Sorry for your disappointment

Sorry for your disappointment.


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The Union has failed. The Republican and Democratic parties have failed. The people are divided.

America is on a downhill slope. I'm disappointed to be part of this country because of the gereatic elected officials who cannot compromise on a single thing. Our country is falling apart.

sounds like a you problem m80

100% agree


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Don't worry Jeff Bezos is in charge now.

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You don't compromise with a criminal president and a crooked party who keeps him above the law.
This whole impeachment was a great show for the world to prove that the US is a rotten, decandent autocracy and the rule of law is no more. Partisan hacks will now try to spin this trial as vindication, the truth is they will go down in history as the biggest crooks in US history.

It's an everyone problem. Our infrastructure is ancient and failing. Our roads and public services are on a sharp decline. But ya know. Long as you can say "I'm on the winning team" it doesn't matter how much lead is in the water.


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Cry more. Cause it'll fix the inherent problem.

Maybe the party who refuses literally anything the other party is going for is to blame...

>Our infrastructure is ancient and failing. Our roads and public services are on a sharp decline.
So we should elect a Communist and let even more freeloaders in?


This is why you are losing.

Isn't his wife robbing him blind? Simply because she can? Not much of a leader imho. Can't even hold his bitch down.

You jump to the wildest conclusions and assume everyone is the enemy. You are a massive part of the problem our country faces.

HAHAHA! The rats are being exposed in DROVES. 4 more years? Hell...more than that, brah!

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That is both parties right now, and it is working as intended.

Deadlock = far less stupid laws being put through based on kneejerk reactions.

When one party is in charge we get horrible shit like Obamacare.

On the contrary as you well know, the impeachment beat down was a message to the entire world that the deep state cabal is well and truly on the run, and it's days are numbered

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Did you cry and whine this much when Clinton was acquitted of perjury an actual crime snowflake? The same crime Trumps cronies are now sitting in prison for that all you brainwashed libs love to remind the Republicans about.

"My party is a virtuous paragon of freedom. Unlike those other guys."

Get over yourself.

Please keep crying my cock is so fucking hard rn

Please explain, not trolling, I'm not seeing a point here.

not old news, new news. I know you WISH it was old news.

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I don't know who you are, I don't know where you live, but you gonna get impeached!

You should move then. Theres a shitload of room up in Canada for you never-Trumper retards.

Yes. That was also bad. I don't know why you people assume everyone thinks one was fine and the other was not.

>Still impeached
>Can be retried when cucks in senate decide to man up
lol, ignorance around here. Laughable.

no, retard. that's not how it works.
he is still impeached, he just isn't removed from office.

chirst you suck

This was all a democratic setup that cucks fell into. Showing that they care about party over laws, regulation and voters. Now most people know that even with facts the cucks will say nothing happened. I decided my 2016 vote for trump will now be a vote for the jew just to stick it to trump and his poor ass.

and you know that it really means nothing in the grand scheme of things because nobody gives a shit but its all you got left to feel good about when it comes to your politics.

Still Impeached

STFU.You dont even vote you dunce.

Our water is becoming poison. Our roads are failing and causing wild amounts of damage to peoples vehicles. Commercial vehicles suffer even worse. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Go outside into the world and just look around. See the buildings falling to disrepair, see the ancient powerlines and poles that will give out in another 10 years. See how our country is falling into squalor. But none of that matters. Cause we need to tarif China to win a trade war, or wipe our asses with Healthcare, or fuck with social security some more. But the infrastructure, that thing that was built almost a hundred years ago in the best cases? Forget that. Don't worry about it. We could create jobs off it, boost our own economy as money isn't needed to be spent on treating lead poisoning and fucked axles. Imagine driving down a road and not having it feel like your drivers seat is a vibrator.


>Both articles NOT GUILTY
>both articles invalidated

keep trying

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Amazon controls elections now, so they are literally in charge of who gets elected.

Still acquitted.


Get an identity outside of your political party m8

I'm fine with legislative deadlock. We have enough laws as it is.

Any headline that has to USE CAPITAL LETTERS is sensationalist.

Learn to think. Fully acquitted does not mean he wasn't impeached, that black mark will last forever.

But how will we fund the military and another war?


no. I support Trump, but he was impeached.

but impeached doesn't mean automatic removal from office. that whole Nixon thing has a great number of people confused about the definition of impeachment. and yes, i know Nixon wasn't impeached, be resigned before he could be. i suspect that's where the confusion lies with a lot of people, and why they think, impeachment=removal.

Wow man.

All I can say is move out of a liberal state.

Stop wasting tinfoil. Your mother needs it to cook your tendies.

Quit whining.

this has been the insanity we have heard for 4 years
he gets eleted and they try to overthrow democracy and calling it saving democracy

now the rule of law was fallowed and they want to over turn it in the name of

Shit man I don't know. Maybe. Just maybe. We could stop pretending we're the world's police for 25 minutes to get our own shit straightened out.

Quit living life viewing people not polishing the glorious leaders head as the enemy.

Oh look someone isn't up on the current news.

Well tell the Democrats to get their shit together and run someone who can beat Trump.

(Sorry, too late)

It's not a left problem. It's an America problem. Even in right wing states the infrastructure is shit.

That's your opinion snowflake, I'm lovin it!

this is what it looks like when someone listens to propaganda instead of doing research

your first statement is easly refuted by looking at EPA water statments

That will never happen with the current people in Congress. If you announce you are totally unwilling to work with any president a day after hes elected it kind of shows youre not cut out for the job you were elected for.

>impeachment is void
I dont think you know how this works..

> blog posts

Ha. News. That's a good one. No one reports news anymore. It's all just fear mongering and partisan attacking.

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The underfunded and gutted EPA. Kek

this is the kind of people we are dealing with

>facts are not facts unless they agree with me


How is saying "Ya know maybe we don't need to be involved in EVERY middle eastern conflict." Being totally unwilling to work with someone. You can have an opinion and still work with someone.

It got to a point of basically boy who cried wolf... the dems fucked up. They went down the rabbit hole without a flashlight and just started accusing him of anything.
If they actually sat back and watched him fuck up they wouldn't be in this mess.

You know what we should do? Let's give the proven corrupt and inefficient state even more power and currency. The reason everything is fucked is because we the People havnt given our public servants enough currency or authority. Let's just hand everything over, thatll fix the corruption and intentional inefficiency.

He means the WORLD'S water is turning poison (Mainly around China and India for some reason) and the US should pay to fix it while ruining our own economy. Europe should as well. (But not China and India)

Man if only the EPA had been established, we might have clean air and water in the US by now.

If Only.

dems thinking the word impeachment has any weight.
any house can now impeach any president under their precedent for this hoax.

they even tried to impeach trump in 2017 6 months after inauguration because they were that butthurt about losing the election.

>4 more years

The fact is the first thing our sitting president did when he took office was basically say. "Fuck these guys amirite? Global warming. More like global scamming." And he fucking gutted them like a trout. I'm sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs to the fullest extent of their abilities. Now that they've been called frauds.

They don't understand this, I am still seeing MUH RUSSIA all over the place ffs.

>the president insulted us time to stop taking water tests

All world problems can be solved if you tax the American middle class enough.

You are a fucking retard and must just be an amazon shill. You must feel dumb often,

Abandoning the Paris Accord is one of the best things Trump did. That was a blatant redistribution of wealth from America to corrupt shitholes.

No Thanks!

Good. Fuck the EPA.
I bet you think education run by the federal government is a quality product, too.

watch the next response will try to claim that we cant clean our own shit without the paris accords

What is funding?

It's really not but it's better than not educating anyone at all.

Why do you think everyone is just like you. Go outside on occasion, user.

anything short of disbanding it wont be enough to stop accurate water and air tests

The funny thing is I don't actually care. It's jsut funny to watch you get frustrated and scramble to prove your point.

>America is on a downhill slope

Tell all these people that, you brain dead fuck.
Highest satisfaction in history-

Still impeached

Or trot out a potato- headed privileged child straight off of a Nazi propaganda poster to scream at us.


>I'm just pretending I'm mentally challenged

That's bullshit my dude. You really believe their able to preform at 100% since Trump took office. You think they're still running that same accuracy they had during the Obama Era. Money = Results here in our God Blessed united states. No money = no results.

To put it into a hypothetical. Let's say you work for me, one day I say "You're a fraud and I don't want to fund you anymore. Here's a glowstick and a Kraft single. How's the air?"

You know what is demonstrably more effective?
You got it!! Private education!

You're not gonna guess who makes better roads either..
Ambulance services...

No no no let's keep pumping more and more of our future generations lives into a current, proven corrupt and inefficient state. That's the best plan for sure.

Gallup polls are notoriously unindicitive of how people actually feel. Come on now. I give Facebook polls more clout.

i interned at the EPA in the 90s

water and air tests cost almost nothing except the time of the people working it

our lunch budget cost more than was needed for tests

Ah yes. That sweet salty reply of a man who's wasted his time. So yummy.

Nobody claimed 100%

Trump curtailed the overreach and reined in the bullshit, which is a good thing.

Hmm seems like elections have consequences, huh?

In the 90s. As an intern. It's been thirty years since then. What's changed? Probably alot.

no the claim was that they couldn't run accurate water and air tests

and even if he took away 90% funding this function would still work just fine

"Impeachment does not in itself remove the official definitively from office; it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges against the official."

impeached literally means nothing, why dont democrats understand this? he has been acquitted, therefore impeachment has been voided. it's not rocket science.

No poll except you own will suit you. Too stupid. Alinsky told you to not even read it. Too stupid to think for yourself-

Hell, OJ was acquitted. Doesn't mean innocent.

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yes but not water and air tests
most changes are in structure and tests in soil and those are much more difficult

You mean a proven corrupt and intentionally inefficient state appendage was denied a portion of your children's labor?
Oh no! What will those poor bureaucrats do?!?!
You want to fund em? Send them a check in the mail. They definitely wont misappropriate your funds.

Yes the bullshit of tracking emissions and making sure people with lung conditions can go outside. Yeah good riddance.

I'm not even the idiot who's trying to prove anything. Just amusing that you think this makes you look like anything but the retard you're pretending to be. Have fun replying and calling me salty for more (you)s :)

Too salty. That's what you are my friend. You political cum guzzlers and take bait better than any fish.

you can’t void an impeachment stupid

Pretty sure they still do air quality testing MY DUDE.

the funny part is they don't realize the people who didn't vote for trump still think this Russian and impeachment shit is fucking stupid

Seethe more my joke of the hour. Seethe more.

all elections are rigged.
it is legal to pay other nations to arrest competing candidates

but you dont walk around calling him a murderer, derp.

Yeah you do. Everyone does. Literally everyone calls OJ a murderer.

Good point! And everybody calls Trump President.

For five more years, for the rest of his life, and for the rest of recorded history.

Just like we all call Hillary corrupt. She wasnt convicted but everyone knows.

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>sounds like a you problem m80
aaaannnnd the Award for the Most Irrelevant Reply goes to.... this faggot.

>He'll always be in MY heart

Dats gay bro

then you are falsely accusing him of a crime.

nah he's still impeached, he wasn't removed
u fags are so fuckin buttblasted about it lulz

This. Fuck both sides, we're in trouble

Did you hop on Google images and save the first thing you saw? If that's not trying harder than I am I don't know what is.

You dont know how this works, do you?

Yeah and then it's 8 years of you being a crybaby because an "evil librul" is in charge again.

>So we should elect a Communist and let even more freeloaders in?
What the FUCK are you talking about?
>Leave it to a Red to bring up "communism"

A sad footnote in history. Kinda like who ran against Millard Fillmore? She gets to be "famous" for being First Lady, and that kills her.

Oh yeah. what was the name of Millard Fillmore's First Lady?

$10 Says you didn't know who OJ even is without a Google search

I'm not. He was actually found guilty in a civil suit. I wish I could try half assedly to put on a glove and get away with murdering my annoying ex.

Was clinton impeached?

$10 says you were born after 2000

Well one side is in trouble, and anyone banking on neetbux and payback of school loans is in trouble. The rest of us are doing juuuust fiiiine.

Congress was structured for intentional gridlock...

you dont know what 'acquitted' means do you?

10$ says you'd give me 10$ if I threatened you with a knife.

I'm not voting for Bernie, are you?

(Of course not, he won't be on the final ballot.)

Poor Burnie. No one likes him.

no, he was acquitted of murder. he was guilty of wrongful death.


$10 says you're not old enough to buy a knife

yes and was found to be guilty of his accusations but was allowed to serve out his term with powers removed

10$ says I wouldn't even need to buy one. Most people have a kitchen knife of suitable size. Kek

>my point proven

How is Trump's situation any different?

I didn't realize you were taking this seriously. My bad. I thought I wasn't talking to an autist. Kek

>Be Trump
>Withhold aid to an ally for political gain
>Impeached because the constitution says that's a no-no
>Acquitted because the Republicans are morally bankrupt
>Do it again to Puerto Rico
>The very next day
If you still support Trump and you aren't being paid for it then you are retarded.

He didn't have any powers removed and is continuing to break the law

Found guilty and powers removed?

Trump was acquitted, no powers removed, and it boosted his numbers.

Great strategy Dems.

I hope "bu-bu-but he was impeached" helps you sleep at night for the next five years. It is the plaintive wail of the losers.

>then you are retarded.

Look around m8, this is Cred Forums. Just visit Cred Forums or /x/

>I'm not voting for Bernie, are you?
Why bring up Bernie? Literally no one was talking about him until you

What makes you think I'm a democrat?

In Soviet Cred Forums, Cred Forums visits you!

I'm not retartar. I have bigger smarters

Clinton didn’t have any powers removed. He paid a fine. That’s all.

Dude asked about communists. Bernie is a communist. Pretty easy connection to make.

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And then there's fuckfaces like this. Not voting for Bernie, what the fuck is wrong with you son?!

I bet you're one of those faggots that comes on here telling people you got a 9 inch dick to make yourself feel better

Nobody called you a Democrat.

You dumb nigger, your vote doesn't count during a presidential election.

Still your president, asshole

watching american politics has become something of a hobby for me, its so interesting how over the course of just a few years such a massive world power has become a joke to most other major world powers

Sup, chicken little?

I hate trumptards because I have a giant brain

And still violating the constitution

You must be really dense. Did you not read through your own post? Do you know what aws is??

I bet you are the kind of guy who comes on here and says that other guys say they have nine inch dicks to make themselves feel better, to make yourself feel better.

Pretty sure I am correct.

Fuck this gay earth. You get to be president but you have some sloot take your presidential goo you're in trouble.

Ahh, I thought you were implying implications with the "Dem strategy" bit

Impeach him again, works wonders (for Trump).

It'll be really funny when your water turns black. It'll be hi-lar-ious

It was the perjury, but good try.

I don't live in China, or a Democrat city. Am unconcerned.

>your president
Like what is that even supposed to imply?
He's just "the president"

Go away to Cred Forums, annoying 'muricans

Still. Who wouldn't want to get their dick worked in the oval office. I'm surprised more Presidents haven't gotten in trouble.

It's been a joke for decades, it's just that Americans in general are aware of it now

Nobody is divided unless they want division.

Boring af at this point

I’m more conservative and I agree with this statement. There were republicans who voted due to party affiliations which pisses me off. That’s the most bitch move ever

>it can't happen to me
>my party cares about me

Oh to be young and innocent.

First president to be impeached twice? And in the same term? Let's do it. This time let's impeach him for emoluments and withholding aid to Puerto Rico, which is a US territory instead of just an ally this time. That way we still have charges to impeach him on for a third time after the Republicans prove that they're morally bankrupt again.

Samefag here. Goddamn it youre right. Touche.

You have quenched my anger with your humor

Hey some europoors crawled out of the muslim rape tent and decided to try and mock their betters.

Hope it soothes the butthurt.

Does your nanny state know you are on a free speech site? Be careful!

Holy shit son, he mad

Come on son, surely you can get madder. Fuckingkek/10

And how many people want it? Exactly.

No one claimed "my party cares about me" I don't want any party to care about me.

Try to argue the points made instead of making points up you feel you can argue against.

I remember hearing about this dude named FDR. He made a new deal that created jobs while simultaneously giving us a cutting edge infrastructure and putting a 90+% tax on the uber wealthy which ushered the USA into a golden era.

They should find a dude like that and do something like that again.

Holy shit the seethe is intense enough to cook an egg.

Then why even participate? You fucking idiot. Kek

Can you fit that all into five years?

And no one GAF about Puerto Rico, can we give it to the EU?

Maybe try beating him in the election instead?


You didn't make any points, you just said that the Republicans would take care of your water. They won't because they don't care about you. Look at Flint.

It's funny because the same people who say cheeto is innocent due to acquittal are the same people who say OJ is a murdering nigger.

We'll never have another FDR. That dude was a legend. He got shot and basically shrugged it off to continue talking.

All jokes aside, this. FDR was the last great president and that motherducker had polio to deal with. It makes me sad.

I can cook my own tendies, I have a toaster oven in my mom's basement. It's almost my own apartment, if I pee in a jar.

No one is innocent. All our mortal souls are stained in the eyes of Jebus Cribator

Nice. Pee jar is a solid strat

How about the context that Bill lied about a Blow job during a real estate investigation? Do you seriously think that's worse?

>Can you fit that all into five years?
Obviously. The House dicked around for two years and still impeachment him once. His only real hope is to stall and hope that stupid people like you will pick football mentality over the laws of our country.

Come at us bro. See what happens.

>football mentality

It's called Tribalism, but I know you need to put it in terms they'll understand

They have 9 months to find him, good luck.

Though the DNC would probably have him assassinated, fair warning. If nothing else all the voting apps would develop sudden "problems".

yeah, you're a real loss

Tribalism sounds too third world. We're Americans. We operate best in terms of Football and false patriotism

>he misspelled the word
>fucking gottem

Don't say anything if you don't have anything of importance to say champ.

Yep. The key is small words and simple concepts with Trumptards.

You know those kungfu movies where a big group of fighters take on a single guy and somehow lose? You're one of the guys that dances around threateningly talking shit while his friends get taken out one by one.

DNC wouldn't want him anymore than the GOP do.

Both sides are part of the same coin. Both sides are champions of the rich, GOP is just more honest about it.

>chicken little

Sometimes I genuinely wondered what my purpose in life was. My place in the universe. Was anything worth it? Was all my hard work and study truly for naught? The largest star ever observed is the UY Scuti, with a radius roughly 1,700 times that of the sun in our Solar System. By comparison, the approximate mass of the Sun is 1.989 x 10^30 kilograms... yes, that's thirty zeroes. By further comparison, if you're a male of average height and reasonably-fit, the Sun is approximately 2.652 by ten to the twenty-eighth power larger than you are. Sometimes I would remember this and think, "We are all so utterly insignificant."

Then, something truly magical happened. Donald Trump, a businessman from New York, won the U.S. Presidential Election. His opponent? A murderous, evil cunt whose schemes and ploys go back decades. Hillary Clinton. "It was HER TIME!" the masses cried. It was then, ONLY then, that I understood how things came together in such a beautiful way.

Of the tens of thousands of years that human beings have existed, you and I were born to revel in this exquisite moment. Donald Trump causing butthurt. So much butthurt.

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>>yeah, I don't know, things are pretty dam good here in Tennessee.

Ew a weeb. You know that's not how fights work right?

>ur mad

What a overblown way to say something simple and stupid.

I almost feel sorry for you for taking the time to type all that out

I can't trust all the leftists talking shit in this thread when their main speakers are hippies that can't even decide what to call themselves kek


America becomes a dictatorship if the Republitards get away with this.

EPA will continue taking care of the water.

Also Flint is a Democrat run city, has been for decades. Bad example for you huh?

Perhaps do two seconds of research before you post something like this?

Your sister is not your wife. Because you ignore the problem doesn't mean it's not there.


That's exactly my point

Two things can be true.

I guess the people can suffer and die cause they voted differently from you eh? How American of you.

>Your sister is not your wife.

Not legally ;)

Is it? Is it now?

Just a plutocracy. Laws are for the poor.

Worse than absolutely nothing?


they deserve it for being communism apologists

And who’s fault is that? Democrats. Fucking retard.

I hate football and love President Trump.

Now what?

Incest breeds gross children. Rubber up Cletis

And death is for all


Dunce, only thing the world saw was dems committing political sudoku

I love how yall have been promised these crimes, then when yall found nothing, yall tacked on extra charges like police do when they're grasping for straws, you do one thing and they charge you with 10 different things in a faint hope something will stick.

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>if my neighbors house is on fire I should let it burn cause he's of a differing political idea

How American of you guys

>The irony
Flint's water was fucked by a Republican who made a business deal and gave up Flint's utilities for short term profit.

Thanks Obama

I like the cut of your jib sir.

Indeed this is the best timeline.

Getting tired of shoveling all this salt though.

That's still tribalism, which is still football mentality. Do you own a Diploma? How much did you have to pay for it?

This is a disgrace for the USA.
Whoever votes or works for the Republican party or sympathises with them in the future is as guilty as Trump. People won't forgive them.

I hope we put niggers back into chains.

orange man bad waaah why he not in jail

No I'm saying you are trying to blame the conditions in a Democrat run shithole on Republicans.

Try arguing with the points people make, not the points you wish they made.

You're also part of the problem. The voters are not your enemy. The ignorant masses are not your enemy. Be the bigger person or fuck off

This and setting up a theocracy that they don't have to abide by are the endgame goals of the GOP


>too stupid to ctrl-v

Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

You're a problem. If you are willing to drop the constitutional limitation on presidency, you should willingly secede your right to vote on the basis of ineffective analysis of government.

>No I'm saying you are trying to blame the conditions in a Democrat run shithole on Republicans
That's probably because the problem started when it was a Republican run shithole. Could just be a coincidence, though

for trying to bring back the money that the nigger gave out to blown out countries?

Solid Democrat government since before the 1970's (I mean wall to wall, no gaps).

A Republican did it.

Choose one.

What do you want them to do? Do you have ANY idea how much money it'd take to fix those thousands of miles of old as water lines etc etc? Like a car, once it gets old and fucked up it'll take more than the car is worth to fix it

>ywn have a thicc nubian republican waifu

But it's not your problem right? You shouldnt have to help in any way shape or form. In fact you mock them. Cool stuff man. You're a real helping hand American.

They voted differently from you so they can get fucked is what you believe. And I know you wanna save face and convince me otherwise but we both know you're a subhuman who wouldn't piss out a man on fire if you knew he differed from your own dogmatic political views.

You'll have to try to get over it.

Five more years of exposure therapy should help.

Too lazy to even type. Now I'm just disappointed

One thing is true, dumbass. Acquittal is not synonymous with innocent.

>You should be empathetic to people that are actively trying to ruin the country even more

So we just let the infrastructure crumble then? Live like fucking savages? Cool solution. God forbid we spend some money.

You literally don't know what you're talking about son


You should show maybe any human decency at all? Instead of blaming everyone around you for problems caused by both parties lack of willingness to compromise in any way. It's the voters fault. Not the politicians. You're right. I hope someone leaves you to die in the street cause you're wearing a MAGA hat. You fucking subhuman.

I guess either maintain it as they go along instead of focusing on GIBS, like every other city.


Slowly let it degrade for years, ignore the problems, poison their citizens, lie about it, then scream and beg for a bailout.

Which did the Democrat run city choose to do?

Definitely want them in charge of more things.

No I'm saying Flint needs more money than it's got to fix the problem. Bandaid solutions only go so far

Shut up, libtard.
Go suck nigger dick.

Then fix it all. Problem. Solved.

But wait that means we'd have to pay more taxes. And that's jsut no good.


We gonna run this shit
We Government now
-decades of corruption-
Oops we ruined this shit

Yeah fuck off.

You sound like an educated, well adjusted, sound minded voter.

I mean there isnt a single person who followed that case that thinks this.
Maybe you should try searching around a bit.

Would you please get your head out of your ass and talk like a human. There is no such thing as a democrat city or a republican city. Jesus fucking christ. You do realise that a D or an R in front of a politician's name means fuck all.

The california scum assumed i'm from the US and voted for Trump because i argue against his ideals which have never worked anywhere *wheeze*

You know what, good, fuck everyone. What I like about Trump is that fuck your mother and grab her by the pussy. Learn to live simps.

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Yep that's exactly what I said yep ya got me. Boogaloo has been outed. Damn ypu so smart

Shhh he needs to be one or the other. He can't function without his political identity.

No such thing as A Democrat city but Flint is a Democrat city... For decades... but it's not their fault...

Logic not found.

God forbid I make assumptions too right? You fucking waste of your father's seed.

No I get it. Only you can jump to conclusions. I understand. What's it like suffering from autism and downs at the same time?

It was voted for by their primarily Republican city council, dipshit.

Ahh I see, you're just an idiot. My bad

D R U M P F !!!!!!

262 posts great work ivan see you in hell

You can't live without your political identity and it's sad. Your life revolves around who you voted for. And it's sad.

4 more years of no legislation? You really think that's a good thing? btw, I'm a Trump supporter.

have you decided what to call yourself yet

So fifty SOLID years of Democrat mayors did nothing wrong, but one vote by one set of Republicns caused all the damage.

Makes sense.

Voting is for faggots, people like you are cucks that deserve a shallow grave.

You have to be one or the other right? You're with or against right?

Kill yourself. I mean that unironically.

You have even less of an impact on the world than I do by choosing not to vote How's that feel champ?

A human being

Legislation like Obamacare?

We can do without.

Deadlock is a good thing, prevents shitty legislation.

Working as intended.

Also really looking forward to his next Supreme Court appointment, that is the real treasure here.

He'll always be impeached bro, just get over it

You watch your wife get fucked by a nigger, how's that feel cuckold.

Meanwhile, infrastructure suffers, national debt soars, and immigrants replace the native population. You're a brainlet if you think that you can run a country without legislation.

Don't project your sick fantasies on me you beta male slime.

No hyperbole. I actually feel sorry for you.

So why is dumpy crying like a bitch in his latest speech?

IMPEACHED! The stain will never be removed. Suck on it slow dumpsters.

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Keep a strong grip on that shit flavored piece of candy.

It's all you've got.


They don't make shit flavored candy. You must not have had a good home life.


Republicans stated on day 1 that they were spineless and hopelessly corrupt. everyone knew they would do their best to cover up Trump's numerous crimes.

orange fans mad

I bet you like it when I humiliate you, I'm not even going to give you that satisfaction.

>they scared

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What the hell is that supposed to even mean??

Save it for the poor victims in their failing Democrat cities, they need it more. I mean they brought it on themselves, but maybe your pity will feed them and keep them warm.

Been a pretty good week for me, how bout you?

You're so absolutely seething and it's adorable. You're a nothing person with no impact on the world. Go vote, get a job, be part of the world.

but Pelosi said he's be impeached forever
surely not even the power of dubba dubs can counter the Speaker of the House

No joke. They don't even hide it. They are literally fucking scared of Bernie getting the nomination

Who, the DNC?

Bernie will cuck out and hand over his supporters, just like last time. You know this.

He'll die before he makes office. Just tip over from being so ancient

>if I say it enough times it's true

You don't have enough money or lawyers to live that way scrub, you're just pathetic and living vicariously throigh your identity grouo.

No law against force ghosts being president

I probably make more in a single week than you can in an entire year's worth of wage-slavery. I don't vote because I realize that money talks more than a stupid ceremony made to give you the illusion of freedom, bitch.
Change the world with real power, faggot.

Gonna be a wild one

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Still Your Asshole President

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what facts? It's FAKE NEWS

It isn't his intention to make office, his job is to excite young idiots and old hippies, bundle them up, and deliver them and their money to the DNC at the right moment.

Kinda fucked it up a little last time, but they've had four years to plan.

He'll get another house out of it.

Source: 2016

No it isn't, he remains impeached, just not removed.
Trump most assuredly cares, he whines privately and publicly every chance he gets at how he has been treated 'worst that any president in the history of time'

You don't compromise with a criminal, but you sure as hell make sure you can make a case. Dems were more worried with making a show out of the Impeachment hearings than taking the time to make sure they exhausted every recourse possible, even before the elections. They could've taken a couple more months to issue subpoenas, and quash any excuse the Reps could've used in the trial. But no, they rushed the hearings and then complained about a rushed trial.

>powers removed
lol no. Where'd you hear that? Fox News? Your angry uncle at dinner?

This is the problem with both sides, you only consume content that validates your already warped version of reality and rejects anything that threatens it.

Even if it means treating falsehoods as fact or ignoring facts as 'fake news', you don't even bother to actually inform yourselves and prefer an echobox to actual political discourse.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

You're so desperate. It's not a good look m8. You're a NEET. An NPC. And a beta male cuckold.

This will be the end of my punching down. Don't kill yourself cause I was mean to you on the internet.

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typical magatard retarded nonsense lol

Nah, impeachment is forever. He'll never remove the stain of being impeached. He's a loser for life and will sit beside Bill in all the history books forever.

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I don't even think about you.
You're an insect to me.

Yes, but you have to understand that there are literally millions of actual idiots that call this place home.

Why would I need lawyers to live? What way do I want to live? i do not want to live in a Democrat city on welfare if that is what you mean.

I have a good job and a house, security, and a wonderful President, what else do I need?

That's why you replied to him consistently and frequently with some real obvious anger? Kekles. Good lord user. Know when to leave it.

False. Can you comprehend know how we know?

No, I literally said the most generic sentence: that the party who boycotts everything the other party does, even if it would have made complete sense, is to blame. I never implied which party I am talking about or that there even is a party who is acting that way.
I'm not even an american.

Don't you guys see? These threads are supposed to shoot blank triggering images at you, just to see how YOU respond so (((they))) can use it against you later. They know we still have the majority, and that the sjws on every available media are just loud, much louder than the ones with rational mind, but that doesn't mean they outnumber us!
They will just use the arguments you make here, to get to know you. They will lead the loud people in the media to turn brainless masses against you, to make you seem like all sanity is lost, to make you give up.
Don't let them.

Bruh that post is almost two hours old. What are you doing?

Again working as intended. Gridlock is good.

If you want to see an "active" governing body, check out the EU, and all the lovely laws, rules and regulations they vomit out in an endless stream.

These threads are supposed to be fun trolling and a place to let off steam.

No one is learning anything here. Nothing is being accomplished.


>>gereatic elected officials
Most divisive radicals all under 40