Have you ever fapped to her?

Have you ever fapped to her?

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she looks old and tired

I see her as like a mother figure for some reason. I gets teh feelingz she wouldn't wantz mez toz jackz toz herz anywayz lol. I wouldn't want to, she and her husband-o are awesome-o!

If she had a buttplug in..I would wrap my lips around it and pull it out slowly

Not yet..

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Patrician as fuck.

Her nudes still get me hard

to the first woman president in 2024 NO i will not dare to


AOC rulez

There are literal spic trannies that are more attractive than that horse faced cunt



hope you're just trolling, and not fully retarded

you need to seek help.

old and ugly. thin lips and 0 ass

coming from a pimple faced fat fuck that has not accomplished a goddamned thing in his pathetic life

The irony of a Cred Forumstard telling someone else they need help.

Yes, what is "projection" for $400

someone post the nudies, i know you got em

imagine saying Cred Forumstard unironically. Zoomers are so cringe

yes, but honestly there's a whole internet of women out there that are more attractive than Melania, even when she was younger.

Angry virgin

if you actually fucking talk that way bro seek fucking help or you're gonna be a virgin forever

Lol no op she's old and ugly

Wow three slurs. Shocking.

2000's-level shit-slinging right here

says the one that types bro.
Sorry but you are a bigger faggot than the other kid

I bet Hillary has

Ok zoomer