You have 10 SECONDS to prove you are NOT an AMERICAN

You have 10 SECONDS to prove you are NOT an AMERICAN.

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I'm not scared of bankruptcy if I need to go to hospital.

Je ne parle pas anglais.

my car is a manual and isn't bigger than necessary

american make though :(

miks peaks

I drink in public. Prost!

We all have free health care.

I can't legally protect myself from harm, or stop the encroachment of a tyrannical government, with a firearm.

puhun useampaa kieltä

Jou ma'se poes.


whereas i don't live in a crime ridden shithole, therefore, no need for gun

Sprich deutsch du Hurensohn


Muie Dragnea!

I apply critical thinking in my everyday life.

soy mariano, metrosexual y pensador

I'm able to have a discussion without anger.

There are more than just two political parties.
... and they know how to compromise and work together.

I know that paris is the capitol of france.

I get money for studying.


Fuck off ya cunt

easy! Rindfleischettiketierungsverordnung

when i feel a little sick i just go to the doc

Jeg er ikke en racist.

a) Litre
b) 1+1=2
c) I've never paid for healthcare

i dont suck dick

Check out my foreskin

I know world history beyond just WWII.


I know the earth is an oblate spheroid.

This is in Wakefield Bus Station

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Hmmm kurwa

And why can't you? What country doesn't have some access to weapons, even if illegal..?

A civilized one?

I'm not religious, nor do I trust faith over evidence.

I don't think of black cocks going inside my wife's holes.

M weight is in double digits

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I speak more than one language, I understand cultural relativism.

there is an asda in walking distance of my house

I don't bring up BBC in every fucking thread

I value human life over money.

I thought it was adsada, a marinated meat from mexico. I'm American.

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I'm an American.

... but I do think of brown cocks going inside all my daughter's holes.

I was walking down the road and I saw a police officer arresting a white man

I can go shopping late without being afraid for my life.


I don't shoot people as a passtime.

I'm guaranteed a minimum wage which can support a basic lifestyle.

I can pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll-llantysiliogogogoch

(nice trips)
Only one people on earth can do that.

I have over 2 digit IQ

Я нe aмepикaнeц.

I don't like Donald Trump

Я Бeлapyc

I can reach my ass to wipe

I have to worry about Mohammed sexually assaulting my family and the government covering for them

I know what you mean, Satan.
I can walk more than a 100 meters without getting winded.

That's only Sweden.
Oh the poor Swedes.

>encroachment of a tyrannical government
Amerishart thinks he’s gonna stop a government with 10,000 nukes with his little bang stick. Just imagine being that stupid.

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I've never tried to suck my own dick.


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Whats a medical bill?

Jeg har ingen ambitioner om at være et imperium.

You're forced to pay for healthcare in taxes lol

I don't get aroused sexually watching troops shoot brown people on TV.

You're paying taxes too, though none of it goes into healthcare.

Cлaвa Укpaiнe!

Гepoям cлaвa!

I live in London.
I need a gun.

I don't eat rubbish,no fat ass going around with mobility scooter,free healthcare,no school shooting, no retarded president. We don't make breakfast with pain killer,no kardashian in here,we drink real coffee here,real wine and real beer...should i go on?

My government gives me more than enough money to live on even though I haven't had a job in over 10 years, as well as free medication and healthcare.

I not an american, because I think Trump is a low lifely, lying cunt.

i have free healthcare free education and drink actual beer

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I don’t understand why abortion is a contentious issue in the USA.


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Just certain death

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Gott Schutze den Kaiser!

Kurwa mać

Civilized countries don’t have african rape gangs

Da ist die tÜr.

Triple Trips

Where I live, old men blow up schools. In the US, kids shoot up schools

vai tomar no teu cu anão

Baguette de fromage

kurva anyátok

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Abortion is ok.
The few anti-abortion activists are banned by law (with harsh mandatory jail-time) from protesting anywhere within 1 mile of the many (universal healthcare) state-funded abortion clinics.
This includes picketing at surrounding railway stations, bus stops and nearby major intersections.
Abortion is free, legal, and easy to access.

I have been robbed by Muslims and my neighbor got sexually attacked by Muslims

anão é irmão

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>Abortion is ok.

the record for US school deaths is held by an old man who blew up a school lol

My teeth are really bad

do not eat chlor chicken

Cringe because America doesn’t have this concept of easy abortion and you want it to exist in America.


Cringe because America doesn’t have this concept of easy abortion, you enjoy this status quo and you are angry that the easy abortion described is allowed to exist elsewhere?

I know that retard. But I didn't claim a free service

I'm not fat and I always forget

me acuesto con mis primas y no es ilegal

Murica. Fuck yeah.

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my milk is in a bag

not gonna get shot by a nigger within the next 24h

Cash money notes that are made of paper are a old-timey relic that only my grandparents remember.
Polymer notes ftw

I will never have a full auto m60 or mp5

and I'm not allowed to have cannon for home defense

I went to school and returned back home alive

I'm not on medication.

>anything but pure
imagine being this retarded

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I am totally obsessed with Americans.

Enjoy your Bill of Needs.

It's not mandatory to salute a flag, or stand up in awe of a piece of national music.
Neither is this required by primary school children.

Tehran is the capital of Iraq

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- my kids play hide and seek, not "active shooter drill"
- I have free high quality education
- My country has had no plague since the dawn of time
- I don't risk bankruptcy if I get ill
- In my country the guy who gets less votes don't get elected, since we don't have that retarded electoral votes system

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I don't know why you would be - it's not like they make a big noise, are arrogant or behave unpleasant abroad.
They're so easy to ignore...

we have mayonnaise in bags, much like the canadians get milk in bags.

I live in a third world trash can. I cannot go 2 seconds without thinking about America and what they do. I am obsessed.

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i've got Æ, Ø and Å readily available on my keyboard.

Oops, triggered.

Også mig!


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>tiny %age rich
>vast hoardes of working poor, including this faggot
>muh riches

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Kys Europoor

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remember when they were making fun of America for not being 'white?' how's those migrants going for ya now?

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mam małego kutasa

I'm internationally minded, I feel solidarity with the entire world.

I listen to american music, play American video games, and browse America boards. I am not American

Not a fat fuck

I'm aware of the basic sciences.

Imagine being this stupid. Is the government going to nuke a civilian with a gun? To hold power over it's civilians the government comes with a gun, not a nuke.

I am extremely retarded, my teeth are in very poor shape, i am inferior. Oh, we also lost to rats

My country is overrun with muslims and I love it because I hate my country

I enjoy my food without unnecessary additives.


Go away, Sweden, you're our redheaded stepchild.

... is not a country.

Im implying somewhere in Europe you retarded europoor

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i suck cock....god it feels good to be from asia

Heh, so much anger.

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I exercise regularly.
I don't eat junkfood five-seven times a day.

I never brush my teeth

I'm guaranteed a basic living wage.

I got arrested for voicing my opinion

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I said: go away, Sweden! We don't accept you.

:( ok sorry

>unelected rulers
>unvoted for laws
>license required to wipe your arse
>archaic deity like non-native family paid for by the public for some reason
Guess where I live

i've never seen a gun irl

A shithole of some sort?


I enjoy freedom of speech and accept personal responsibility.


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Yo soy Cubano. Che Guevara mató a mi abuelo. Trump isn't that bad. He is the "worst" president of Estados Unidos in at least the last one hundred years tho.

I gave up all my rights to "feel" safe in an increasingly unsafe world and now I have to whine about freer countries online to make myself feel better about my failures... oh wait.

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Go back, Jack.

I can attend a discussion where opinions are aired without enmity and where all involved may learn new things.

I'm not obese, yelling something obnoxious or about to shoot up a school.

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He's right tho.

Im extremely jealous of America

Right or wrong (PROTIP: he's WRONG) he's still gotta go back.

>American detected
Only an American would say this.

Why? General living standard is low, education is poor, medicine is expensive, social security sucks, no real democracy and if you're not rich, you're fucked.

>been stabbed 4 times
>acid bathed 3 times
Guess where i live.

You can deny it all you want, you're all clearly jelly.

There are no polar bears in Norway

What makes you think he's even here?

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Medicine is not expensive you retard. Get a job with healthcare

Our government actually admitted to chemtrails and secret testing on our soldiers

Sorry Joe - he's right, Trump is the bottommost shart in the barrel. Even Bush Jr. came across as an intellectual giant in comparison.

Stay mad, libtard.

10 seconds to prove im inferior? Umm..why would i do that?

Still mad she lost, libtard?

North Africa, one of the muslim countries.

Tijuana, Baltimore or Liverpool?

I have to mix vitamin C with my heroin. I don't Inject meth.

I don't need a job with healthcare, healthcare is ubiquitous. Covered via taxes.

I'm not mad user, just asking some clarifying questions that's all. I truly hope you have a good day. So why do you think he's even in America?

It’s always amusing watching the amerifats desperately trying to defend their cuntry in these threads. Clueless flag-waving mongs.

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I let a group of Muslims real my sister

Good lord no - Hillary would have been just as horrible, only she'd be less open about it.

I said stay mad.

TJ. The greatest city in the world.


Sure libtard.

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>No Polar Bears in Norway

Watch out, Nigel, that meme might be illegal.

I'm too content to be mad.
You dont' have to answer if you don't want to.

No user, I'm really not mad. You seem upset that you can't answer a simple question. Tell me what's bothering you, I'll listen.

This is me IRL.
I am europoor

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I am taxed to death

No no no, you're not getting it, mate. My answer is stay mad.

Odd, I don't remember saying that.
I said "I don't need a job WITH HEALTHCARE".
Any old job will do fine, no special healthcare needs be covered.

Guess again, lardo

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Man, you lot can't think outside the binary, can you?

Oh, well, help yourself then.

i don't like illegal immigration. stop the caravans

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Mmmm, neck vagina

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>muh binary
There are literally just two parties, bro.

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Metric system its ok

And they both suck.

Atrocity tourism is a thing.

I find the US on a map of the US.

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I think you meant. No me gusta la inmigración ilegal. parar las caravanas. Our mayor of the city wore hats of these when el dirty immigrantes tried to hop the fence.

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I can disagree with people without defaulting to base insults.

Then leave the country, libtard.

Gott Schütze den Kaiser

I have a passing knowledge of basic geography.

Sure you can, libtard.


Jdi do píči ty negře!

I did. Ages ago.

Guns aren't a part of the US constitution because you've a right to protection from local criminal activity, it's there as a notice to Govt that the people have a right to shoot the Govt should they come knocking to subject you to tyranny.

If you don't think that's the case, think about the recent attempts at gun confiscation laws & look at the pic

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We have the most powerful and strongest army, we will bully everyone else. Oh fuck wait im American

Good. Stay out.


Will do.

I don't measure distances in football fields


I'm American, your country sucks.

I haven't seen a nigger for at least 2 months and I live in the capital

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/thread I think thia proves it

I don't get shrill and aggressive if someone argue against me.

I don't resort to cheap name calling in a discussion.

>eurofags call soccer "football"
>isnt even measured in feet

Still mad she lost, libtard?

I make threads like this every day, i am completely obsessed with America. AMA

I bet you don't, libtard.

I am able to live and let live.

? makes no sense what LMAO

I learn from my mistakes and expand my horizon.

I am retardrd, and living in a place lesser than America.


Thx, on mobile

>looks at all the degeneracy in this world
>"lol this is juuuuust fine"
Consider suicide, you evil son of a bitch.


Alright boys, I think everyone is done explaining why they're jealous of merica! Let's pack it up

I eat raspeballer with svineknoke and kålrotstappe with bacon. Prove that i’m not amerikansk rather

I am able to think critically.

joooo.. jo du er

You're not wrong. I used to be proud of the Netherlands. Fucking futuristic, living on the water and shit, weed available everywhere, cheap good education, amazing local culture, etc.. Now we can't do shit, the blackies get all the housing, all the welfare and all the "understanding", and they haven't worked for it a day in their life..

Fuck Europe man.. I'm so done with it..

I can call an ambulance without going bankrupt


i eat REAL licorice and its amazing

Yaaa, drop! Lekker zout.

so hot

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Average salary in my country is smaller than minimal in usa

I spell words ending in ise the way there spelled in the English dictionary.. Not like mongo americunts.. specialize/apologize/catagorize

Yo wtf? Why everyone so fixated with America?


Everybody notices the fat bully, they then discuss him. Simple, yeah?

Bully? How

I can speak finnish with a South-Karelian dialect.
Painu vittuu miu intternetistä.

War as industry will probably draw attention from other nations.

i can see my penis

nah its uk walmart

i don't like war

Colour...cheque...ya know buddy I'm not your friend guy

im not fat

I pay for gas in litres while eating ketchup chips

cm, km, celcius


Affordable university

I voted for obama

have sex.


I like trump

I have a normal BMI

I post on Cred Forums with a blue starry flag

America is a continent, not a fucktards country.

I frequently space dock with the wife.
What's your excuse?