Come home

>Come home.
>This bitch opens the door and starts making fun of you and talk shit about you.

What do you do?

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Slap her tits and cry a little

Ignore, get on Cred Forums and begin saging threads like this that are clogging Cred Forums and bringing more coomer retards around

>fart to assert dominance
>pay her for a tittyfuck
>then check your trips

Put her face through the wall

trips checked satan

Grab her by the neck and throw her out the front door.


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get her pregnant and leave.

slap and facefuck obviously

Dem trips tho

Bump for more of the OP pics

I'll allow it for now. I would then pour my whiskey and ask her where is my dinner?

Slowly pull down my zip as she speaks

Calm her down then sage this thread

equip gloves of cleansing and smack those filters off her face

KOBE o/ยบ

Call her a dumb bitch with a chipmunk face

Make fun of the pores, zits, crooked nose, and patchy skin that you can't see in this ridiculously filtered picture.

Rape her, obviously, Satan.

Silence her with my massive pacifier