Lets see some BJs

Lets see some BJs

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More! Facial?

My gf for you all

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tongue out

more pls

Got it Cred Forumsros

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now show how it belongs to your cock


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good girl
upload her to vola?
would like to see videos there too

Yeah There are a few vid related
volafile dot org/r/15q420zfg

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no problem man

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bump for more amateur BJs

Shes such a good cocksucker, both of you please keep making vids. Do u upload anywhere?

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Excellent af

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just the vola above

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ah, good slut friends
got new stuff ?

yeah kik meh

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cleaned Kik quite recently so you Kik me

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who wants the vid?

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Nice dick, beautiful

Shes sexy from side profile, head on shes ugly as fuck

upload it to vola
or Kik me alwaysultra1

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yes, pls

keep going

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Kelli Boston? I fucking love her

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yes indeed

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know her? have more? post away my friend...

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good girl Kellie

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What are the limits to posting here?

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Going to need more user

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Oh it's that dude with the messed up cock

What are the limits to posting here?

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What are the limits to posting here?

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Cheating coworker sucking my cock

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19yo Latina slut I used to date

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nothing go ahead..see what happens

Any more of this girl?

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Nice pics ITT

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pretty weird blow job...

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Discord gg tfK7eg

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more of her?

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god, I need more

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Don't get married guys or even a long term relationship. After 10 yrs, those blow jobs disappear and if you do get one, it's like she nailed herself on the cross for you. God, I miss my 20's.

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Not an issue at our house

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Man, do we need a MEGA of her

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Please sir

A dirty girl

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Keep her coming. Any new videos?

slutty gf has had a lot of practice

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none atm

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What are the limits to posting here?

None retard

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You are retard? There's at least size and format limitations.

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All you have to do is look

Cred Forums.org/rules

Shame. Maybe one day.

I’ve been trained not to use my hands until the very very end when giving BJs

mmm love this slut

fuck you, asshole

What are the limits to posting here?

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she looks scared of you

Sky's the limit

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What are the limits to posting here?

fuck me...if youre looking to post with no limits go to kik or wickr ffs


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go here dumbass Cred Forums.org/rules and stfu


Go on.. almost cumming

Chubby brunette with a turned-up nose & big boobies? I'm in love!


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why didn't you go there?

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what are those?

Looks cute with your hand on her head

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The fuck is wrong with his dick!?

Came so fucking hard in her mouth after this blowjob

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wow more

gf from 6 years ago

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my now married coworker

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Does this count?

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mmm, more

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It does for me. Have a front view of that facial?

face + tits?

face without cock

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she's cute.

Does she do nosejobs too?

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I’ve given blowjobs and I’ve been face fucked and they’re both enjoyable for me.

With blowjobs I feel like I’m in control of the pleasure, and that makes me feel sexy.

Getting face fucked makes me feel like I’m being used, like the piece of trash that I am. And that makes me horny.


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I wish my GF would send me pics from her snapchat. I play games on my computer and sometimes she goes under the desk to play with my dick and I remember one time she was just taking selfies with my cock on her face, in her mouth, while she's licking it, ect.

I remember having a girlfriend back when I was a teenager who was super into filming shit and we had a ton of footage of us together but I lost it years ago when my laptop was bricked.

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name of this whore?

any more of her?

Anyone remember her?

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Sexy. Have a kik or email ?

Any more ? Sexy

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nice load

That's a hot gif, I could cum to that

I don’t. Refresh my memory with pics and vids please.