My wife's ex husband is getting released from prison after serving a 9 year sentence tomorrow...

My wife's ex husband is getting released from prison after serving a 9 year sentence tomorrow . She wants him to live with us for a month because he has no other family, no where else to go and she thinks itll be good for their 3 kids to finally meet their biological father again after so long.

I refused initially, which resulted in a huge argument between us, she thinks I'm being heartless and completely unfair to him just to put him on the streets, and it's no right to keep him from his kids. Shes flipping thr entire situation on me, however I'm not comfortable letting a felon live with us, let alone my wife's ex husband. I'm not sure what do, shes already given him our address and just stopped talking to me after the argument. The kids think I'm an asshole now because they are convinced I hate their father. He will be here living in the guest room by Saturday night if I dont figure something out.

>pic sort of related, not him but similar

I'm so fucked

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Get him to attack you and then then shoot him eight times. All you need to say to legally justify it is “I felt threatened”

What did he do to get thrown in prison in the first place
And how old are your kids, maybe reasoning with them could help the situation

Gonna call this one a "wow I can't believe she divorced me for him and took my car and house" thread.

Armed robbery
Assault w/ a deadly weapon
Being released on good behavior basically

They are 10 and 12

This is bait, you fucking retards!

You know shes gonna let him smash all her holes if ypu are ok with that then roll with it if not pack your shit and your kids shit if any of them are yours empty bank account get new bank account for just you and when he shows up hand him the keys to your house and say good luck paying the bills .. after you move out put house on market if shes not on the note

>Not shooting a violent criminal as your first option

Never gonna make it

For how long have you and your wife been together

Pretty soon you won't have a place to live either while he's fucking your wife

we really don't care. ur problem

You dumb fucks really can't tell that this is bait?

If this is real:

Clearly your wife doesn't respect you. You're already fucked. Talk to a lawyer.

Im sure its bait but what do i care im bored as fuck at work

>Another "socially awkward fucks can't tell what's obviously not true" thread.

Does it really matter?
I'm sitting here with one thumb up my ass wondering what I should do with my life

It's people like OP that make me ashamed to be on the same site with them.

When he gets to your house have their bags packed and tell all of them congrats on being a family again but they gotta find some other place to be together. Fast track the fuck out of the divorce papers before the weekend, too.

I wouldnt be having that shit in my life. Her loyalty isnt to you. It will not take long before he is fucking her again. Sorry bro, I really am.

Dont ever start dating a single mother, thats it.

This guy gets it

Probably fake but if real pack up your shit and leave, never date a nigger fucker

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yeah no, this is pro trolling i'd say

Lmao I know this is bait but damn, this is probably actually happening to someone right now

Which is sad, goes to show how fucked up our society is.