to his hand?

I don't understand the question ? Yes she's happy because she doesn't want to have children. And she's not my wife, by the way.

That is incorrect information, and clearly you failed to do research before this procedure, another sign that you lack intelligence. The reversal is not guaranteed, and it's negatively correlated with the time that has elapsed since the vasectomy. Initially after the procedure you have a 95% chance of reversal, but as years progress, the chance of a successful reversal drops down to nothing because the tissue has scarred over and atrophied. Don't get it twisted. I'm not trying to convince you otherwise, I'm happy with your decision.

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OP should be able to do what he wants. It will work out in the end, because only those that want children will have children. Only those that want children will have their genes survive resulting in more children.

>I don't understand the question
you're a cuck

>Makes no sense
Low IQ people using western infrastructure combined with high IQ / low empathy cultures (China) create the absolute zenith of man-made environmental destruction. White people carry the "west" and you'd be a total retard to believe that it will somehow exist without them.

As a global minority with a decreasing birth rate, there is absolutely no benefit to not having children. Because one mud-hut African is producing 8 children.

>Mutannt genes of the body usually correlate with mutant genes of the mind.
>This makes you maladaptive under Darwinian conditions such as not wanting to have children etc.
>People who are high in openness on average are more susceptible to hypnosis
Dr. Edward Dutton is based asf love this man.

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Overpopulation ya say? So, you believe there is a surplus population. Are you a part of the surplus population? If yes or no, how do you know?

Fun fact: The entire human population could fit in an area the size of the state of Texas, each with their own homes. Homes that don't even touch the homes next to them.

At 26, your brain was technically done cooking about a year ago. So it's obvious you acquired this opinion while your brain hadn't reached full maturity. So it stands to reason that you haven't actually thought this through or actually researched this properly & come to an actual logically deduced conclusion.

Caring about the environment is good & all, but most of the damage isn't caused from just plain average American or Canadian or British citizens. A LOT of the damage is coming from China & India (especially CO2 production & garbage being dumped in bodies of water that lead to the ocean).

You COULD HAVE been raising a child to understand the facts & maybe help future generations ween off of foreign industrialism in favor of cleaner (though more expensive) production of human needs elsewhere. But, here you are.

of course it would be a vegan snipping his nuts

Whites have always been a global minority. Get the fuck over it. You've been wound up by some Alt Right retard (who's probably a fed) who is trying to get you to hate your fellow Americans because they have a different skin color. I would encourage you to obsess over something more productive and get a fucking life.

He's pointing out the fact that women find men who are sterile unattractive if they possess the knowledge he's sterile.

This is because the idea that sex is a pleasure/social experience is an evolutionary delusion. We evolve from simple life with no child-rearing instincts, our most primary directive is selfishness because in nature anything that you gain is critical for your survival.
But as we became complex life forms that dependent on child-rearing new systems had to have formed to bypass the selfish nature.
We fear the idea of having children because children are a leech of resources from ourselves, but want to have sex for our own gain despite that resulting in children. It's a powerful delusion, reinforced by a sudden "change of heart" upon actually having a child (unless you're black).

Women might say they don't want kids and blah blah blah, but she knows you aren't potent and sub-consciously considers you worthless because she wants a child instinctively.

"The entire human population could fit in an area the size of the state of Texas, each with their own homes. Homes that don't even touch the homes next to them."

That is a myth that has been debunked over and over again... Stop repeating this lie ad nausem. Also, the population has gotten astronomically larger since that claim was made, so it is not accurate.

"You COULD HAVE been raising a child to understand the facts & maybe help future generations ween off of foreign industrialism in favor of cleaner (though more expensive) production of human needs elsewhere. But, here you are."

Raising a child to do what exactly? Try to teach them to survive as a Vegan in an extremely noxious world populated by unhealthy carnist lunatics? No thanks. Also, as I said over and fucking over again, the reasons I listed for getting a vasectomy was NOT just because I am an Antinatalist. But because I have never liked children and found them extremely annoying and unpleasant.

>Whites have always been a global minority
I didn't say they ever weren't, I am pointing out that beyond providing people with the power to rape the planet, they're a fart in the wind compared to what china and india are doing.

Do you think there are Indian men who are thinking "hmm I don't want kids I'll get a vasectomy!".

She's one of only a few women I've ever been with, and we've been together since the first year of college... She loved me when I was fertile, and she has continued to love me while I am sterile. So all your psychological and "sub-conscious attraction" drivel is complete fucking bull shit.

welcome to floppyland

>She'll always love me
Ha, not by the time she hits 30.

I despise this stupid fucking argument.
>hurr if we cram every person on earth so their shoulders are touching, theyd all fit on Manhattan island!
You dumb bastard. You do realize that humans require more space for other bullshit, right? You do realize that as you increase the complexity of your life, particularly your WESTERN life, the space demands set upon the earth increase exponentially. For example the fuel extracted from the earth to make gasoline. The factory to process the fuel into plastic. The factory to process the plastic into your fleshlight that I know you like to coom in every night. Funny concept I know, but these places all take up space, and those were all very specific singular examples just for your fleshlight. Your point of view is very reductive. The problem is *too many people*, but more specifically it's *too many of the wrong kind of people trying to live like the right people*. They won't ever get to our level of comfort, and will completely ravage the planet in its pursuit

why would you willingly subject yourself to a procedure that makes sex unsatisfying for the rest of your life? what a fucking cuck

Just because there are people out there who have lots of children or are apathetic to the environment, doesn't mean I can't be a morally consistent human being and not have children... Your logic is skewed.

Throughout almost all of human history, slavery was considered perfectly normal and acceptable. Even in the early 1800s, no one really opposed it. The Abolitionist movement started off as an extremely small group of people in the 1830s. But look to today, the VAST majority of people on the planet believe that slavery is wrong... So all it takes is a small movement of people to make things change.

>Moral consistency
The pacifist will always get killed by the non pacifist, until there are no more pacifists left.
Morality only matters to those who exist on the same page. Your logic is well, retarded.

>All it takes is a small number of people to make a change
Yes, if they happen to be in an incredibly powerful and influential country with a strong military.

>wants to live past 70

in 3 or 4 years when your hormones are screaming at you both to pop one out, bet she bounces
the insecurity from this thread probably won't help either

found the oldfag

>soyboy detected

Did your girlfriend's boyfriend get you any cool videogames, at least?

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Checks out

not the guy you're talking to but I just wanted to present the idea that perhaps, if your system of morality logically leads to your own non existence, then perhaps it is not a functional system, or at the very least is not a system which is adopted for it's functionality


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That meme would actually suit you a lot better. Seeing as how I don't play video games and am absolutely NOT obese. I'm not a bodybuilder or anything like that, but I'm extremely healthy and take care of myself, and maintain a healthy Vegan diet (the only way to actually be healthy.) And as far as my "dad" goes, I don't really give a fuck. He was a lazy man who died from a heart attack because he was an apathetic meat eater. He did nothing for me and he left my mother when she needed him the most.

Enjoy killing yourself at 35 because you finally realize the gravity of not being able to function as a man.

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ok ok Here's a question, how much thought went into the decision because judging by your superior rationalizations it must of been a while to come to a life-altering decision right?

Not having kids angers jewish bankers.

Ahhh yes this gives this whole thread clarity. I see now. Explains a lot. Carry on.

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How much did it cost?

tbqh, the fewer weak soyboy retards in the gene pool, the better.

Thanks for doing us all a favor, OP... Now, if you could just stop voting, you'd get down to near ZERO negative impact on the world!

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Why do you assume that I'm a Leftist? I'm not a Leftist. I voted for Donald Trump. I like Trump because he has talked a lot about vaccinations and how harmful they are to people. I just wish Republicans would be more open to Veganism / Climate Change.

In fact, my favorite YouTuber is a Right Wing Vegan Catholic, Cory McCarthy

Ahh yes this makes sense now, high IQ boi with daddy issues and anti-vax. Carry on OP dont listen to their hate. My condolences.

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There is no statistical difference between vegans and meat eaters when all other factors are controlled for when it comes to length of life.

nice try there schlomo

Good goy, let the mexicans and niggers take over. We don't want any evil white people propagating their genes now do we. You'll make more money this way goy. So you can consume more. You'll be happier this way trust me.

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One day she's gonna want kids and leave you.

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>I'm an Antinatalist

Then you should commit suicide. You won’t because antinatalism is wrong and retarded.

> Also never wanted kids.

Low testosterone insectoid who deserves to die

>Also not having children is better for the environment.

Only low testosterone retards care about the environment over humans.

I highly doubt it. But of course anything's possible.

>There is no statistical difference between vegans and meat eaters when all other factors are controlled for when it comes to length of life.

Not true. Vegan seventh-day Adventist’s have they highest lifespan of any human population

You don't need a vasectomy to not have kids you retard. Enjoy your lack of satisfactory sex now.

How do you know it's unsatisfactory?

See you on the suicide numbers statistics dude

Congrats, user! You triggered a lot of normies. Well done!

why do you have to be such an attention seeking faggot? no one cares what you do with your worthless life.

>the baby looks a little dark...

Your reasons are retarded, except for 2. Like really really retarded.

If you believed in Christianity, then you would give all your money to the poor, but you won’t because Christianity is wrong and retarded

See, anybody can bring up some way in which a person is not living according to his beliefs and use the hypocrisy to attack the beliefs themselves. In layman’s terms its called being a faggot (Tu Quoque in technical terms)

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You do know philosophy is flexible and liquid to help you get past diffrent stages or changes of your life. Seasons change. You are not the same as you were a decade ago or a decade from now. Hope you got something lined up to cope with this mistake in the future.

Atheist here been antinatilist before realizing, I'm alive and better make the best. Environmentalists too, and a well educated one, can see through lots of propaganda. Have you traveled? Seen the vast amounts of uninhabited land? Go ahead tell me we ain't got room?

Dumb larp fag.

>If you believed in Christianity, then you would give all your money to the poor,
You know far less about Christianity then you think you do.

No, you do. Read the Bible for yourself, instead of listening to that goofball, Anderson.

32And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. 33And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. 34Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, 35And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.

Which, ironically, sounds a lot like socialism.

Nothing about that passage is about giving away EVERYTHING you've got, its about sharing what you can with those that need.

Do you know what “aught” means, retard?

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