Get her out

Get her out.
She broke law.

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Anyone on either side who gives a shit about this paper ripping thing needs to be executed

welcome to trump's america, where breaking the long is no longer wrong.

LMAO, if this trial showed us anything, it's that laws are meaningless. If the GOP isn't gonna play by the rules, you can bet your ass the Dems aren't either

>She broke law.
Trump started it, many times.

Y’all American coomers acting like bitch asses when thé house literally denied GOP’s witnesses

Then y’all throw a hissy fit when the senate halted a political vendetta

That woman has been the speaker for 17 years.

She has been nothing but trouble.
She needs to go.

I dont care if it's a slight "informality".
She visibly broke the law on national television.

There has to be some infraction for this.

we will just imagine a crime sense you did not name any

the piece of paper was blank, you donut

you realize witnesses generally testify at the trial, not solely during the investigation, so they can be examined/cross examined in front of the jury.

There is no evidence of him breaking the law.
Just bullshit stories.

No evidence what so ever...

Nancy literally broke the law on national television.

This is vivid evidence and she will be prosecuted.

Check mate.

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This maggot and its colleagues hate America and the due process of law.

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Uhm yes there were.
That was the offical copy.


>she will be prosecuted.
and yet, just like hillary, she won't be prosecuted.

If we removed people from power just for breaking the law, there would be no one in power. Based on lobbying alone all of congress has committed treason by taling money to determine national policy.

Tldr; republican or democrat doesn't matter. Kill them all.

I'm sure she learned her lesson.

Just think that's where your tax dollars are going shameful.

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This was on national television.
There is no sweeping it under the rug.

If it gains enough momentum she will be prosecuted.


Another random mass shooting will take over the headlines.
And we will all forget about mean lady that rip papers

>If it gains enough momentum she will be prosecuted.
that's a lot of hope there

Pelosi is in the clear, experts said, because her copy of Trump’s speech wasn’t a government record.

The State of the Union text was never "filed or deposited" with her, nor did she have "custody" of it in the legal sense. Video of the event shows that Trump handed her and Vice President Mike Pence copies before he began speaking, and Pelosi can be seen following along throughout.

You're a dipshit.

Hate to break it to you, but what she ripped up was a copy. That law only covers a "government record." Not copies of one.


The State of the Union text was never "filed or deposited" with her, nor did she have "custody" of it in the legal sense. Video of the event shows that Trump handed her and Vice President Mike Pence copies before he began speaking, and Pelosi can be seen following along throughout.
i believe that is checkmate

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It's an offical copy for the house to be documented as part of history.

You cant just rip up offical government documents that pertain to history.
Even if it was a copy.
That copy should have went on file in the house.

The experts are overpaid mouth peices.
Justice will be served.

I hate it when people break the long.

>You cant just rip up offical government documents that pertain to history.
that's why trump filed the SOTU speech to the archives, and the white house has a copy of it on it's website. hers was simply a copy.

you don't know what it's like, you don't have a clue, If you did you'd find yourselves doing the same thing too

It's an offical copy for the house to put on file in the historical archives.

In the event that the original gets destroyed.

It is still an offical copy.
Bad lady go bye bye.
We win faggots.

A physical copy that should've been filed with the house archives.
It's still an offical government document.
Regardless of it being a copy.

>It's an offical copy for the house to put on file in the historical archives.
womp womp

>makes point with Kim K meme
Retardicans can meme

>having the custody
>willingly or unlawfully... destroys
Neither of these apply, you are an idiot. I hate that crusty old cunt too and her little tantrum was pathetic but this is stupid.
If she were responsible for this document and deliberately destroyed the information then maybe. But she did not have custody of the document, Trump and his staff did. And the document was untouched by Pelosi. A copy was given to Pelosi for reference but she never handled nor was in custody of the actual document. The actual document, belonging to the president and the original file probably housed on his staff's hard drives was untouched. Had she or her staff destroyed the file or someone else's copy maybe there would be an argument there but this is not the case. Also your little snippet mentions "any such record" suggesting that there is a context to the passage you selected which has been omitted, so it's impossible to say based of your little meme whether or not any of this even applies to the situation.

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Bruh every reasonable democrat and republican KNOWS Nancy Pelosi has a troubled history. So anyone saying "YAAS QUEEN RIP THAT PAPER" needs to jump off a bridge, same for anyone saying "OMG LOCK HER UP ILLEGAL". Go focus on literally anything else other than this old woman ripping up a photocopy of a speech.

Also if you don't think government officials rip, tear, shred, eat, burn potential important documents every second of the day you gotta get your head examined. Tearing up a copy of a speech is not against the law, Trump's team has the actual speech which is why nobody gave a fuck she tore it up.

charlie kirk is having one rough start to the year

Whatever happened to “when they go low, you go high”? Michael would be disappointed.


Impeachment was the discovery phase.
Literally when witnesses are suppose to be questioned to determine if a crime was committed.
Democrats fucked up on that one.
Trump is a piece of shit, but there are few people in Congress that are any better.

Ya got me

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If Dems want to play dirty, fuck her.

She needs to know the American voters will not tolerate subordinates. vadimir plutin doesn't decide who rips documents, not on my watch! Lynch that bitch

it's an investigatory phase, not a discovery phase, you should know better

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but 95% of American voters don't care about this at all.

You realize all previous witnesses at impeachments were not new witnesses . they had already testified in the investigations that preceded the trial and were only recalled in the trial . do you understand the difference and why it is crucial? Probably not.

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That statute doesn’t mean what you think it means. You plebs are too smooth brained to interpret laws. It’s baffling. Too many moving parts for you to understand a law wasn’t broken?

you mean the closed-door depositions that they wouldn't allow in the senate this time?


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I kind of love “she broke the long.”

Cuz obviously longman bad ;)


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No i mean the investigations that lead to impeachment. Like the starr report. Then the house called witnesses from that report and then impeachment. Then the senate recalled those witnesses that were seen in the trial. Thats how it works. If you dont call the witnesses in the house they wont be called in the senate .
All dems had to do was wait and go through the courts but those asshats couldnt wait that long . they had olanned on using the muller report but when that fell through they didnt have time for the courts. Hence the rush. It was all in place but they bungled it .


>No i mean the investigations that lead to impeachment. Like the starr report.
no im sure you mean depositions that were taken after the senate trial started

It says "forfeit his office". The law clearly doesn't apply to a woman.

So what you're telling me is that the dems have fumbled every single conspiracy theory they could muster for the past 4 years? And in doing so they have guaranteed trump's reelection?
Sounds about right.

She broke nothing but a bunch of papers. I loved seeing her behind having to contain the fucking salt but that's some stupid leftist shit right there. Let em suffer Trump's non-guilt, don't be bitches.

>Then the house called witnesses from that report and then impeachment
>Then the senate recalled those witnesses that were seen in the trial
>If you dont call the witnesses in the house they wont be called in the senate .
depends on which side of the impeachment republicans are on tbh

Nope. The impeachment of clinton was based on the depositions in the starr report. Those who gave depositions were called in the house and recalled in the senate

“Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”
—Article 1, section 5, clause 2
The Constitution grants the House broad power to discipline its Members for acts that range from criminal misconduct to violations of internal House Rules. While the constitutional authority to punish a Member who engages in “disorderly Behaviour” is intended, in part, as an instrument of individual rebuke, it serves principally to protect the reputation of the institution and to preserve the dignity of its proceedings.

Over the decades, several forms of discipline have evolved in the House. The most severe type of punishment is expulsion from the House, which is followed by censure, and finally reprimand. Expulsion, as mandated in the Constitution, requires a two-thirds majority vote. Censure and reprimand, which evolved through House precedent and practice, are imposed by a simple majority of the full House.

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If there's something wrong with dems today is that they are completely desperate. They lost the plot and that's not how to win against the orange man, but they can't see it. Sad!

This faggot is just as bad as the orange man bad NPC's. Oh cranky bitch bad now too? They are politicians they all suck corporate dick.

>Those who gave depositions were called in the house and recalled in the senate


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Shheeeeiiiit, I would have fucked her when she was 20.

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No, the plot is very much not lost.
Divissivness is paramount to the plot, as is an uninformed public.

Jeepers creepers look at Those crazy peepers.

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Well then it should be easy to name a witness in the senate trial that wasnt a witness in the house or the star report... Lmk when you have one
...dont worry ill wait...

the reason i cannot answer that is because there wasn't witnesses for the impeachment inquiry.

Yes there were. Throught the starr report
And let me give you a hint there were 3 witnesses in clintons trial . none live. And all were not called as new witnesses they were recalled from the house (throight the star report

the paper was ceremonial.
Also SOTU addresses aren't covered.
lrn2 government you shit

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>Throught the starr report
lewisnky and blumenthal gave closed-door testimony 2-3 weeks after the house manager made their opening remarks for the senate trial. Neither one of those gave testimony to the house before they passed the articles of impeachment. So i mean you can keep trying to move the goalposts from your statement, but it's still false
> Then the house called witnesses from that report and then impeachment. Then the senate recalled those witnesses that were seen in the trial.

this old coot rag should have been voted out of office years ago.

term limits??

Yes they did. In the starr report which was adopted by the house. Just because you dont have live witnesses doesnt mean they are witnesses

> Just because you dont have live witnesses doesnt mean they are witnesses
huh, that sounds a lot different than what fox news has been trying to tell me

do we still believe in coincidences and that there is actually multiple parties? just checking.


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So any official with a paper shredder is a criminal?




It was a copy of the speech. Not as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. If anything it made her (and her party) look childish and the Dems might try to remove her.

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Trump also proved his guilty ass on TV and nothing happened. Same here. Enjoy your shit country

You realize that is the same as a prosecutor asking a judge to investigate what he didn't right


correction,its only wrong when the democrats do it

Nice try pr

Do tell then...

>he thinks trump is the person who made the country shit

>That woman has been the speaker for 17 years.
You're an idiot. She was Speaker from 2007-2011, and from 2019-today.

Add that up, and you don't get anywhere close to 17 years.

>bu..bu... BUT HE STARTED IT

Was my go to as well; when I was a small child with a child's brain

>calling a witness at trial is like asking a judge to do your work for you

ITT: Pelosi pr attempts to work it's magic on 4chin

Honestly america.. ya'll have become lazy. Should have been next day this bitch was sentenced with some form of punishment, or at least a trial

I'm just gonna leave this here..

Prosecutors have to build the case
The judge tries the case.

The house had a chance to call Bolton and didn't.
They built their case.

Asking for more now is like asking the judge to do your job for you

anyone that sees this as anything else than the rich versus the poor is the real fucking idiot

this isn't about left vs right, red vs blue, or Democrat be Republicans you fuckin imbeciles

90% or more of you fuckin morons posting on here are poor as fuck, and you still are being manipulated by mainstream garbage. get your fuckin head out of your penis holes retards, wake the fuck up

take all these billionaire dickheads down and take their precious fuckin gold so we can all eat without suffering

What, laws matter to you all of a sudden now?

and if a prosecutor wants to call a witness that he didn't vet, the judge will still allow it as long as it is relevant to the case at hand, regardless if it will help/hurt the prosecutor's case.

im all ears when did this happen?

As Bolton was decided by the judges (Senate) not to be of use. See as how quid pro quo isn't illegal

Remember senators are judge and jurors

well, in a normal court that would be grounds for a mistrial

Lol. You upset tgat the all 5 or so attempts to impeach failed.

did the law start mattering all of a sudden?

Then that is a worst crim wasting a good bit of papper.

CNN told me that too. Hes trying to sale canada to china. We're divided. It's almost like we are different people with different ideas. The internet told me we are global warming so bad we will get cold. Save us, please!

reversible error*

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>all 5
here comes the cowards pretending to be retarded

That would only apply if it was a republican that doesn't go along with the powers that be, user. Keep up.

How about we execute you, instead, waste of space?

She ripped up paper! Arrest her! Snowflake.

Ahhh but the Senate just tried the case handed to it. Our system is odd that wasy They had the ball and spiked it In a mad dash to impeach b4 xmas

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i just don't get that if one can acknowledge that it isn't a normal court setup, why one would try to use typical court rules to rationalize their own behavior

what kind of trial has zero witness testimony?

Just makes me think if wolf on wallstreet.
So depends on what they are shreeding.

Trump first.

Some have been becouse she is not prigresive/left enough


if only

You must of lost count. Wasnt easy to keep track so i guess ill let that go.

Lewinsky gave recorded testimony to the Senate that was not heard in the House.

You should check your intel.

okay so I guess you aren't pretending.

i jerk off with my cat in the bathroom room is this amoral?

They voted to impeach once and trump was impeached once.

That’s 5 in republican retard land.

I lnow it was super hard to follow but they did attempt at least 5 times.
you dont have to believe ne and i don't care if you do.

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sweet alternative fact I gotta use this one

You might want to look at that full section of the code. It references other parts of the code, in particular the part that says it does apply to the legislative or judicial branch. It does however apply to the executive branch, so if that WAS the official copy that Trump handed Pelosi, it would actually be Trump that is responsible for the removal of public records.

No your missing the attempts you idiot.
And they also voted more but it only got through once. Remeber russia gate etc.

no u.... she broke the law.

They have been trying from the start. Why dont you count the attempts

it’s ok to be chinese faggot, i am chinese faggot come show me boy pussy while we eat round eye

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I can count 1 impeachment hearing.

>"Libtards are petty"
>"She broke the law"

>Meme picture
The union fought for federal government and centralized banks you kike loving faggot

You don't understand the cited law.

No. They voted once and he was impeached once.

Just double-checked for you to be sure.

Yes but im talking about the attempts you cant be this thick. Fuck do you have any understanding of words.
They started this attempt before tge phone call had happened lol.
Guess you dont lije to think of the failed attempts.

when were the other impeachment hearings?

Yes but they had attempts before that. They just keeped trying they couldnt get all the dems conviniced to vote to impeach.

Good old hypocrisy at it's finest.

Fuck off, OP.

They were failed attemots at impeaching.
They failed to be voted through.

You’re wrong. Just wrong. Just say “I was wrong” or you can dig in and deny reality. Your choice - doesn’t make you any less wrong though.

when did that happen?

There were no votes on other impeachments.

So this was the first attepmt and they havent been trying ever since trump got elected.


There were no votes on other impeachment inquiries.

That is correct.

Especially because "they" couldn't actually impeach him until January of last year.

"Talking about impeachment" is not the same thing as attempting impeachment. If it was, then "they" attempted to impeach Obama a dozen times.

There were no other impeachment bills that were introduced in the house and not voted on.

There was exactly one impeachment inquiry which resulted in exactly one impeachment resolution which got the president impeached exactly one time

It's not an original document dumb ass

You're grasping at straws if you're mad she tore up her own personal copy of the speech when 90% of all other people binned it or shredded it soon after as well.

>Bruh every reasonable democrat and republican KNOWS Nancy Pelosi has a troubled history.

citation, plz.

You obviously don't know this stupid, stupid person. Extra credit for posting a tweet, the height of veracity.

>Literal children in cages
All good here
>Woman tears paper

Fake news

There's no real evidence she ripped the paper - for all we know it's been photoshopped.

This. These dumb fucks coming here with zero evidence.
Cucks gonna cuck.

Yep deep fake video.

She didn’t rip the paper. Fake news.

Zero first hand accounts of her ripping the paper.

Its o

All hearsay


They're a leftist rag. Not worth the bandwidth I'd be wasting.

>Implying the shitmonkeys in cages are people

Watching dumb right wingers lose their shit over something so trivial is nice.

Looks like demos are starting to learn from Republicans and starting to do shit just to make conservicuck heads explode.

Same goes for those who screamed "FEDERAL OFFENSE" when Trump took a sharpie to a weather map.

She didn't rip the paper, it was concentrated photonic beam weapons, deployed by space force.
When the impeachment happened the Donald satellite crew committed mutiny. They tried to target Trump but Putin intervened and managed to jam their targeting so the attack missed and hit the papers.
This is official, open your eyes!

>Looks like demos are starting to learn from Republicans and starting to do shit just to make conservicuck heads explode.
very very true

What about all the papers trump ripped?

Human usually = people user.
Although you do make a good argument against that.
Acting like subhuman filth I mean.

wait it’s illegal to destroy a book?

Usually. I'll make an exception for non-whites though.

Matt Gaetz … why do we even allow his kind on the planet? And his bought-and-paid-for second head.
He's desperate now that the Trump golden spotlight has moved on and is splashing someone else. His 15 minutes of Trump love bombing is over ...he's served his purpose and now he's dog food.

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Excercising rights is what this place is about!

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Odd way to say "stop the Dems"

just further proof the left are the real fascists.

This guy gets it


Lost cause argument is false and you know it.


You aren't a functional human being, don't come on the internet and embarrass yourself any longer.

I remember when people thought that was her... lol

That pic needs a brazzers logo

Children illegally ferried across an international border by their criminal parents.

Here's a little exercise for ya. Enter Japan illegally and demand citizenship and benefits for yourself and your children. Just report back to us how that goes for you.

Lol you would bring up Japan of all countries too, weeb. Spread your weeb boy pussy and soap it up in preparation for what’s going down tonight with Muhammad.

You need to have all power taken from you

The ukranian conspiracy theory failed.
The Russian conspiracy theory failed.
The multiple rape conspiracy theories failed.
The tax return conspiracy theories failed.
Collusion, failed.
Obstruction, failed.
Leave your conspiracy theories at home for the next term please. All you're doing is dividing your "side" and making yourself look stupid.

China.. indonesia.. India.. australia.. take ur pick you dense child.

Your open border loving, slave driving leaders have already given trump 2020 on a silver platter. I dont need any more help from your delusional "side"

>the don was literally acquitted
>pelosi literally on camera breaking the law
How do you lefties reconcile all this doublethink?

Biden was on camera gloating about his illegal activities too..
Neolibs are literal zombies. Bu bu but I saw on my facebook feed trump is guilty and everyone on the left is a saint!

she is a waste of space.. running Ca into the ground along with her nephew Gavin

Youll get yours one day user and when it does, just know itll bee 10x of what your expecting

Doubtful. I dont break international law by trafficking minors illegally.
I also dont illegally enter other countries and demand citizenship and benefits.

Do y'all Trumpfarts even imagine that the rest of us have two brain-cells to rub together and see through your bullshit? I mean, who are you trying to convince really?

Oh Rising Sun! Glory to Japan! They make my anime and my waifu pillows! Kimigayo ~~;

I wonder why so many illegal immigrants are coming into the US when the majority of the country (whites) is so racists and the US is such a shithole... youd think since the US is so terrible, they would just stay in their own countries. Who knows.

>trump commits treason
Lol who cares
>Pelosi rips paper
Retardicans on suicide watch. They know come next election they're through in the government

Keep defending your obviously corrupt politicians. Itll get you far in life.

The dems haven't played by the rules this whole time, they've just done attempt after attempt to throw him out of office

The left might've had a chance for 2020 had they kept their conspiracy theories to themselves for 4 years. Instead they guaranteed trump's reelection.

Wonder no more! It’s for the $$$ they make stealing the jerbs from lazy americans with no work ethic mate

its almost as if the left and the right are enemies, and care more about defeating each other than playing fair, who'd have thought such a thing would happen

The level of cognitive dissonance is almost shocking. Almost.
I bet you dont even realize that you're retarded.


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No!! Bozos like you are the reason this country is retarded. Discovery phase should have been a Justice Dept. led FBI investigation or appointment of a special prosecutor when the whistleblower complaint dropped. Justice dept. under that toad Barr declined to investigate - which is why the House was forced to do it. And then Trump ordered his lackeys to ignore subpoenas. Its not the Democrats who fucked this up, the country lost because a POTUS has just been declared above the law and there are no remedies to him cheating in the next election also.

You really think the practical agendas are different? The "left" and "right" are opposing teams? The rhetoric is anything beyond entertainment for slaves?
Get a grip.
Who financed all of Clinton's deficit spending? Bush 2s deficit spending? Obama's deficit spending? Trumps deficit spending?
When "both parties" are financed by the same people, you dont have two parties, You have an illusion.

Some countries move alligence because they dont wanna be like that

Sure, wanna suck my tits?
>Says the guy coping with a severe mental disability. At least I know you're not faking or trolling, you're actually just dumb.

Man, you have to be a new low of stupid to still claim that bullshit. All Repub toadies on the committees were inside those closed door depositions and allowed to ask questions and are on the record on those depositions. Those deposition transcripts are already available to the public.

The fuck outra here

Dem tits.

It's just interesting that the US is the most backward, least free, most racists, shittiest place on earth and still has so many people rushing to get in.

Both parties means two parties or youll get hit in the head with a space turd

This is demonstrably false. Sorry guy, MSNBC lied again.

Baby you look so strong, show feet

The Nazis have been gone since 1945. Find some other Boogeyman to scare people with.

she had a copy of the document, not the actual document

You do know that the Orange Cheeto was invited into HER House to give the SOTU. And if she had declined to invite him, his sad little narcissistic reality show at the SOTU would not have been possible at all. The State of the Union delivered in the House is only a recent tradition for TV, was not done that way before.

Nah, like gumdrops trying to escape a jr.mints
Your expectations are corrupted

Statute she broke clearly lists "copies"
Oh nm you're too busy defending an overtly corrupt politician that has sold the labor of your children and your children's children to private interests.

So strong over Cred Forums fucking dweeb noodle arms lol

I'm poorer than you. Send me your entire bank account or you're racist.

It is demonstrably true what are you talking about the republicans never showed up you stupid fuck

uniroically, extorting/bribing foreign governments to tamper with US elections has lawful precidence of not being something you remove an official for. So tearing up pretty much any kind of federal document is pretty much a-ok, along with a whole slew of other shit.

Lol that's the story now? Funny how the story shifts after the fact. Keep defending overtly corrupt officials bud, they'll surely send you a check in the mail.

What about run-of-the-mill corruption operations like the one hunter Biden was running with his dad?

They're not enemies the right is just a bunch of retards. Mitch McConnell literally had to filibuster his OWN BILL after obama agreed to work with republicans to pass it. And it's not even the first time this shit happened.

No it doesn't, you haven't actually read it have you the word copies or copy doesn't show up anywhere fucking retard

I did read it, yes it does.
I'm sorry democratic leaders are just as corrupt as Republicans.
I know you'll defend Democrats through any crime.

No the story has never shifted that's been the truth the entire time how does that figure in your head. They had access but didn't use it, and are complaining that they had no access.

>Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
(b)Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Do you not know how to use ctrl f? Find it

No one is complaining except the Democrats. Go figure.
On to the next conspiracy theory. Adding nails to a coffin that's already sealed shut.

I hear anything about my money its an auto violation

Oh, she didnt mutilate a paper. Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

Is that what they tell you to think?

Lead by example, friend. Show the world how giving and loving you are. My plight is much greater than yours, so I deserve everything you've worked for. Send asap.

There is no theory here, all very easily proven with even a cursory glance in any direction.

President shit for brains can collude with the enemy and be a traitor but she needs jail over tearing his speech full of lies? I don't think so, tRumptard!

I can read the writing on the wall better than you apparently.
2020 is over. Trumps reelection is thanks to the bumbling left. Period.

Just like the obvious corruption on the left. Easily proven with a glance in any direction.


Fuck Pelosi but every one pushing for criminal charges looks just as petty as her.

So when trump talks to Ukrainians, they're enemies but when dems talk to Ukrainians they're allies.
Doublethink much?

Honestly who cares. I just want to marry Tiffany and she can carry me in our house and up the stairs before dominating me

tl;dr on the thread, but I'm pretty sure that law protects the actual document, not copies of it.
Get her out in a real way, don't be Democrats about it.

I despise Pelosi, but ripping in half one of probably dozens of copies of the speech is meaningless. Just take it for what it is, an impetulant action by a sore loser and leave it at that.

None of that is for you

>You cant just rip up offical government documents that pertain to history.
>Even if it was a copy.
>That copy should have went on file in the house.
Trump obsessively does that shit all the time even when it's not a copy to the point they've had to have people working full-time to try to sneak the scraps out of his trashcan and tape them back together. And that's aside from all the sketchy stuff like using apps that don't keep records and using his private lawyers to represent the government on his behalf without the normal record keeping, this is a man who does not like a paper/evidence trail.
And you didn't care about any of that shit till now when you wanna virtue signal and pretend it's some big deal because you think it has some longshot chance of giving a partisan advantage.

>imagine having to live in the US

Dems will never come out of the mud because doing so would force them to look at their own shit show of a "party."

So, only see one side of an investigation?

If a woman accuses you of rape. Instead of the officers investigating both sides of the story they only ask her what her side is then go to court with it. I'm sure that's how it's supposed to work right?

Too bad, I'm taking it. If you say otherwise, you're a fucking xenophobic racist.

If it's an official document that will get deposited with the clerk, not a copy of the speech. Also tape exists, which the baby in chiefs aides are very used to using considering he rips up almost everything he rights even though by law it must be kept and recorded

I don't have to. I live here and it's awesome.

Trump told them not go follow the subpoenas and to go to the courts to decide if they actually had to go to these summons. Him asking this is not against the law nor is it "obstruction." This is the President using the 3rd branch in the U.S. system to settle a dispute with the other branch.

If Congress really wanted to talk to these people then they would have followed up in court. Instead they reversed their decision and decided not to subpoena them.

If I had to guess I would say that they didn't want this to go to the courts because they courts would have seen how much of a sham it was and told Trump's people they didn't have to follow the subpoena.

Why do you think that makes it any better, fuck anyone who views this like one team vs the other you start to give preferential treatment to your own "side". The fact that an entire party is expected to lick the boots of a man child so as to not anger him should disgust you

Trump 2020
Trump 2024

I 100% agree with you. A copy is not the actual article. Although I can almost guarantee that there is a lot more to get her out of office. The issue is if Trump investigates her they will say some shit like "investigating political rivals" and if anyone else investigates her "Trump is sending agents to spy on his political rivals."

Honestly there is no winning in this situation other than just not voting her in next election cycle but, that's even harder since the majority of people in California suck all their "factual" information from her flabby tits.

Sure bud

The moment its taken youre violating and must suffer the consequences

>The issue is if Trump investigates her they will say some shit like "investigating political rivals" and if anyone else investigates her "Trump is sending agents to spy on his political rivals."
So they'll say the same thing that trump said about them? Not really seeing it as that big a roadblock.

The fact we have to see corruption in everyday life is disgusting.

I am not a Trump supporter in fact I'm completely neutral. Which means if you say Trump is corrupt I full well expect you to prove it.

When the media said "Trump is a racist" because he said "They are rapists and murderers." I think that's just stupid. They pulled it out of context and even after it came out that he was referring to MS-13 they still claimed he was a racist because "They are Mexicans and Trump doesn't like Mexicans."

Where is the real proof Trump is corrupt. Not any of this hearsay conjecture bull shit. I want hard evidence. However every time I ask for actual evidence all you anti-Trump children spout the same shit. So, where is the real evidence?

Not really, he's using his place as the head of the executive branch to basically say there will be no consequences for you defying this subpoena as even if they were held in contempt, which theres no reason they can't be, then since the executive branch decides the enforcement of criminal law and is saying they won't prosecute for the defiance why would you

Issue is the house will impeach again because of that bull shit. Then then Senate will acquit him again. Thus creating a larger divide between the 2 parties.

Even if there is actual evidence that comes out showing Pelosi is guilty. The only thing the major news outlets will cover is the impeachment.

The perfect example of this is Biden and Ukraine. There is a mountain of evidence that has come out and has been out that Biden is and was corrupt during his Vice Presidency however, no news outlets are covering it. The only thing they covered is the impeachment.

on the video she looks like fckin repitlian

You say your neutral but you are sounding very opinionated right now, you know the rapist quote isn't an isolated incident hes said it multiple times, and
Seems pretty corrupt

Sounds like she dosent like how he found out about deals and acted on it and it went public. Tits like those are to be regarded as a black hole conswquences, not like ripe enough

You do realize the U.S. system is made up of checks and balances right?

First of all Trump did have them go to the courts to see if they had to go. When they went to the courts the house dropped the subpoenas. The proof to this is that Congress did not charge any of these people with contempt.

Second if they just ignored the subpoenas and congress charged them. Trump could pardon them however, the house would have an actual impeachment article to get him on instead of these bull shit ones. After they've impeached him then they can charge these people with contempt again.

Third they could have gone to the courts to have them decide if they had to show up for the subpoenas. If the courts said they had to then they wouldn't have a choice. Trump couldn't pardon them if they chose to not show up since both the judicial branch and legislative branch demanded it.

Yet the courts were not used by the house nor was any charge filed against any of those people. Kind of fishy.

Quite frankly I don't think that paper represented Trump or his accomplishments, it represented the government and it's intended good will toward the people. Someone who only sees it as Trump and is willing to do things to hurt people just to spite Trump. Bitter partisans like Pelosi work in her and her well off funders interests, not the people.

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Just because I'm neutral doesn't mean I can't have an opinion. If someone does or says something stupid I will call them stupid. That doesn't make me a Republican or Democrat. That's just me calling a piece of shit what it is.

As for that evidence you showed me. I'll take a look at it. Got any others?

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Its almost as if the GOPs witnesses weren't at all related to impeachment you fucking retard

Trump literally broke the law on national television.

Not related to impeachment? They started this impeachment out because "Trump blackmailed Ukraine" "Trump is getting dirt on his political rivals." Even though this is the real reason they started the impeachment you don't think the cause of this isn't related to impeachment?

Joe Biden saying "If he's not fired in the next 3 hours you're not getting your billion dollars" and Trump investigating that isn't why the impeachment started?

How about the fact Hunter Biden was on the board with Barisma and there is documents from the State Department showing Barisma sending a message to them that "Two U.S. citizens who are related to high ranking officials in the United States, including Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden."

There is actual proof as to why Trump would investigate them for corruption however, when it comes to impeaching him. Why he's investigating them doesn't matter? It's literally the entire case...

Care to share what law you see him break?

Clutch those pearls you retarded piece of human garbage

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The law is talking about an original copy not 1 of 1000 print outs fucktard

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She’s clearly a speed addict.
A Penske van is not a taxi fucking captcha. Computers are dumb.

Which laws though

Go back to which school then

ok retard

I'm assuming you meant "which laws did he break?"

If you're asking that question by now, let's cut the shit. You'll just deny the ones explained to you are legit.

If an officer says you assaulted someone. Does that mean you've assaulted someone? Not unless there is evidence to back up his claim.

So far all of you have claimed "Trump has broken the law." However none of your evidence supports nor does it explain what law he broke.

The closest thing you have to him breaking the law is "quid pro quo" "blackmail" and "getting dirt on a political rival."

A "quid pro quo" is not illegal since it's done on a daily basis. Literally every dealing with any foreign leaders are done as "quid pro quo." If a country asks for food and another country asked for oil in exchange. Those 2 countries have just committed a "quid pro quo" and according to you "laws" the leaders should be charged.... Makes no sense.

As for Trump blackmailing Ukraine. All of the "evidence" is 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hand knowledge and if anyone had 1st hand knowledge they were all their guesses and assumptions.... Literally.... When someone asked "Did Trump tell you that the the reason the aid was held up was because they didn't announce an investigation into the Bidens." Vindman responded with "No, that's what I assumed."

Getting dirt on a political rival is a real far stretch as well. In order to prove this you have to prove Trump's sole intent was to get an advantage over a political rival. No one can prove that.... In fact all the evidence points to Trump doing it because he saw corruption rather than trying to get a leg up on a rival. Democrats claim Trump fired Marie Yovanovitch because he wanted to start investigation on Biden to get dirt on him. Biden made the announcement to run for Presidency in April of 2019 and showed no signs of running prior to this. Marie Yovanovitch was fired an entire year before this happened....

So, where is the law he broke? How about the evidence to back this claim up?

Fact is you don't have one and all you're doing is listening to what everyone else tells you and taking it as if it were straight out of the bible

>How about the evidence to back this claim up?

weaponized autism

Nice one. I ask for evidence you attempt to insult me.

Come back when you know how to have an actual conversation.

https:// com/ watch?v=mUAHj25Ffyk

Enjoy you Democratic slaves.

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