Why is WMAF such a turn on to white males? I’m aware hapas and Asians watch WMAF the same way some white boys watch BMWF

Why is WMAF such a turn on to white males? I’m aware hapas and Asians watch WMAF the same way some white boys watch BMWF

But do white women, black women, black men and latin people watch WMAF

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Idk what wmaf is but is that like asian porn? Listen, asian dudes have little dicks. Asian women have really tight pussies. So idk if you ever got the chance to fuck an asian, not asian american because theyve been taking normal cock forever. But like an actual person from japan or something

Its like trying to shove a book into a full bag. The pain gets me off when they wiggle around.


WMAF is White Man Asian Female

>Why is WMAF such a turn on to white males?
Because Asian women are hot as fuck

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Except the 99% that look like hideous goblin people

Not where I live

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Nice and jiggly

Built to take white cock

Indeed although every Asian is built for white cock.

Wide hips, ample fat storage, larger breasts, she definitely is ready to breed hapas

It’s not

I'm asian and i get hard seeing asian girls with any non asian

My gf is Asian and I'm white, how does that make you feel?


does she comment on how pathetic asian boys are?
i don't know, impotent seething eventually turned to sexual thrill i guess

>does she comment on how pathetic asian boys are?
She hasn't directly said that but she did say she knows why Asian girls love white guys now

>i don't know, impotent seething eventually turned to sexual thrill i guess
I hope you find your own gf someday

I find it funny how racist you leftist turboretards are.

fair enough, where you from
I don't, I'm too neurotic, I've been alone for most of my life

You say it like it's an established fact. It's not ... just because it's your fetish doesn't mean you need to pretend everyone else likes it. Typical lefty cunt

What else is there to do? All (okay, not all, but 90%) of white women got corrupted by feminism, "migrant" support and other lefty ideologies. Coalburning lgbt\trap\nigger supporting whores.

Seattle, she jokes about being colonized too. She's been getting more into it recently.

It’s the idea of being attractive to women just based on your ethnicity.
You don’t have to work on your looks, your personality, your interests if someone wants to fuck you just because you’re white.
Combine that with a fairytale vision of asian women, and you got your WMAF fetish.

I am white and I love these kinds of videos because I really want to fuck an asian friend of mine and it’s easy to self-insert.
But interracial porn remains kind of pathetic.

Norfag here, I watch porn with any coloured skin woman with equal interest. It's an aspect of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence as well, I suppose.

>I really want to fuck an asian friend of mine
Ask her out

Actually read it as "want to fuck friends asian GF"
Second user is right, ask her out

WWYD if you if you saw a female asian friend of yours being raw fucked by two crackers on your bed?

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Nope, not only I already tried years ago and she turned me down, not only do I now have a white gf who I love very much but this asian friend of mine turned out to be Bi with a heavy preference towards women.

So no, not a chance.
We are still friends and I don’t want to ruin it.
Doesn’t change the fact that I regularly masturbate to fucking her mouth and body.

I'd probably make sure she gives back the copy she made of my house key. Fucking in other people's beds is just fucking rude.

Is she getting colonise by white pussy?

Used to, now she’s single.
But then again, I ain’t touching that

Asian women generally have hot bodies.
White men are better endowed than Asian men, and don't have the criminal records or violent tendencies of black men.

Boring answer.

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As a Japanese female, my ultimate fetish is to go to the USA and seduce a white man. They can’t resist it, my superior Japanese Imperialist-Conquerer genes is all they want.

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it wont be yours. keep cucking over others cuck boi

The first woman that actually kisses him on the lips, that’s so fucking cute. She must be absolutely overjoyed to be kissing a handsome white foreigner. I bet her mind was even rushing to what would happen later that night.

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I believe this will answer your question.

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Great if true. Imperialise the huwhite dicku

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Or if you prefer to read about neoteny

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Another white man totally fine with having me blot out his race with superior Japanese genes, this is too easy. Nice dubs though, breeder.

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no one hates nonwhites more than i do. fuck off.

jump in...it's my bed after all

What mean by dubs and trips and rolls and rerolls?????

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Thank you asian queen please drain all the white genes out of my bloodline, let me lick and worship your superior asian body

On behalf of all black men I will answer your question right now, OP:
NO!!! We do not like Asian bitches (they are trash tier, you faggots can have 'em) and we do not like white men (look inside a goddamn history book ya fucking dummy). So why in the fuck would we watch WMAF porn when there's beautiful ebony's that we could nut to anytime?

You hate this?

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Yeah was conflicted at first but thought to myself ah what the hell, I love this girl, plus I am white South African, no1 gives a fuck about our dying language and culture not even the west so what harm will it do.

>beautiful ebonys

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Even the “attractive” blacks are low tier compared to to even moderately attractive whites.

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This is due to low neoteny, my girl's mother is 56 and they look like fucking sisters.

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Faggot ass motherfucker acting like they never beat it to Teanna Trump or Sarah Banks before.

Also, that girl you just posted is way hotter than any white bitch I have seen in the past 2 weeks +, so shut your dumb ass the fuck up.

Sarah Bank's asshole scares me. That thing looks like it can swallow me whole like a black hole (kek)

These dubs only prove my genetic superiority.
>thanking the woman that’s working to erase your race
Seriously, this is too easy.
Stay in Africa monkey but nice trips
As long as you’re white you can have it bred out of you with some dominant Asian genes. Spend all your money for a trip to Japan, let yourself get married and bred like the white slut you are.

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Here's a question how much thought was put into this? a few months? a year?

Okay I may have bust a few nuts to Sarah banks, September reign, Demi sutra and daizy Cooper but it’s only their WMBF scenes

Why would I watch them fucking black men, I can’t relate to that or put myself into the mentality of me fucking them. Do blacks even watch WMWF

Need evidence on who you claim to be

1 hour, while I was at work last night

I will gladly erase my race for you, asian mistress
May I have the honour of licking your pretty feet?

No, why the fuck would we watch that disgusting WMWF shit. Might as well watch two raw chickens rubbing against one another.

lol nah She is Han Chinese mother fucka 操日本。

And do you regret it?


what will your mother think?

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Hello "Asian Bitch" you starting to act kind of out of pocket so let me put you in your goddamn place u slut. The universal tier list of all real men goes like this:

>God tier / Perfection tier:
Black women. They are the thickest, funniest, most underrated and best cooks out of them all. Overall 10/10

>Top tier:
Latina's and Lightskin bitches. Fat asses, very good looking. But they got attitude, which puts them one tier below our perfect black Queens.

>High tier:
Middle-Eastern women. They got everything you want in a woman. They're obedient, cook like goddesses and make you feel like a real king. Only thing that puts them lower on the tier list is they aren't as curvy, but also very beautiful women.

>Mid to Low-tier:
White bitches. Where do I even start? These bitches are cringe, got attitude, no cooking skills. Like the worst combination of everything mentioned before, but y'all got bitches like Ashley Olsen and Mila Kunis, which prevents you from completely dropping to low-tier.

Asian bitches / Polynesian bitches. These girls breath stank, they are overweight often. Just act like submissive ass whores, never talk back. Might cook some weird fish shit sometimes but usually just stinkin in a corner.

This tier list was made by a real experienced man, whose seen it all for real experienced men who can relate. If you disagree Ima bet you're either an Incel fuck who's only got his fantasy to go off of. Or you're an inexperienced fucker, who's still got a lot of learning to do. Come back in a few years and realize I was right.

If it means I get to stomp your head in after the child is already made, then sure.
Another whitie who’s enraged by the fact that his race is slowly being engulfed by a wave of superior Japanese genes, keep seething breeder
But yeah Polynesians are pretty fucking trash tier humans

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lol tyrone, they let you surf Cred Forums from the federal penitentiary?

Black dude here. Yes. I fucking love watch fat white dicks rail Asian pussy. They do it so much better. I usually watch either Japanese or Japanese+White Male.

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This is not how black people talk. The fuck you tryna spread this propaganda for, whitey? Every black men knows the code: Always be disrespectful to the maximum when dealing with white men, and NEVER look at a white man with envy. By watching WM porn you would be betraying this code and therefore your people. So get the fuck out this thread faggot larper you prolly the same motherfucker whose acting like he's an asian bitch.

>this is not how black people talk
>being such a racist to think that black people only talk in certain ways
Nigga just because I didn’t grow up a fucking hoodnigger doesn’t mean I’m fucking black, fuck you bitch


Then why tf are you betraying the code lil nigga? You must be one o them suburban lightskin mf'ers. You dont live in the hoof anymore for a reason, cause we don't claim you anymore. So don't go online talking about "I'm black" NO lil fucknigga we disowned you.

I got the darkest skin in my fucking neighborhood nigga I just like seeing girls getting bred by white cock fuck off everyone’s weird bitch

>Darkest skin in the fucking neighbourhood
HAHAHA Darnell, If you do not shut yo soft, suburban raised ,lightskin bitch ass up. I'll come knock the shit out of u and rob ur whole damn block.
That's not weird nigga, that's straight up disrespectful to your mother (if she's the black one that is) and your whole community, so stick to posting that gay shit on these anonymous boards. 'Fore we hear u say that shit in these streets and stomp yo ass out forreal cuz.


Nice job at cherry picking you worthless sack of shit.

You don't know what neotenu is do you? Females by their very nature on average have high levels of neoteny. Femininity is literally neoteny.

I don't really watch porn because it mostly doesn't do anything for me. I mean videos, they just seem so unerotic and, even when it's a couple, staged. I like white guys though so if I did watch porn it would probably be wmaf stuff.

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Never seen this type of LARPing before, interesting.

White fingers typed this post