New slampig thread

New slampig thread

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Fully nude?

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does this chubby latina count?

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WOW! Nudes please.


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Lovely. I'd fuck her any time. Who is she?

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more of this chubby latina? what would you do to her?

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My cheating cum bucket.

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I know that ass!

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those soles!

Does anyone have the full set of these

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dibs on fuckin her feet!

Fan of the feet, eh?

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She's got looooong toes...

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she looks fucking hot!!!
long toes are great!

damn right!
and that brown eye looks delicious too!

Lucky guy. May I borrow her, or join in on a threesome?

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It is, oh it is.
She has to be in the right mood for much anal stuff though

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my face between her arsecheecks and my cock between her feet

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i'd settle for grinding my cock between her buttcheeks

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Take those off is the first thing I would do

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Ah, the classic "hot dog"

She makes me watch.

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Nice clit

please dont stop there"

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"I solemnly swear I am up to no good"
after seeing this picture
banging titties!

next her hole???

I have no problem with that if I get to plow her pussy and make her take my cum inside.


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Before I fuck her, I'll make sure to get a good taste of her wet pussy.

Of course

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She requires me to after..

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what an absolute perfect pussy
just enough hair

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Mmmm... I'm looking forward to breed that gorgeous fattie.

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Make sure to leave some of my cum inside her.

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hairy rolls

omg! more coming?

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Yes pls

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Really? What are her initials then

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Yes. I think I will let her ride me, so you can get a real good view of her bouncing on my cock.

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Good. You know, if you lick it all up, I will have to fuck her again.

I'm normally tied to the bed.

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more more more

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is there a mega with the whole thing??

looks amazingwith a cock in her mouth!

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No, but if you really with your kik I'll send you what I have

gorgeous pussy!! more more more

That's nice, so when she gets off my cock, she can just move a little bit to get her cumfilled pussy right over your face.


wonderful bush.. 100/10 would eat

19 y/o

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Looking for guys who have a slampig wife or gf to trade. I have a slampiggy of my own (pic related). Bulls and skinny bitches need not apply. Kik is flyboymike86.

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what a rack

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Great tits. My cock would look very good between them.

dont have a kik :(
what about vola? or imig?

soft as a little marshmellow


that tummy and those titties need a big fat load!
more more more :D

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Her slit

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Sorry I only have kik

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VERY edible!

she's wet.. no doubt about that!
more more more :D

if there was a vola room would you post in there ? :D

Glad y'all are enjoying her

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Suck on those huge nipples and then bind her tits

Just made one
volafile dot org/r/15x5khfvr

it would be a sin not to!

you the man!

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She sends alot out, but there are only a handful that i have. Of anybody has anything new post it!

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Initials are NH if anyone is saving
Don't worry then, I'll post a bit more of her for your viewing pleasure

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LOVE her tum!
more more more :D

keep us from being sinners!

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My only real request, is when chubby threads pop up on here that she is reposted
Of course

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Message me on wickr for more. Eska217

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so perfectly pale and chubby

she okay with her ass being eaten??
i would happily volunteer

She loves it

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park that asshole on my tongue!!

Love rough fucking, big cock, having her ass eaten, choking, mild slapping, hair pulling, spanking as some more info Glad you think so too

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Forgot to add, she loves being handcuffed, pushed down face down ass up and dominated, to the point of where if she isn't a drooling tearing up mess at the end of sex she's disappointed

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her ass eaten????
count me in!

ever since you mentioned she is into her ass being eaten thats all im thinking about

Absolutely loves it. Soon as you get her into Doggy she gets right down and sticks her cute ass up in the air ready and waiting

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dream gal!

One of my favorite things to do

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I don't suppose you have any feet related pics?

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she has an ass built for it!
i'd eat her like the last supper!

spread it spread it spread it :D

Imma need more of this, boss...

Yes but only this one

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consider me one happy wanker!!!
thanks user!

lol cuckk

She loves that. The vigorous she gets eaten the more she enjoys it, literally moans like a little whore as you eat her ass
Don't have many good ones of where she's spread her ass, I'll have to either take better ones myself, or have her send me better ones at a later date

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How did this whole slam piggy trend begin

what an asshole!
VERY deserving of a vigorous tongue lashing!

I wondered the same thing...I was enjoying the chubby threads, but now I'm not sure if they are just the same thing

The tag list is getting a tad long so imma restart from comment 0033

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Glad you think so

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that pale ass

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Think some Webm's are in order

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one lucky SoB you are

poetry in motion

dying to know what her moans sound like

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I should have a vid of that somewhere

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the moment she slips in... HNG!!

Have to convert a file or two because size issues have her BJ vid as a consolation as I get shit ready

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holy shit shes good!!!!!
LOVE the bun! perfect handhold for a BJ

epic pussy

This is THE MOST annoying thing ever, hate 4chans file size limit. And the fact it can't run MP4. bloody converter is doubling the size of the moaning vid
Glad you like it

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curse you Cred Forums

Any webm of her spreading it?

we could have made a vola for this gorgeous babe

Here's a vid of her fingering herself because Cred Forums is retarded and has disabled audio tracks in webms for /b

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that is BEAUTIFUL!

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Take it off

Basically it for webms unless I try and rip the vids I have of her being fucked (but they would wind up being no audio because /b )
512 is a vid of her fingering herself, full view of pussy
Never made one of those before

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Posting my piggy :^)

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volafile dot org/r/15x861w08

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she is so damn pretty!

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top right it says upload on the site

keep going!!!!!!


Hot!! Great tits and cute face. Moar!


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Yes wife.

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Hnnng....Any feet pics?

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Nice! You're lucky.

How's her pussy? Pics?

What size tits? Looks like Ds.


Resetting tag list
Thank you, I thought so as well
Yup, posting a fuck ton of images so it may take a while to load em on

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Attached: NS2.jpg (855x1520, 91K)

Never once have I used vola before but should be interesting
Thank you again, flooded that with her, no idea how long it's going to take to upload it all

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As someone who has posted his girl in the past, but never shown her face or distinguishing guys arent worried anyone will ever recognize your GF?

Kinda I am a tad worried but eh likely hood of that are fairly slim I think

Kinda, I am a tad worried that it'll happen and they'll be a massive spoil sport about it instead of keeping it under their hat but eh likely hood of that are fairly slim I think

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Well then. Wasn't expecting half the post to get posted


What I mean by this is, we both don't have a whole lotta friends that we actively talk to and hangout with so we tend to keep to ourselves being Netflix bingewatchers lol and the friends that we do have don't cruise Cred Forums

Did she die yet?

volafile dot org/r/15x8 61w08
Most of not all vids should be in here

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Yea...most of the time I think the same thing. But sometimes I'm not so sure, especially when I start to post more frequently. How do you feel about the people who come right out and say they saved the pics? I look through the threads to see if anyone reposted my girl, but I'm not sure how I would feel if I actually saw her

some people are pricks,

Im a huge fan tho

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She's been posted Once before on a chubby thread at like 3am, I only know that because (the time when I clicked on said posted 4hours ago) and the they didn't form the taglist like I did/do
As for other people posting/saving her I want it to happen, love to come into a chubby thread and see my girl already posted.

Glad you're a fan, make sure to check out the vola if you haven't already

this is so hot

Im assuming you know which I posted yesterday?

Post yours

do you have a link for it?

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volafile dot org/r/15x861w08

We live in a tiny community id be so worried mine would get recognised and reposted

I went and started a whole ass thread yesterday, and not a soul had reposted, sucks being a Canuck sometimes lol

The uk isnt very big as it is let alone the bit we live

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Anyone interested in my slampig?

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Very post it all

Ill make a vola

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/volafile org/r/ 15xa623t4

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Fuck she's gorgeous

My girl comes on Cred Forums haha i dare not

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Full frontal nudes?

WOW! She's hot. More please.

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I made a vola

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Attached: 1578262760579.png (1200x1600, 1.49M)

Attached: spzsps.jpg (1588x1599, 1.23M)

Attached: 1499qp5.jpg (1599x1033, 174K)

Attached: dhdhdhdh.jpg (1273x1273, 235K)

Attached: 1580752398283.png (1200x1600, 1.55M)


Attached: IMG_1912a.jpg (2304x2194, 639K)



Please share what pic this was again

did you see it?

For a sec but would'nt load :/

Attached: 2020-01-18 14.59.07.jpg (2769x1933, 654K)

2 pics left in thread. describe it and I will. hurry.

That ass looks familiar. Where from?


Attached: 2020-01-18 14.59.41.jpg (3524x1959, 826K)


1 image left

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