Do you like teens, bros?

Do you like teens, bros?

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Who doesnt?

If it aint cp it cmeeeeeeeeee

Ofc, also u should post more


Roasties and soibois

Okay :)

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i love teens...pity she aint one


nice mound

I am with petite 1.55m 17yo

Calm down Henry

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Kik me

I love you

>she aint one
How so?

Aww thanks

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Tight little body

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being a faggot is illigal so go to jail now nig

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now that is illegal.

What is illegal about Instagram pictures?

> those aren't teens
Seriously now.. why not just ask if user's like little girls? There are like three threads up right now where it's being discussed openly.

Whats her insta op?

her own mom posted it on her insta

Well I do like teen hebe girls and also dated some.

Allie Andrew

Based. How was it?

One of the most famous internet pedos was a mother. I don't think anyone came close to how active that lady was.

I'm going to throw up

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good, and their parents always know. im 22