Connecticut bread, post ct sluts

Connecticut bread, post ct sluts

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Chelsea B, new Milford

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Post new milford sluts, there’s tons of them

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NYC now but Guilford/SHA originally. Did some topless photo shoots. Hoping someone has them

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Anyone have southeast CT?

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Lauren F
East Lyme

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caroline g?

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Any rocky hill sluts?

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Miranda P

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You know Kelsey Sylvestro?

Yes I do.

Any wins? Kik?

You got anymore east lyme chicks?

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Jenna M from Tolland?

Anyone got Ashley S? Went to Bacon Academy.

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Anyone have the discord server?

shes hot

Some dude that knows her boyfriend Ryan showed me a clip of her sucking some other dudes cock.

got discord?


Bump more east lyme or Waterford