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lolibooru.moe/post?tags=photorealistic animated &commit=Search

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Holy mother of dubs

lolibooru.moe/post?tags=photorealistic animated &commit=Search

you're welcome

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SO like, if this picture was like 2-3x the amount of detail, with a better face, it would be almost not be discernible from an actual child.
But y'all still gonna say its not the same?
Not arguing from the production point of view, merely the attraction.
How can you say this turns you on, but the same thing in higher definition would not?
I don't really care in the end, just wondering how you guys do these mental gymnastic instead of just admitting you find young girls sexy.

all of her pls.

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So you click on a 3d loli thread for the conversation eh

keep going

Wrong again. Children are not shaped like that. She has breasts and an hourglass figure and full hips. This his a chibi to be quite frank.

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W lalithirst

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i want to lick that pussy

My pipi demands MOAR!!!

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Mods and reported

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we can go more realistic

Fag detected

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You really have no idea

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u guys are foggots

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so whuts worse fucking GAY

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>looks up, saves, posts gay porn
hurr durr you guys are gayyy

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I'm so fkn straight I'll post gay porn to show these guys there taste is fucked..... wait..... am I a fag?

no u

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You...do know that they don't really care. These threads will continue and people will continue wasting their time and energy being angry over it.