Cred Forumsros, what's your best technique for finding/snatching nudes of someone you know

Cred Forumsros, what's your best technique for finding/snatching nudes of someone you know.
Let's help eachother out.

Also, post wins

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boudoir creep

Favorite method is hidden camera. I have a huge Jacuzzi tub in my bathroom that my two sister in laws love to come over and use while we're out of town.

Another good method is using a file restoration program on old laptops, SD cards and phones to find pictures that have been deleted.

Lurking and finding sites that share that kind of thing. As you can imagine, wildly unsuccessful.

Bump for interest


Not being stupid and having a big dick.

just ask...most girls..if youre alrewady fucking them or have..they'll say yes (in my experience), and i know some friends that have just straight up asked our female friends for pics and theyve said yes
Your tits arent that great are they? prove me wrong lol
your ass looked good in those jeans today..cant help but imagine what was under..

you play it off like your a bit drunk/stoned whatever and keep it light..

Tried and failed.

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i catfished my gf's sisters lol. both gave me nudes

Holy shit you're retarded.

sure you share? kik?


back when they had snapchat apps (like snaphack) where you could send pictures off your camera as snaps and save them when you're sent snaps. I just added them randomly and said I saw them on quick add.

they must be dumb as shit then because snap lets you know how you found someone..quick add or searched

she still your gf? were they cute? how old?
can chat on kik if you prefer

post the pics

If they're dumb, ask to borrow their computer. Your old comp is dying and you just need to borrow another comp so you can save all of your stuff to it before you lose it, and then move it into the new one. This might sound dumb but it did work.

this was back in like 2013 or 2014. Idk if snap had told you then. Yah they're hot. one was like 17 at the time maybe and the other was 22 or 23.

roommates phone...GF

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kik me? would love to see and chat more about it


it did work?
story? who and what did you get?

It was a friend of mine, copied her whole hard drive. Didn't get nearly as much as I hoped.

plz share

damn thats a pity...might have to try that...say i need to make a phone call or something and go somewhere for privacy

want to trade, I catfish pretty successfully with a few fake insta accounts

That could work. Make sure shes distracted, like with other people/friends around or whatever. But also make sure that other people don't know that you borrowed it or they may question her and make her rethink it.

I have done similar, want to trade?

Hidden camera

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I have a few fake instas that I used to catfish, have gotten quite a few wins from ex and current bfs and girls wanting to be models.

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Been looking.

care to share any wins?

kik? ryty809

Yandex reverse image search - if her nudes are online, upload a pic of her face off Facebook and it can find them

You're a bastard. Why don't show nudes from your momma and sister?

Can I buy one?

how do you narrow it down to nudes? it shows wayyyy too many pics lol

this...i havent found anyone i know yet...didnt even come up with other normal pics