Pets of Cred Forums

Pets of Cred Forums.

Here's my lab Charlie

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Woah doggy outta the way!

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My silver lab Blue :)

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Here's my boy. He's kind of a faggot

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This is Flipper, tell charlie he is a good boy

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that’s a fucking stupid name for a cat


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Dave doesn't care, she's too busy being fat and murdering mice

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also, box

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Binky the house rabbit, she's dumb as a rock

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warm bunny bum

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Idk what brand dog I got but his name is Charlie

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Billy. He passed away awhile ago.

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Sorry to hear, dude. You'll meet again

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they should make dogs so big you can ride them

same for cats


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a beaten dog my father brought in December, he was about to be euthanised
he's 2 yo and still wary toward strangers, don't think it will be possible to make him as confident as my other dog (don't have any photo of her currently, cops took my phone but left my computer :() but whatever he's a good dog, kinda strange sometimes but i love him

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How large is his red rocket?
Have you taken the knot?
How does his cum taste?

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What breed is that?

Western slutpuppy

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Looks fucking awful
>That background

Yeah well!

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Please eliminate yourself.

Daaaaw 10/10, would pet!

Fluffy/10, would have to hug for maximum fluffy goodness!

Shit, too many good pets to respond to in this thread! Awesome pets Cred Forums!

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Female orange tabby, Ashi

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Why do cops have your phone? I'm so glad you're showing charity to that poor animal.

That actually touched my heart...


Rain Diamonds Blue Guard and lemon

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"If anybody needs me, I'll be in my lab..."

My cat Josie

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Says the fag

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What a good boy. 10/10 would pet him.

Good god. Looks just like an Arby's beef n cheddar.

My lab benny

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If I were better with Photoshop I'd replace the bowl with a helmet and put her in a bunker. Sadly, I suck ass with it. 10/10 sweet cat though.

What a cutie. Looks just like my grandpa!


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What an absolute unit

Keep your penis out of your dog, please.


What a big baby. 10/10.

Destroys Muslims/10

thats one chonky son of a bitch

David b?

Pets are useless. Only costs money

money is useless

Pet that puppy.

He seems to be a reliable guy

Bender the Corgi

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I'd totally let him fuck and take that knot