>brain damaged from anti-psychotics
I hate my country
What the best way to get revenge on America?

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kill the president, or dont kill the president

Say something bad about england, it's like insulting someone's parents.

It's only the governemt officials and the big cats in power pulling the strings.
Keep it in mind

I want revenge aganist the people

Larping europoor

Bury all the shovels in the world in a deep pit.

well this way you'll get your revenge on at least half of them

Just keep on living the life as you are today in America, you'll probably live on for another 50 years and I suspect your presence is a tremendous drag on American society. What better way to get revenge fucktard?

Remind them daily that they have ruined this country in one single generation, and that they continue to ruin it. The homeless in sanfransisco, they have the correct idea.

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Glad im cut lol

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Sounds good

It's the left that likes to push their drugs and mutilate babies, I'd suggest campaigning to change their fucked up laws.

Bullshit it's the right who defends it
I unironically had a boomer tell me "well the jews"

dont hurt innocent people, they're just as much victims as you are.


Become a politician, then usually newfound powers to set up cushy deals for yourself that leave nothing but a shitshow in your wake just like every president since Reagan.


vote trump

Well the jews do it*

Are you high? The right is notorious for being against over medicating and messing with children. Most of the right are Christian/conservative and they don't circumcise their children.

everyone suffers cunt
frustrated losers usually hit wrong targets

Should i check the news at some point today OP?

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>the right don't circumcise they're children
Ok I know that's bullshit, with the exception of the amish. But you're right on the meds though

I'm talking about actual conservatives. Rust belt people, they don't have their babies tips snipped. Honestly I think people that do should be brought up on child abuse charges.

Jew cut penis and jew made pharma...
the people are just doing what they are told, and thats no excuse; but to kill the hydra you must cut off the heads, not the body.

>rust belt don't cut
I fucking with, t. Hammond fag


>Save enough money or steal cnc mill and 3d printer.
>Use said mill and printer to mass produce full auto ARs to sell to violent niggers and whites while making a profit.
>Watch the niggers kill each other with their new toys, while non-niggers prepare for oncoming colapse.
>Try not to cum too hard from the shitshow you created.

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The people didn't do this to you. The ones responsible are the kikes and the lawmakers

The Americans adopted this kike ritual because of their hyper religiousasady

They cut dicks to make them look not ugly.

Aim for the tiny hats with the blue stars

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Kys burger

Irreverent europoor spotted

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Born and raised in indiana asshole