Trump gets "impeached"

>trump gets "impeached"
>full chimpout on Cred Forums

>trial happens
>Cred Forums is quiet

Are there really that many zoomer faggots and foreign cucks on Cred Forums these days?

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>these days

How is he acquitted? Because no judge ever looked into the accusation? People who love their power, which completely depends on that faggot have said he isnt guilty. You know, it is, as if your girlfriend would cheat on you, while you're going to say you love to live the cuck life. Understood? No, use your brain, dumbfuck!

Still your president, asshole

Still Impeached, asshole

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>be me
>told people in 2015 that Trump would be POTUS
>laughed at by Woke crowd
>Trump wins
>predicted that Mueller would find nothing
>woke spergs called me "Ivan" and screeched that "It's Over"
>Mueller finds nothing
>woke faggits screech "impeeeech!!!"
>predict that Trump will be acquitted
>woke crowd squeals and shrieks "he's going DOWN!!!"
>Trump acquitted.

Last Prediction: Trump will be re elected in 2020, and the Republicans will take the House and gain seats in the Senate.

Go ahead, start screeching, fags.

this is inaccurate

He got acquitted of all charges so he got cleared from impeachment you tard

I can't wait too use this line on conservatards when Bernie is your president

I’m not even a trump fag but holy shit you’re so cringe. Go focus on an actual issue in the world you faggot

J-j-just l-like m-m-me, an' I still made $500 million afterwards.

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>how is he acquitted?
because he was acquitted by a jury (the senate)
>Because no judge ever looked into the accusation?
not how this works

>not knowing how impeachment and conviction/acquittal works

I would cum into your eyes just to make your tears extra salty

>be me
>not living in the US
>siting down and watch the shit show
Feels Great Man

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you don't have to live here, you know.
you seem to have little reason of stay in the US, it's so bad.

dems did an amazing job. they showed the american public that republicans are all corrupt assholes with no spine, their voting to hide all information only helped prove the case.

this'll be a great election cycle, every republican incumbent will be bombarded with commercials pointing out their lying ways.

>Trump gets elected

You're still buying that "foreign interference" crap? Have you ever left the basement? Lol

Truth be told it’s a little bit harder to get in Canada than the United States.

Everyone knew he would be acquitted. The Republicans in Congress basically said before the trial, that they didn't care what evidence said, they wouldn't vote Trump out.
Hell they even said they knew he was guilty of the charges, but they didn't care. That's why they voted against having witnesses or any evidence and just ended the trial.

>full chimpout on Cred Forums
This never happened. It's been a sad joke from the beginning....

>be (You)
>Not living in the USA
>still thinking you are not utterly fucked since you live in some shithole NOT called the United States of America

makde me kek and cringe at the same time. Gracias.

True, only one intact spine in the GOP today, and it belongs to Mitt Romney.

Goddamit, all these backpeddlers though, trying to argue that Trump will learn from this, believing / hoping he will improve in the future. How in the everloving fuck can you actually vote to aquit if you reason like that 2 seconds after

very progressive of them


My Country has its own problems
>be me
>be Canadian
>have no freedom of speech
>say something offensive
>go to court

Lol they were taking anyone fleeing after 2016

>Mueller found nothing

That's false.
He clearly found that Trump's camp was in touch with Russia. He said he didn't find "enough" to charge him. However, he did flat out say that Trump obstructed the investigation over 10 times. That is a felony. Correction, 10 different counts of criminal obstruction, each a felony. The dems just were too weak to impeach Trump over that.

Yep. That’s like 94% dude. I’m in my forties, just here for teenage tits and to laugh at all these people

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Are you retarded, Mueller found tons of shit, did you even read the report?

best part, you've got trump screaming to have romney removed form the party...

Yes, nowadays Cred Forums is mostly comprised of trendy liberal twatter & reddit users.

>Be me
>Live in the one country Trump exemplified as not a shithole
..and we're socialist-democrats

Trump simply has the winning formula

>came for cheese pizza
>stayed for the entertainment

kek. True.

At least the USA still has SOME measure of "freedom of speech" though the woke faggots would love to eliminate that by labeling anything they don't like "hate speech."

That is why I love the magnificent bastards of Cred Forums. The last bastion of free speech that even the Niggers, Fags, Lesbo's Trannies, Chinks, Crackers, Spics and Kike motherfuckers cannot touch.

fuck off, butthurt pussy. "hurrrrrr!!!"

so cringe. just stop.

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>The dems just were too weak to impeach Trump over that.
It was the same reason many considered not impeaching at all over Ukraine.. the republicunts wouldn't do it anyway.

Godammit, I hope Trump tests out his theory of shooting someone on the street, just to see if there is a single republicunt who wouldn't try to see the positive in it

Cheating at every turn?

plus canada is allowed to make up laws on the spot, in the case of those child sex dolls britain and canada jailed people for child porn despite the fact there's no real child and there's was no law in place against the dolls

> trump shits on the floor
> democrats say trump shit on floor
> republicans say he didn't shit on floor
> they have a vote
> trump is aquitted of shitting on the floor

The USA (and maybe the world) was waiting for someone to stand up and figuratively say "All you PUSSIES Shut the Fuck UP!!"

That is essentially what Trump represents. A gut-level reaction against the forces of "woke" and "politically correct" enforced societal norms.

I honest give no fucks either way, just pointing out facts.

Uh, what? You know that one guy, John Roberts...Chief Justice of the fuckin Supreme Court? Is he not a judge? Do judges have sole power in criminal court? I think not there brofessor. That’s what juries are for, no? The senate acts as the jury. Majority vote was cast. Viola! Our government functioning exactly as intended and set forth by our constitution. Are you 12 or something? Listening to your dipshit millennial parents again, huh?

These all always end up as bait and troll threads.

>be America
> Impeachment trial
> Lots of people want to testify to Trump's illegal actions
> No witnesses allowed
> Justice is done, toally legitimate

How can republitards justify this? Are they brainwashed, or just too stupid to understand?

>Republicans admit that he did shit on the floor

>but it doesn't really matter, because he didn't piss on the floor while shitting

One of the reasons why I love Cred Forums people can say anything they want to.

It's the only impeachment in US history that had zero witnesses.

Senate trials have historically been partisan. This issue extends past just impeachment though. Him being able to collude with other nations and manipulate ballots spells a 1984 down with big brother style dystopian future for the United States. Honestly, just like what's happening in Russia.

you can put impeached in quotation marks all you like but it's official, you should just get comfy with the notion ;)

I once knew a guy who got acquired for insurance fraud for lack of evidence. I knew he did it. Everyone did, dude was like 6 payments behind in his note and suddenly his car is reported stolen, then found burnt to the ground in fuckin Alabama? But wouldn’t you know it, no one saw him do it, and there was no record of him being in Alabama. So he was acquitted. He took that decision to his gap insurance and they cut him a check for twenty some odd grand less late fees and that nigga paid off that car and bought a motorcycle. This is how the system of law works my bro’s. Reasonable doubt is all you need to sway juries. It was designed this way from the very beginning

More like this:

>trump cuts a fart
>democrats scream and run around saying he pooped on the carpet
>trump says, "no, I didn't shit, not even a little bit, and my fart smelled like daffodils"
>dems scream - Adam Schiff interviews 40 witnesses from Cornell University that state unequivocally that "farts never smell like daffodils"
>Washington Post publishes "50 times Trump LIED about the smell of his farts"
>liberals screech "this is the END of TRUMP!!!"
>Nancy caves, allows Trump to be impeached
>Trump's lawyers want to call Carpet Cleaner Man to testify that there was no shit on carpet, he is not allowed to testify
>Whistleblower who said Trump shit is secluded and hidden, and his name shall never be spoken on the planet
>Dems can't prove Trump actually shit
>Republicans rally behind Trump say "I've smelled the Presidents farts, and they are reminiscent of daffodil..."
>Trump acquitted
>Mitt Romney talks to Jesus and John Smith (at the same time) and they tell him to Convict Trump and to change his Magic Underwear
>Trump is acquitted
>Fags on Cred Forums keep fighting over it.

Rinse and repeat.

Everyone with a brain knew he'd be acquitted because of the cowards at the GOP. Not much more to discuss



CNN told me that orange man was acquitted.

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I love the tears of liberal chucks getting fucked in the ass by the trump train.

seething bernout

Everyone knew NO OTHER president would have been impeached for doing what EVERY other President has done.

Fixed it for you. Faggot.

You mean he stole it from the Democrats!!??

Don't you leftist even get tired of lying and bullshit hoaxes?
If you were really trying to get Trump re elected, you have succeeded. He will win 2020 at a walk. The die is cast.
Nobody buys the crap, it is too absurd. Was that your goal? You people are so intellectually dishonest, that has to be it. Nobody can be that intentionally ignorant.

sorry OP but i've been sleeping during this whole time

you should seek help for your TDS though

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I think he should have been impeached for illegally selling arms to Saudi-Arabia as they were raping and pillaging Yemen

I think they are so insulated and inoculated in their friendship and social groups, that they actually believe what they are doing will somehow "work" to get rid of Trump.

Every time I have a conversation with a liberal, they can't fathom that anyone would not agree with them.
all time high-

Fuck the Saudi's. Fuck the Yemeni's. Fuck all those Fuckers in the Middle East. Let them murder each other, since that is what they seem to like to do anyway.

He didnt get acquitted because people dont vote based on f facts, logic, or reason in America, they just vote how their party decides to vote

Less than 10 yrs ago, I read a survey. Not a poll.
39% self identified as liberal. 35% of those identified as hard leftist. About 13%, at that time were hard left. They thing they get to tell the country everything. How much soda pop they can buy to who alone can run the country.

NEW evidence, votes to allow no NEW EVIDENCE, you dense retarded motherfucker.
Dems had all the time in the world to gather their evidence in the House.
Instead they went in half assed, believing their righteous SJW purpose would carry them through the senate hearing. Then they hit the oh shit moment realizing they didn't bring ANY real evidence, just trump derangement syndrome.

4 more years.

>trump derangement syndrome

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>they just vote how their party decides to vote
the House. Of course.

this user gets it. it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't shoved down your throat at every turn

still done more with his life then you will

>still literally 500 threads about politics

but really
>democuckss are seething and in hiding
>republicunts knew this would happen so it's non-news

this faggot came in the great reddit raid of 2016

I have never met a liberal who doesn't think they are your judge. They believe thy get to tell you what YOU are and pass judgement.

Who, Bush or Obama?


Jokes on you they're still here.

who cares, bunch of stone age retards over there. It's not like they have any use to the world, even the women we can't fuck because either we will be executed or the woman will or both, that's if you can even fuck her before marriage because of their brainwashing. Not even useful as holes for my cock

The second Cred Forums terminology made it to the main stream you know shit was all fucked up.

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He didnt get "impeached"
He got impeached.

Then he was tried, and acquitted.
Cred Forums leans chaotic. As crazy as it is to say, acquittal is a step towards normalcy.


>I'm mad because people keep calling me an asshole when I act like an asshole
>fucking SJWs


The evidence of his wrongdoing is there and senators didnt want anyone with first hand knowledge to testify under oath lmao

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Jury trial. 100 jurors.
Presided by the supreme court.
Sounds like a trial to me... one you lost.
What is the next conspiracy theory against trump? You know that your inability to take a loss in 2016 has earned you another loss in 2020? Had you just shut your moronic cock sockets for 3 years, trump would've talked himself out of office. INSTEAD, you dense children have throw conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory at trump and failed each and every time to make anything stick. You made trump stronger.
You made 2020 possible. You.

They testified in the house.
House investigates.
Senate tries.

The evidence of bidens wrongdoing is overwhelming. Is Biden immune to investigation for some reason?

the only person with first hand knowledge told the House committee that Trump told him when he asked him what Trump wanted from Ukraine, that he [Trump] said "I want nothing, no quid pro quo".


>just lay down and take it and let us have our fun

How convenient for us...

Or, spew your conspiracy theories, fail to make anything stick, strengthen trump's position while simultaneously weakening your own, and guarantee his reelection in 2020.
Good job resisting, guys. You really did a good job.

Fu fag

You're not wrong, but the "just don't care about anything KEK" attitude is just pathetic. Dems are idiots and fucked everything for the last election and are looking like they learned nothing for this one. But spoiler, Trump isn't good just because dems are incompetent.