My mom: dubs get pics, trips get nudes, quads get her sex tapes

My mom: dubs get pics, trips get nudes, quads get her sex tapes

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You don't have her

Yes I do

Prove it larper

rolls a trips or quads and i will

my mom had sex tapes of her on VHS that I found as a teen.
One day the whole stash just vanished and I never saw them again :(

bummer. what did she look like?

Dude. Just go the fuck away with this shit already. You never deliver, and you never have anything new.

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There’s your trips. Now deliver, douche.

i always deliver, quit lying

you're an insufferable cunt

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Post your first nude then

i did fucktard

No face, no good.

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nice digits bro.
She looked hot back then. Brown hair, thicc ass and massive tits.
I fapped to her for hours always discovering new shit on the tapes. There were about 5 of them if I remember correctly
Once I even faked being sick for a whole week so I can stay at home and jack off while she was at work.
The thing also was that she was single basically all my life so none of the guys on the films was my actual dad

She looks like white trash

that's hot. the guy on the tapes of my mom i found isn't my dad either

You have got to be a Nigger

I sometimes feel like a degenerate cuck but I really loved the fact they were some randos she fucked.
Slutty moms are the best


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Not this bullshit again

OP has nothing





Could be anyone

Hands look 40 yrs old ;)

What does she do in the tape

Post nudes with face then

i did, are you blind???





are you retarded?


Nope and nope.
But there's 555 in there. If Op would deliver on that, I wouldn't mind.

this is trips, retard

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Are you the same ugly?