Average penis length stats are misleading because a large portion of those numbers are low due to the inclusion of...

Average penis length stats are misleading because a large portion of those numbers are low due to the inclusion of asian men. The reality is average penis length is closer to 7.5 to 8 inches. I'm not going to say that anyone with a smaller penis can't make a woman orgasm, but anytime I've eavesdropped on women's conversation or gotten them drunk enough to speak freely about it, they've always said the best sex was with guys they thought were "too big", or had a nigger dick.

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LOok ma imma trollin the 4chams

theyve never had great sex.

are you measuring from under ball sack to tip or from abdomen to tip, asking for a friend

Op show your own dick with a ruler for scale

this is actually true. most women settle for unsatisfying dick just to get their bills paid and to not feel lonely. Once their bills are paid, all bets are off. I knew a guy when I was living in Seattle who would regularly fuck a white housewife who was living in a $5 million dollar mansion and driving a Tesla. Hubby had no idea wifey was getting blacked. Felt bad for the guy. Here is is out working hard, giving his wife a life she could never get from anyone else, and she's running around behind his back with a black guy who hadn't even finished college yet.

Look at that mutt baby. Poor kids mom is a whore and he has to suffer for it

Just so everyone knows, these threads trying to convince you that your dick is too small is the first step. They try to make you feel inadequete as a man so that you want to become a tranny. I know some of you are autistic and easily persuaded so be careful.

Do people actually believe bullshit like this

you seem new.

Do they have a discord or subreddit?

Also sageddddd

>have a 6.5 inch dick
>girlfriend has tight average pussy
>bashed against her cervix multiple times accidentaly
>she even holds me back when I go too fast

Stop fucking whores who fist themselves and maybe your average dick will be more than enough.

Nope been here for a long time

I've had a couple conversation with women, and they've relayed that penis size is a big issue. You've got options though. Penis extenders are great.

Usually discord

Yes measure from asshole to tip of the penis


I own a vagina and my husband has a big dick
Honestly though the sex isnt the best ive had in my life even though my other partners were around 5". Size certainly isn't the only factor but good thing sex isnt as important to most women as the femboy psyops on here want you to believe. Stay strong frens and sage

My wife stops me too if I go too deep too fast and I'm only 6 inches. Anyone listening to these Jewposters are gonna suffer in the long term. It's not the mass of the ass, it's the angle of the dangle and the heat of the meat.

>being this new
fuck off newfag

Lol your boi pussy doesn't count as a vagina.

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>posts low res putrid nigger dick
can you at least try?

Go away juden. I hope you get aids prepping your wife's bull

You don't know what average means do you ?

A young, pure, virginal teenage girl will have a discrete, slight protrusion of labia, sometimes nothing more than a slit.
After a plethora of penises parading proudly and pounding her pudendum, the labia will have stretched to disgusting proportions, and the whore's cunt will now resemble roast beef. Hence, "roastie".

Everybody knows that vaginas stretch, and do so in direct proportion to the number of penises that have been inside them.

>but muh babyhead

Haha, sure, at first it makes sense that a woman who's pushed a fucking baby's head through the love canal would be stretchier than the 16yo hs whore who's already banged the entire football team... but ever notice how sometimes it's just not the case?

Mother of 3, married to the same man for 20 years, when she finally gets divorced and you're the first guy she's fucked since her husband, has the kaganal strength of a steel trap? That's because she's only had one penis.

Yes, vaginal birth causes temporary stretching (and sometimes tearing, which will heel) but if she's only ever had one penis in her (inb4 only faggots care) the temporary stretch will return her vag to pre-baby levels.

This is due to the enzymatic interactions between her skin and her husband's skin.

But what happens when a grill - babbies or no babbies - takes multiple cocks? The enzymatic reactions between her and EACH partner will PERMANENTLY damage, stretch, and expand the vaginal walls AND the inner and outer labia.

And no, condoms will NOT prevent this, as there is always skin contact at the groin area. It is the reaction between the male's skin and her own (sometimes via her own vaginal fluids) that causes the stretching to become permanent.

So, when my friend once said, "I fucked this girl who had 2 kids, but she was tighter than this one other girl I fucked," I explained all this to him and it made perfect sense.

Okay, so now you know why there are even size queens in the first place.

You're fucking welcome.

Discord trannies deserve a painful death.

Special effects on display.... "Semen" pumping out of tubes above the dick... Do you REALLY think people are this stupid?

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wow, what a load of horse shit

Just over 8.5 here and I’ve had girls complain it hurts too much and other girls absolutely love it. It’s almost like different females have different wants

It suits this thread, though. ;-)

Listen here, you faggot. Take your facts and logic and GTFO the fuck out of here!

a good percentage of them evenutally will grant you that wish

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Wait, is that what that means? I always thought a nigger dick was a dick that looked slightly darker than the rest of you.

Well shit, this changes things.

You are ducking retarded.. just know that..

how is it possible to have a cock size thread every single day?

Have you noticed that the girls who prefer your size tend to be sluttier / wilder? I agree that there are a lot of girls who prefer big for physical reasons, but I also think those girls develop a really strong mental element, the "size queen" thing, that drives them about as much as the physical part. Thoughts?

cucks are always trying to figure out ways to delude themselves into thinking when people talk about bbc, they're actually talking about twc lol

... Welcome to Cred Forums?

That's great, but why do people keep telling ME to fuck them with my nigger dick. I mean, yeah I'm kinda dark for a white guy (and my dick is like 2 shades darker), but I've got no black in my ancestry.

I just think as more and more white girls are exposed to bbc through pop culture and the internet, we'll just have to deal with size queens more and more often.

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He’s prolly fucking his secretary though, so who cares?

spotted the tiny asian cock

>I've got no black in my ancestry
then you don't have a real man's dick

maybe, i just think it's fucked to put all that work into getting to that point and then have the woman you married fucking another dude who literally has to get driven around in the car you fucking paid for.

Do the peppers stand for our criminal records?

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Do you have any idea how fucking gay you sound?

I've seen my gf with bbc. If you haven't, you must. A lot of you guys are afraid of cuckolding but have never tried it. You're missing out. I'll leave it at that.

fuck. that nig got a fucking 10. shit like this really gets my depression going. sometimes i just fucking hate being white.

Is it better to hsve an average-length fat-dick or a long average-girth dick?


when you've got bbc you've got both

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solution: find women who literally cannot take 8.5 inches. I know a woman who are so tight they can only medically have sex with a micro penis. Shes open about it because thats her way of saying dont even try

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