Why do white women like black men? Black men are smelly, disgusting and very rude

Why do white women like black men? Black men are smelly, disgusting and very rude.

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culture, style, confidence.

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Statistically they don't. Nobody likes blacks... not even blacks. Gas yourself.

The overwhelming majority don't for these among other reasons:
>Black men are smelly, disgusting and very rude

You can find the answer yourself, if only you think about it for a while.

What is completely devoid of any positive emotion, desruptive in a thousand ways, obnoxious and needs constant attention? A girl.

What's not sensitive as most human being, capable of virtually anything, tied to criminal legacy and culture, and has enough time to spare in order to fill someone's attention pool?

Starting to put the pieces up toghether? I can go on.

What's prone to lie, cheat and what does in general avoid any form of clear, sensed and respectful form of dialogue for both sides in a relationship? A girl.

What's unintrested in phrases long more than 4 words, with a relatively limited perception of society, and in any case unintrested in respect anything by definition?

I could go on for a day and a night, until you figure out it's only normal that [most (american)] women like niggers. They're perfect for what they are. Not that in other country they are not appreciated, but from my personal experience, just as the whole "cuck" carousel experience, it's an american classic. I don't even know why, nor I consider americans inferior for this matter. Less lucky, probably.


Only girls are worst than niggers.
Only niggers are worst than girls.

I don't care about your "incel" kvetching, I'm 33. My time is past. I lived what I was supposed to live. I've been happy. I've been sad. But these things I speak about, at least I speak from my personal experience. In this case, I never had to deal with any nigger, but it's mostly because I'm not american. Nigger, as a word per se, has nothing to do with the skin color for me. It's about being a shitty person, and I would gladly have massive loads of new niggers inhabiting my country rather than most of the spastic old folk we do have. But that was never my choice, the world took this direction. I'll just sit back and enjoy what's left.

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have you see the film retard ?

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you know.............they fuck with them,...........to fuck with us.

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bone-pressed length?

I wonder what they have to talk about after sex? They are so loud and obnoxious.

Biracial dude here
Not all white women like black men
Not all black men are smelly, disgusting or rude

Stop posting cuck shit.

our researchers have found this might be the reason

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because they are smelly, disgusting and very rude.

they dont lol

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Because they are taboo. society has made any other race other than white taboo. Women like taboo.

they don’t look at the statistics it’s just a big demoralization try by Jews

you know why.

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>Very rude
That's racist
You haven't talked to all of them