What exactly is the appeal of black male/white female stuff...

what exactly is the appeal of black male/white female stuff? why do some people find it way more appealing than any other kind of porn, to the point of indulging in a fucking stupid fetish like cuckolding? this shit has zero appeal to anyone who isn't delusional

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i don't even consider it porn if it doesn't feature a black man and a white female.

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also, black men just look more alpha and that a big part of the fantasy. not only having a bbc but also just being more masculine.

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>black men just look more alpha

no they don't you brainwashed fucking idiot

what are the girls names?

Oy, Vey!

What a retarded thing to do this early in the morning. Cook yourself some breakfast or go for a morning jog you insecure retard.

Same reason other forms of bestiality find an audience. Lots of deranged individuals out there.

>what exactly is the appeal of black male/white female stuff
It's hot af

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He asked a reasonable question. Not only that but why is this board being constantly bombarded with nigger porn both male and female? It's almost as if somebody is attempting to get lurkers to have relations with negroids.

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There's two groups of people:
A. The people that see it as a fetish, they just like interracial stuff because it's attractive to them or some shit (not the cuckolding thing though)

B. The people that see it as power politics, they are always apologizing and indeed cucking to black people, or using this to anger some other people.

It used to be where group A was more prevalent but now it's all about kill hwitey

ella hughes and Jia Lissa

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>what exactly is the appeal of black male/white female stuff?
There virtually is none.
The biggest point of it is shilling, and of course some who seek to destroy the white race by muddying the waters to the point where whites can be more easily controlled for the new world order.
For some though, especially those frustrated with women in some sense or another, it's like bestiality in a sense. The appeal is to see women that they couldnt have be degraded in some way.
Even those who are for this kind of thing understand on a fundamental level that the results of this are to effectively cull the weak from the gene pool of whites. Women inherently have been taught for thousands of years and even instinctually need to find the most suitable man not only for her, but for her offspring as well. This stuff flies in the very face of that.

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Black supremacists use it to say that white people are being replaced


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What a well thought out response shillbot!

It's a jewish thing

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this is the future.

Some learn quicker than others.
Personally, I feel like the higher level of estrogen makes the few that cant recognize the problem of black white mixing feel more at ease. Black men are not as intelligent or even as manly as whites statistically.

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>this is the future
Yes, this is their future, choosing the "darker" path.
But, keep shilling away shillbot.

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>black supremacy
There's an oxymoron if I ever heard one.
It is coping with humans being repulsed by groids by posting nigger bestiality. Sort of how when a rambunctious child throws a temper tantrum he'll start tossing things. This is the "intellectual" capacity of anti-whites, very limited and utterly sad.

You know they are paid prom actors right ?

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If they are so alpha why do they chose they white race and anything white ? Even Michael Jackson went from black to white becuase he knew white race is master race. Niggas just fucking white sluts proves their own race is shit

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but they are imitating life. where do you think porn gets idea like fucking you teacher? this is stuff that happens in real life.

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bbc fucked the life right out of her

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This kek.

is there a full video of them fucking or it's just a bit in a longer vid ?

>something in german
>something edited
Ok you like big black cocks shillbot?

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What was that ad again? can't find it anywhere...


That stuff that happens in real life 10% out of 100% and the 90% is in your head and fantasy. If what you say is true then you’d see many many more women with niggas and many more teachers in jail which isn’t the case which proves my point and you’re probably a cuck as well.

I'm black and i like white women very simple.

No jewish trickery, no gay retarded u mad whyteboi shilling, and no lmao out to end teh whyte race garbage.
This place seriously fucks with your brain.

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Same as bestiality and hot girls fucking ugly bastards. To degrade the girl

fuck her ass is perfect. love seeing white women's true bbc sexual desires unleashed!

i would literally pay to see you fucking a white girl.

ask your mother, Tenda

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You’re good bro it’s not even black people saying that faggot b8 it’s neck beard white dudes. And they act like we don’t secretly know they’re white.

kill yourself

oy, vey

i have no idea. i don't like to see it though.

>And they act like we don’t secretly know they’re white.
Do you have evidence they are White?

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