China Hospital full of corpses (Corona virus)

China Hospital full of corpses (Corona virus)

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need proof

Please spread to Africa

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Are you sure they aren't just quarantine blankets?

does the bags come in any other colors? I'd like to be put in a blue body bag

not op but I saw photos very similar to this on twitter 2 nights ago, with proof of a chinese woman speaking english into her phone video talking about the scenes. Since been deleted. It's insane and there are most likely WAYYYY more dead than the media is saying


Yes, it's all bodybags, it's insane.

fuck china, with there bullshit viruses. Always something new coming from them.

Must be full of dirty motherfuckers.

ooh i want a vermillion body bag!! and bedazzle it!!!

I'm waiting for the president to close all U.S. borders, airports, and seaports and I hope wipes out the rest of the world because it needs a good cleansing. especially European and Scandinavian countries that have been overrun by spades and muzzies

Nah, just bad luck.

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that bat looks pissed

If were lucky trump and the Republican party catches it so we can rid the country of all this white trash


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Virus came from eating snakes not bats (well the snakes got the virus from the bats)

I dont know what kind of deformed brain you would need to consume that

hungry one

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So it came from bats is what you're saying?

What do u think the true numbers are?

probably in the 10k's of dead, 100k's infected

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here more

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Would this imply a mortality rate of 16%?

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OP is here spreading fear again.
Dear user - do educate yourself,
Here's some links, one to the CDC and the other to W.H.O.

Yes, it's an ugly flu, dangerous for those who are already weak, old or very young. Just like most virua that attack the respiratory system.

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"may have"
Is all I pick up when seeing the tencent links and quotations.

straight from the party office

Straight from the idiot office.

Last thread it was 36%
Because in that thread the OP was married to a chinese woman and spoke a bit of Mandarin.
He'd seen a website with the true numbers, when I pressed him for evidence and the links he became aggitated and called me "a government spook".
I said he should offer evidence and links anyway.
It then turned out you need a special VPN with a chinese end - so no, no evidence.
That thread died after that.

Humans just have to exaggerate and outright lie. I'll never understand why, other than we're mentally defective.

>no u
expected nothing less from a communist government employee

>ITT: stinky chinky even stinkier
NHI. Who cares?

Look, you can behave like an adult (no you can't) and either offer evidence or at the very least stop your needless fear mongering.
You can choose to be helpful, or you can choose to make the world just a tiny bit worse.
Choose helpful please.

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obeying your communist overlords isnt "behaving like an adult", mr li

You're clearly outside social reach.
Enjoy your trolling.

I'm sure you have very reliable sources

damn, is your social credit going down for not convincing me?


I generally think these threads are bit loosy goosy when it comes to evidence.
Keen on frightening people though.
Isn't it interesting these virulent vira have a tendendcy to crop up around election time?

ty based i ordered a package i didn't think twice about the virus so i was gonna just throw it in the trash

Guess this is fake

Saying what everyone is thinking

Guess you are fake.

I hope not


What is it about the virus that actually kills people? Does the fever cook their brain?

>when you cum but she still sucking

I must admit to a morbid thought, I do wish it is as virulant as OP and his gang suggests - I want the world population down with at least 80%
Doesn't matter where it spreads to, hopefully everywhere.
I'm slightly ashamed of this death wish, but hey... we're all broken somewhere.

Fuck off. Im in africa

What kind of Flintsones computer are you using?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses found in both animals and humans. Some infect people and are known to cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
In effect it gives you a bad pneumonia - this can be deadly if you're old and weak.

Kek. The latest one

Im from South Africa though

Found the yank.
The world is further ahead than you like to think.

Shit did anyone check on Betty White?

Betty White will live forever, you know that, user.

Sure Chang. I believe you.

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>the world
Go eat some more of your smashed mosquito paties.

oh no no no
why de bugmen dies so mooch now

Compelling evidence you present me with.
It is however animated.
Simpsons is a fiction, you DO know that?

aw damn i really wanted to order something but it is from china so now im to afraid to do

I never did care for the WHO, how the fuck is a blind guy going to play pinball and win? ridiculous

Wouldn't you be if some chinese put you in a soup?

buy American or suffer the consequences

Smash the mirror!

>sad face

Whaddup dogan

Yea, because of the US. That cel phone, you're welcome. That computer, you're welcome. That television, you're welcome. Step up the evolution faggots.

its so obvious you are chinese.

Pol: How to build concentration camps in 2020?
China: Hold my beer.

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Oh my god... None of those things were invented in merkinland. Go fax something, or pay with a check, you backwater fuck.

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he wasted his turn with the village computer with that one comment
the computers for africa program is really paying off

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Mobile execution chamber

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but wait till the locusts are gone

Flawed logic

Agreed, media ploy to get you to tune in. Remember that Ebola was going to kill everyone last year. Before that it was sars

if so far really only like 600 people died, how come the bodies ly around in all those pictures? Might be more?

who cares what happens to those chinks in third world china, not gonna affect me.

read the thread man

You know what I don’t see?
Air holes.


But what about when it starts getting bad here?

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The coronavirus is fake

You’re fake

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No u!

ITT anons circlejerking over fearporn.
6 months from now you won't even remember this virus

How do you cope with being such a moron?

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>links 2nd hand hearsay as evidence
seems legit


It’s a nothing burger

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Nothing verifiable.
I just get the impression China has a shit medical system because of these videos, it shows that China is failing to handle an easily handleable outbreak.
America is handling the outbreak well, why dont you have footage of it being an epidemic in places with decent healthcare and quarantine practices?

Thanks! Bumped

Stop ignoring what’s right in front of your face.
The outbreak only just became global. It has a two week incubation period.

Sense and smell. Elton John is very clear in that point

California usa needs the nuke rather than the east coast

a flu with a 10-15 percent mortality rate.. sure..

It's been well over 2 weeks in the states.
Show me a crisis in europe, where it also reached.

oh I'm not ignoring anything. I see the video. I see the tweet.
>shows a video of someone having a seizure
>no source
>claims the person that posted saw 'multiple' corpses somewhere
this doesn't equate to evidence of a major outbreak.
and certainly not an epidemic in which the OP claims to have taken place

Secret Service, FBI, Dept of Homeland Security, and NSA, and Interpol now have this post.

Threatening to "nuke" California is a Terror Offense.

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bah, try again faggot, the US did not invent the tv and the parts required to assemble one.


What about those 8 or 10 doctors who warned officials at the end of november of that virus?


Even wrong when talking mechanical, as this guy did it first.

Sadly, the coming weeks and months will vindicate my predictions.
That’s because the CCP isn’t fully acknowledging the severity of the outbreak, they don’t exactly have a good record on transparency. Their delayed acknowledgment and response to the outbreak shows this. The seizures are likely the brain’s death fit, resulting from lack of oxygen—this disease fucks the lungs.

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It won't.
Fearmongering doesn't help anything.

I was at the Dallas/FW airport last week and was surrounded by masked Chinamen trying to fly out before they close the borders,All were hacking and sneezing on I have flu symptoms...fuck me...

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>literally every other doctor in the world shows the exact function of the disease
>noooo it has to be this look at my personal incredulity

I’m sure the user has a nuclear weapon handy, he’s just waiting to use it.
Why are you here?

Looks good enough to eat

Heed my words: Africa will not be effected. No native african will die. This kills only asians.

Just call in. Get quarantined quickly, and get treatment, you're fine.
American healthcare > Chinese healthcare

lmao paranoid dumb faggot

You’re the one that’s incredulous.
Maybe now is the time for people to be scared?
Pic related, what do you guys think of my hazmat suit?

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That suit doesn't evacuate urine and shit. At least it looks like it doesn't.

It may have come from a animal food source yes

Its been in China for over a month, the U.S. a much shorter time. It needs to spread more, before growing exponentially.

Awesome hazmat suit.
No, people being scared would be unhelpful, even if it was an epidemic.
The idea that spreading fear in any scenario is helpful is incredulity.
Anyone would say the same.
>I make my best decisions when I'm super scared of everything!

>That’s because the CCP isn’t fully acknowledging the severity
still zero evidence
over 700 million Chinese have a smartphone
so where's these tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands of bodies?

its not a crisis in europe because they are smart enough to keep their globe trotters in the shit holes they got the virus in.unlike america,who flys them back to the states so they can walk around infecting everyone with it

Noted—I’ll get on that

So you wouldn’t tell people things are bad, even if things were going horribly wrong? Forgive me, but you don’t seem very credible.

>so basically I'm gonna ignore that it's been in the united states long enough for a sufficient population to become infected with symptoms.

Nasty Fucks

>flies back to states just to be set free among the people
I'm sure you know a lot about American politics just based on this belief.

Oh... another propoganda thread? sigh.

>dont tell people things are bad
Nope, your strawman isnt standing up straight.
Fearmongering specifically is unhelpful.
Tell me, did you at all in this thread demonstrate a possible way to preserve yourself in the face of this disease? Did you give informed opinions with sufficient evidence to support those opinions?
Or, did you tell everyone "Its bad and look how bad it can get, it's only gonna get worse. We know nothing, theres no vaccine.'

Yes, another fearmongering propaganda thread.

>its not a crisis in europe because they are smart enough to keep their globe trotters in the shit holes they got the virus in
I doubt the wisdom of such policies too, but your statement is incorrect.
It’s too early to downplay this for peace of mind.

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I also had layovers at Austin and Houston airports,they too loaded with masked Asians,even their babies had little masks. My two co workers that traveled with me are sick...NO infrared fever screening was in use at any of these intercontinental hubs...

>did you at all in this thread demonstrate a possible way to preserve yourself in the face of this disease?
I just came to inform people how dire the situation is. You’re dangerously downplaying the severity of the situation. You should stop, but you won’t.

You're stupid.
Like, not because you proved that fella wrong. You're right in that europe does this too.
But you are quite out of touch on the reason WHY we bring people back.
The fact you guys can't understand the purpose behind doing this; which is far beyond just our countries superior hospitalization, and relates far more to the morale of communities within our country; is evidence you have never experienced significant loss.

>Nah, just bad luck.
Bat luck.

>Wufu (Chinese: 五福), meaning the five blessings, is a concept that signify a grouping of certain good fortunes and luck in Chinese culture. The word "bat" (fu, Chinese: 蝠) in Chinese sounds identical to the word for "luck" (fu, Chinese: 福), which is a pair of homophones implied linguistic symbolism.

>OP is here spreading fear again.
In cold conditions and moisture, try 5 days Celestial fag

Fast Times in Browridge High

You're dangerously creating chaos by overblowing the situation, which will lead to knee jerk reactionary legislation that will only spread the disease quicker.
You need to stop, but you won't.

See this sounds weird, because I don't see any evidence for any of this.
I've scrolled Austin news for a long time now.

They’re not diagnosing all the cases, or labeling deaths as Coronavirus fatalities. They’ll say it’s a result of pneumonia, instead.

is evidence you have never experienced significant loss.
I understand the society in which I live. I also understand you’re a whiny bitch who copes by ignoring things that scare him.


>unverifiable translation.
See I'd need to know the translator. The person who translated has no stake in this, note that when an official translation is done, typically a watermark with the company or individual who translated leaving their name.
If this isnt there, your translation can be ignored without any explanation, as the individual who could be mistranslation has absolutely no reason not to mistranslate.
Often you see the same on captions on television, the company quickly flashes their company name in lieu of a caption, so as to ensure they can be called back.
I often ignore translations without verifiable translator marks, as I will this one.

>Argumentum Ad Hominem
Ladies and gents, we got him.

Don't scroll shit,just leave the house occasionally and stroll through your local airport terminal...

You are the better man. I applaud you.

>I've been to the airport
Yeah so I'm gonna need you to verify your own claims, it's not my job.

YOU SURE DID! I’m sure your “gotcha” will cause the rest of us to ignore how fucked this situation is.

Walls makin a lot of sense now huh?

were all gonna fucking die

People dying outside China? A sign of things to come?

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Oh, Nancy. Are the floors not dirty or the dishes need washing? Stay busy when your period acts up so bad.

I'm waiting for it to hit burgerland, with your 3rd world healthcare system it will be epic

Imagine if China AND India have full-on epidemics? Try containing over a third of the world population.

But the bats got it from eating the rats

>I dont know what kind of deformed brain you would need to consume that
Says this while eating burgerfats food

Shut it nigger.

Even the most conservative numbers put the fatality rate at 16X that of the flu


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No one wants that crap


>Guys believe me it’s a nothing burger!

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All lies and propaganda. There are no conspiracies. They do not exist. Jews do not control the media or banks. No one at a high level of power is planning anything in secret in any country.

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Don't call it in, they will take you away and you'll never be seen again

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In the province, people can't say it in public or risk being nailed to the pillar, but there is talk that it's a bioweapon that's leaked and the party is trying to quash the truth

Not even 600 dead yet?

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Yup. There is a chemical weapons facility in Wuhan very close to the starting point of the epidemic.

Unproven nonsense.

Cause that pulls from outer space in the missionary w/the legs pulled back, after the knob wat

So is this it? The beginning of the forces of darkness battling the forces of light?

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The truth always wins out

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More American/Jewish propaganda.

Unless you're really old or young or have preexisting medical problems that would make you weaker to the disease you'll be fine user


25 year old alcoholic here. How fucked. Am I?

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uma delicia

as the other dude said, youll be straight because youre young and you dont have some fucked up immune system or are missing a lung.

its spreading all over. it will continue to spread. because its novel and we dont have natural antibodies this will allow the virus to mutate and wipe out 80% of world population.

All lies.

Only 10 people have died.


not fucked at all

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chinese government is just handing out blankets and american media is claiming they're bad

im not talking about now. this will take time. over the next three to four months we will see it spread to 20 to 30 percent of the world population, killing a small percentage of people. as we struggle to deal with quarantine and helping the sick and preventing further spread our resources will deplete. that is when a case of mutation will emerge. a stronger virulent strain with slightly greater spread capabilities but much larger lethal capabilities. the spread will pick up and we will not be able to counter it with an already struggling infrastructure. 80% world population is a high estimate. it could be much lower but still devastating to global economy.

where did you get that ?

I don't know, the two chinese people in Italy with verified virus aren't doing well. They're still barely alive, plugged to machines.
In the meantime, the first Italian (I guess with Chinese origin) resulted positive, so we've got 3 of them.
Inb4 3rd world. Nah, not where those two people are.

No its fucking not. China lirerally sucks, russia's criminal, and the eu is a real thing. Lick my butt.


>Please spread to Africa
. . . and, we need to make another Nigger-targeted virus like we did with AIDS so that more NiggerAIDS Nigger's die.


Don't forget India! Also I wouldn't mind if it came to South America.

i ordered my dead china corona virus victim from amazon. came the next day.

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Oh well. Better have a beer to mellow over my impending doom.

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Checked. I’ve always loved that image, it’s peaceful, in a melancholy way.

If it ever comes to Africa you can bet your ass it'll be cured asap, like with AIDS. Can't let precious blacks die and suffer.

Union buck

There is only 1 area, 2, that doesn't have enough nukes in it already that it wouldn't cause a chain reaction of nukes self igniting?

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Literally haven't seen a black person or non-white person in years in my overrun European country outside of Asian tourists.

That is correct. If you look up stats by country, there are very few deaths outside of China. Once infected, the best thing otherwise healthy people can do it to stay at home and treat it like any other flu. There's really no need for a hospital visit.

You'll most likely be part of the deaths as well so it hardly matters then.

Meanwhile American cops drive around in heavily armored cars, assault rifels and look like soldiers.

No need for hate speech right now


>man has seizure

actually, like most of the world's deadly viruses, Coronovirus was first documented in Africa
you see, blacks don't wear condoms, don't care about their children, fathers leave, then go on to rape more underage girls, and when those run out, they literally funk monkeys and other animals
this is how ALL these mutating viruses originate
no other culture or ethnicity is that trashy and so lacking in any values

and ever since they allowed porn aimed at nigger consumption (blacked, etc., and other fantasy/fake porn with fake cocks, based in the highest level of racism) to be out there, it's no wonder that the dropout rate in the porn industry has skyrocketed with an 1800% rise in the incidence of AIDS, with all but one of those cases being from black males spreading it in the porn industry

enjoy being contaminated with nigger diseases, you dumb americans

should have learned from our mistake in allowing arabs to exist here in europe

kill your subhuman infection now before it's too late

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Dw, I like them

It’s a result of the asphyxiation resulting from the severe pneumonia the virus causes.

no. it's a tonic clonic seizure.

This Niggers, once again, gave the world yet another deadly virus which was confirmed by a recent publication in one of the top 3 journals (Lancet, no less).


Enzootic patterns of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in imported African and local Arabian dromedary camels: a prospective genomic study.
El-Kafrawy SA Corman VM Tolah AM et al.
Lancet Planet Health. 2019; 3: e521-e528

The study confirms the origin because for the first time ever they have shown a difference between the incidence in two-like species (here camels) which, because camels, unlike humans, don't take planes all around the world, can tell you exactly where the Coronavirus started. The epicenter was Africa and it spread to the Middle East. When the Chinese started doing all that mining in Africa, they too got exposed and the Chinese that returned spread it from there. Coronavirus has been around for many decades and is one of MANY deadly viruses which unironically ALWAYS seem to be found to originate in Africa.

thats why the chinese government is incinerating and burying animals of those with coronavirus lol

CHINA: Lets create a supavirus

also CHINA: whoops we let it out and it seems to be worse than we tell you

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Drop em all on israel and the world thrives.

yeah, the original source of SARS and MERS have also been proven to have originated from Africa, using the same method, there from field studies in bats for SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV (both closely related to existing coronavirs), and from there to masked palm civets (a mammal in Africa) and from there to camels

niggers are the cause of the world's health problems, as always

What the fuck is happening in that box? Her screams are horrifying.

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you answered your own question with your pic

The flu shitstorm will pass, and suddenly Hong Kong will be under communist control 100% while no one was looking.

it's Cred Forums dude, duh

dumbass that's a publication from the moonies

Exactly. I live in London so it's normal to me. But whenever I go visit family, friends etc, all over the UK there's next to none minorities, and not just Muslims etc, even black people. If you do see one you actually think "fuck that's the first I've seen". I get Muslims etc not branching out to smaller towns, there's less of them than black people, haven't been here as long and shit but to see literally zero black people over a whole weekend in an average sized town is bizarre.

Nothing at all. It’s a deep fake frabricated by the United States government.


But what I forgot to say was, yeah. Asians are fucking everywhere for some reason. I think a shit load of them study over here and that's why there's loads in random places

I have a vaccine, but it causes late onset adult autism. No really. You can hear about it on Fox news.

Whistleblower dies


Pure coincidence. You need a new tinfoil hat.


>literally funk monkeys

As if China doesn't kill people who cause trouble.

You talking?

oh my god

I love literally having opinions projected on me

Hahaha yeah, I'll get some snacks

In an advanced industrialized society anything close to 10 percent deaths would cause a serious collapse of public order. We are talking famines and loss of basic services stuff here, resulting in even more death. Recovery would be like Haiti's earthquake. Still working at it a decade later, and actually losing ground in some areas. Europe had a rough go of it with just 1/3 mortality in a primitive agrarian society.

Be careful.there, to many go and skill loss becomes an issue. If it becomes broad enough, things like reactors become part of the problem.

Enjoy watching us die while you and your countrymen die. The video of the possible mobile death chamber, has me convinced that it’s going to kill us all. I mean, how bad does an illness have to be, for a country to do this to their own people?

Meant for

China killed tens of millions when Mao was in power. They have too many to give a damn about each other.

What happens when it comes here? What if it’s so dangerous that our governments do the same?

The current mortality rate is 2% and you all are buying into the fear factor. Congrats.

I guess it's an excellent time to order many gadgets from Chinese websites. Are they giving discounts and sneding complimentary body bags?

Then a ton of people die. China probably engineered it for this purpose. They have people to spare. They would have a vaccine for important party members.

Yeah. There’s no way to spin this in any kind of positive light, no silver lining.

Correction--the REPORTED mortality rate is 2%. The doctor in Wuhan who tried to warn people online and got arrested for it died today from the virus. The government is clamping down on media coverage. The Chinese government loves a good cover-up.

>ugly flu, dangerous for those who are already weak, old or very young.
Bro, you dont believe that do you?

If China said that, you are very wrong.

Ive heard that "the weak & old" thing like we all probably have at some point but if you look at who the dead people are, they arent even close to all old/already-sick

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God damn psycho mantis you really let yourself go

wtf is wrong with you?

Correction, you're buying into fear mongering propaganda bullshit. Sars was five times more efficient at killing people like you than this is.

Wrong.. Not what the WHO said. The incubation period of SARs helped it burn out, that is not true with this and is one of the big concerns. Pull your head out of politico bullshit and think for your self.

nostrils: the mugshot's status symbol

7 dead bodies is not a hospital full of corpses, my local hospital has more bodies without the virus

Do they store them in the hallway and occupied hospital rooms? Bet not

It’s not as bad as it looks

ignore the heat sensing drones overhead looking for sick people, its all normal.

I’m glad someone else on this board realizes how overhyped this is all getting. Those drones have always been here, we just didn’t notice them because we were so used to them—they’re weather drones.

Are they related to their mysterious cousin the weather balloon?

Attached: fdsffsd.png (588x331, 391K)

And usa too

Prescisely. They’re like weather balloons, but upgraded. Developed countries began using them about 3 years ago.

Did I say 3 years ago? My mistake, they’ve always been here. Carry on, citizen.

They've always been our watchers and protectors, forever and ever and ever.

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>CCP reported lower than actual number for SARS compared to neighbouring countries
>Expecting the CCP to report actual numbers this time

Hey user, source for the situation in Italy? Also in Italian is OK

Yes spread to montreal canada pleasaeee

nah,israel have antidotes for israeliturds

china and israel are stark enemies since they are both bent on world domination and israel already controls the us

Enter into evidence a healthy male in his 30s. A doctor in China. Exposed and died within a week. Compare that to China state numbers being released and I have a bridge to sell you.

Real stats leaked 4 days ago. Probably risen by a factor of 3 by now.
>Tencent's webpage titled 'Epidemic Situation Tracker' was quickly updated to reflect the official figures of 14,446 infected and 304 dead at the time, according to Taiwan News.

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He died of a bullet covered in SARS.

If true, it only shows an acknowledgment that they would lie and kill; the same liars and killers that are reporting death rates. I am to not trust and both trust the actor depending on the position.

No, it attack the auto immune system. Fucking bandaids wont help, neosporin the fuck outta that w napalm

Yeah China and India are the dirty cunts and don't go to Australia because that's all there is now. It's Just full of Chinese and Indian immigrants

>need proof
>from Cred Forums
L0Lno fgt pls

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They deserve to be replaced.

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you all are faggots for being actually concerned about this virus. literally nothing is going to happen. look what happened to ebola. in a month the world will forget about it and everything will be normal.
[spoiler] plus if its as bad as ppeople are suspecting, maybe it’d be an easy way out of this hellhole [/spoiler]

I dunno what day it is

Anal stretching day

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It’s been fun, fags

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yes the blacks fucked monkeys thats how AIDS came about. White people have the scientific explanations for everything then it goes to them fucking monkeys as the root cause

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