Are white blonde girls the most attractive things on the planet?

Are white blonde girls the most attractive things on the planet?

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i like red heads better.

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sauce and more?

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yum that tongue!




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Blondes yes...easily and by far. My girl colors her hair often and has had all different styles and colors imaginable. She is definitely most attractive as a blonde

nah dark haired, blue eyed, pale skinned white men are

deliciously thick!!!


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Nobody cares about your shitskin gf


Possibly so. That one looks like the kind of curvy/chub I could go to town on for days.

She not black

Don't tell me, she's Italian.

Not italian


No man...she is white, pale...not of ethnic background...fucking christ

Brunette masterrace

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You must be 12 because I can tell from this pic alone this bitch is a dumb, annoying little slut that you would never wanna see past a one night stand unless you wanna ruin your life

yes, the blonds come in second place, redheads are off the chart so it is almost not even fair to consider them in this

agreed, but this is something that comes with experience, op may realize when he gets older

>you would never wanna see past a one night stand
So you admit she's perfect

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>you must be 12
>proceeds to write a cliche incel description of women


She thicker than a bowl of oatmeal


Honestly, I'd say half asians. Best of both worlds.

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fat ass trailer trash

hispanic and white is not mutually exclusive

yes blondes are the top tier females

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Dayum dawg who dis red head?

No shit...but I answered his question to whether she was hispanic by saying no. Then tried to preemptively answer any further race based questions by stating she was white, pale. Therefore generalizing that she is of a race that has fair skin tone, but without stating the exact origin of her heritage. Is that clear enough for you?

ok Pedro

perfect for a one night stand, yes. not gf material

90 percent of redheads look like gods mistake

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ok incel

the other 10 percent look like satan's soulless masterpieces

Jesus fucking christ fpbp

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agree with both, it is the 10 percent of satans souless masterpieces that I cant get enough of

facts, but the exceptions are dope

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Redheads for sure.

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anyone want to go on discord and talk dirty about her?
add me

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I win

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no - dark haired latinas are

But blonde is good too. Just not black. I love black hair on Asians for example, but it also means the rest of the bodyhair is black. Take Portugese and Spanish women, it's like making love to a grizzly bear.

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Just the right kind of thick, won't age well. But for now, I'd totally stick it in her butt.

>exact origin of her heritage
So she's mixed

nothing to be proud of

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They're attractive yes, but sadly they're also just as crazy as niggers.

Nice. Call.

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Only if they're scandinavian

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I thought that was the appeal to white women?

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They seriously need to get some self respect, fuck.

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>liking common bitches
Weak taste

Yea. This bitch for sure a life ruiner


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yes, natural reds are the best.

natural blonds are a close second

fake blonds are the absolute worst

Team Red

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All about big tittied jewish princesses

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Why not both?

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> things

red hair, green eyes, and freckles, team red here too


Good fuckin lord

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Ik, she's not natty red masterrace, but still not bad.

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yeah but I definitely would with her, she is in the bottom of the 10 percent of redhead hotties, but definitely not in the redhead fail

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nice, I just have a thing redheads and for amateurs in general, so amateur redheads are my favorite. But yours are nice too, keep going

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Love amanda

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Is this oc? Ex gf or somethin?

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not mine, though I have posted my redhead girl before.

this was another user sharing his

no but white girls in general are. Maybe some Asian chicks too

Jesus. Tell her to lay off the cheesburgers. Fucking fat americans.

Same, I get asked *whats one of your weaknesses?* at job interviews and I answer "redheads".

I have a set of 20 of this chick

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Not that one

Ah gotcha

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Usually im not that shallow but this bitch has THAT face.

My thought exactly to this thread
White ppl never seen foreign pussy
Tennessee yee yee ass thread

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lol, that is a good answer, I will have to use that too.

btw mine is probably in your redhead folder somewhere, keep posting your amateurs

Also, I dont recognize that one, post a few more, she looks good

Yeah she looks like a bitch, you just know the look. I can hear her nasally annoying voice when I look at her. I know you know the voice too.

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redheads are the best

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She strips down to nudes. I don't have a whole hell of a lot on my phone, I have literal gigs all on my rig at home. This isn't even my final form.

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>Are white blonde little girls the most attractive things on the planet?

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Absolutely. Even the late teens and early twenties with just a little "baby fat" left on them. Any later than that and they'll just be fatasses when they get older.


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blondes are pretty hot

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Was thinking the same thing

Everyone is mixed to a certain degree, take DNA test and find out...and if you claim not to be, your just ignorant and fucking stupid

Damn those thighs though

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Redheads are godesses.

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No, white blonde boys are :)