Now that Trump has been successfully impeached, is he the biggest embarrassment to the USA ever?

Now that Trump has been successfully impeached, is he the biggest embarrassment to the USA ever?

Yes, yes he is. Thread.

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holy fucking shit

no, that award goes to the democrats for their collective behavior over the last 3 years.

stay butthurt kid.

Bush junior was objectively bigger with the Iraq war. He knew Saddam had no WMDs, after all.


You replied.

you realize donald trump hates the bush family and has badmouthed george w bush for the iraq war? kind of funny how republicans didnt seem to care

actually that would be nancy. she's doing a great job proving why a woman would be terrible in a position of power ie president

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The real purpose of the Gulf War was to capture Saddam's Stargate

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>biggest embarrassment to the USA ever
He is only a part of a bigger symptom, the GOP.
Human progress and the GOP are antithesis.

It's funny seeing all the righties go off about her ripping up the speech papers, when it's honestly a classic Donnie move that you would have all jerked each other off about, but since its from the devil Demsies, you all of the sudden act like portraying yourself like a child in front of your country is a problem.
But no, when Donnie does it its playing 4d chess and owning the Libs.
The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

I don't know, I'm only canadain but from up here it looks like the Democrats are cuck sucking fucking fuck suckers who whine and complain and can't get anything done and have no real leadership or vision, just sayin

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its funny seeing the lefties ignore biden's admission of quid pro quo and then trying to impeach trump of quid pro quo when he is trying to investigate corruption.

if biden wasnt a running candidate, this impeachment would not have happened, and biden would be in jail right now.

its also funny how you lefties acquit clinton of actual crimes but complain about trump getting acquitted from a witch hunt.

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Funny how you completely avoided my point and went off on a tangent there.
Wait, not funny, predictable.

>impeach this
They did.

Impeachment; A formal ACCUSATION of a crime.

Acquitted: declared not guilty of a specific offense or crime; legally blameless

Takeaways: 1) Impeachment = an accusation. 2) Acquitted = not guilty of said accusation. 3) Herp a derp derp herpa herp.

Fucking lefty mongoloids.

I'd have been far less crude in the way in which I put it, but this is another Canadian who sees this much the same.

That acquittal really roiled the woman that makes congresses lunch, eh?

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It is pretty funny how the media will go out of their way to make joe bidens quid pro quo look as innocent as possible and trumps as if it's unimaginable. Your point on clinton though is wrong, imo. It was a witch hunt, just like this trump thing is. He lied under oath and a censure is fine but removal for that lie is a little much.

Not only is he a the biggest embarrassment to the country, he's the biggest pussy in the country. Also, this impeachment has ruined his chances of winning in 2020 and he'll be certainly voted out in November.

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You must not live in America or be kidding yourself.

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You are so far out to lunch buddy. Reverse everything you said 180 degrees.

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Get a job Tenda

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My God, you Dems are so Butt-hurt you're like one giant inflamed Hemorrhoid.

You must be 9 years old or a complete gender neutral liberal nutcase. Get ready for 4 more years of liberal whing, crying and bitching, pussyboy

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Screech for 5 more years or KYS

You got me. I am indeed Tenda. I can be so many places at the same time, you have no idea...

>he'll be certainly voted out in November.

Is that how you cope? Orange Man is your reality.
5 more years.

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are you lefties going to start a war again when trump wins in a landslide in November? I don't buy into the left/right but seeing thesekikes and trannies collectively REEEEEEEEEing is funny as fuck.

8 more years. trump can run for a 3rd term now that he has been acquitted.

He'/she/it's either pre-pubescent commie, but I repeat myself.

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So he WAS impeached.
Thanks for admitting it.

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or a commie. fuck, lol

Nice retort bro!
Ya really got me!

your lord and savior was impeached and is damaged goods... Republicans are done and Dump will be in jail within a year. All you backwoods cousin-fuckers are about to be really disappointed in November

Trump is probably the most obvious embarrassment, but historically he's going to be remembered as a footnote and a sign of the global political landscape. People like harding or Nixon where the public has time to ruminate on specific inconsistencies integral to the foundation fairs better for demeaning a nation

You talk like that's a point in your favor. Its meaningless, its an accusation of a crime, moron.

I could also accuse you of a crime, that doesn't mean guilty of anything

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lol. Take another Xanax

You have to consider Trump and many of his voters are from what was once the democrat side. I know quite a few life long dems who voted for him. I was skeptical to vote for him being a big dem supporter at one time, but he has won me over. He definitely has my vote this year!

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Sometimes I genuinely wondered what my purpose in life was. My place in the universe. Was anything worth it? Was all my hard work and study truly for naught? The largest star ever observed is the UY Scuti, with a radius roughly 1,700 times that of the sun in our Solar System. By comparison, the approximate mass of the Sun is 1.989 x 10^30 kilograms... yes, that's thirty zeroes. By further comparison, if you're a male of average height and reasonably-fit, the Sun is approximately 2.652 by ten to the twenty-eighth power larger than you are. Sometimes I would remember this and think, "We are all so utterly insignificant."

Then, something truly magical happened. Donald Trump, a businessman from New York, won the U.S. Presidential Election. His opponent? A murderous, evil cunt whose schemes and ploys go back decades. Hillary Clinton. "It was HER TIME!" the masses cried. It was then, ONLY then, that I understood how things came together in such a beautiful way.

Of the tens of thousands of years that human beings have existed, you and I were born to revel in this exquisite moment. Donald Trump causing butthurt. So much butthurt.

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impeach him some more!

That guy was just replying to a complete retard.

>successfully impeached
are leftards that mentally ill they don't understand what acquitted means or they just continue to pretend they still have some hope

That... doesn't make sense in this situation

>is he the biggest embarrassment to the USA ever?
Republican President Abe Lincoln started/escalated a war that killed 620,000 Americans with an eye towards timing that would get him re-elected in 1864.
Republican President U.S. Grant was part of the Gould/Fisk gold scam that defrauded Americans of tens of millions (in 1869 money).
Grant would later be cleared by fellow Republican James Garfield, who's investigation concluded Grant was an unwitting fool, and not a willing co-conspirator. Gould and Fisk also escaped prosecution.
Republican President Herbert Hoover as Secretary of Commerce under the two preceding administrations, and POTUS prior to the Great Depression. His strategy for dealing with the collapse of the American economy was (you guessed it) tax cuts for the wealthy.
Republican president GW Bush, led America into two wars based entirely on lies, killing so many hundreds of thousands, scholars have a hard time pinning down even a rough number.

they still believe Russia interfered in 016. No matter, voting machines are not online. Give them 1 breath and they will tell you how stupid YOU are.

yeah, Hilldog won. Muh popular vote.
Never in history has that mattered. So, liberal left too stupid to understand the concept of campaigning?

>liberal left too stupid to understand the concept
>I know more about this than the actual professionals
t. random Cred Forumstard.

The GOP has a huge advantage in the EC. Their conservative base makes up a slim majority in a large number of small states.
No matter how well (or poorly) a Dem runs their campaign, they have a uphill battle compared to their GOP opponent.
That's why your party hasn't taken the White House with the consent of 51% of the voters since 1952.

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then you'll be here to also witness his downfall and subsequent death. Because he will face justice and he will die. What a beautiful day in our existence those events will be

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>GOP has a huge advantage in the EC
Are you really that stupid? You have no understanding of the electoral college?
Lemmee guess, you think they are somehow elected?
Clue us in genius-

>delusion the thread

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that's not a threat, that's a reality as we all die...that's the point. I'll die, you'll die... no one escapes death and Dump is exception

Got ya.

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Lol cringe.

Reminder that Cred Forumsfags are newfags!

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>successfully impeached
I don't see him being dragged out the White House, you fucking retard. I'm as liberal as it gets and see it as pointless, you nitpicky fucksticks don't even want the orange retard out of there. Satisfied with a slap on the wrist? Fuck you and every gutless cuck like you.

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he'll be voted out and will kick and scream like a little girl... and then be dragged out by his fake as mop

Not likely. We divided our base too damn much.

>he'll be voted out

The only presidents to win the EC without at least a plurality in the popular vote are all four Republicans.
Small sates (which are predominately red) get more power per registered voter.
For example, Wyoming gets 3 electors, chosen by the majority of 268,000 registered voters.
That's one elector per 89.333 voters.
California has 55 electors, but 15,690,000 registered voters, or one elector per 285,273 voters.
It takes three times as many votes in Cali to get an elector as Wyoming.

>I'm as liberal as it gets and see it as pointless
It's a form of censure.


I guess even words with plain meaning can be misunderstood.

I was right, you do not have a fucking clue.

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>I was right, you do not have a fucking clue.
Wow, what a clever, informative rebuttal.
I really like the way you addressed and refuted my arguments.

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that right-wing-shit-rag is useless at predicting anything. you may as well post a link to the Enquirer

You forgot to take your Prozac faggot

Censure is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

who's we?

WTF??? I didn't post that pic?
I've never seen that pic, and now it won't let me upload the one I tried to.
Oh well, this one will do.

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What a loser cuck! Melania loves them Marines. And they love her back. And Trump doesn't have a clue.

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this... he knows his supporters are dumb as shit, that's why he panders to religious cunts and fat slob middle americans

Remember when every poll in the country had Trump at a 1% chance of beating HIllary? This was coming off a perceived strong Presidency of Obama, and now the Dem's are scattered and broken. Not a single person who voted for Trump last time will vote against Trump, and most dems aren't even going to show up for the election this time. Not sure how anyone can actually believe that Trump has less than a 50% chance of winning next election

>> I'm only canadain
Alberta isn't Canada … mind your place, Oil Boy.

Superpaxs exist to make the polls reflect the views of the electoral College, but polling is purely a custom to minimize negative feedback and has no power in the election process.

bullshit... Repubs are leaving the party and his biggest accomplishment was his tax cuts which only effects the rich, not his dumbfuck brainwashed supporters. He'll be voted out in November and will surely go to jail

Just look at how the dems are rigging the Iowa caucus. They can't win without cheating, but cheating and lying is what they are best at. Do not underestimate their lawlessness.

Last time i checked he was aquitted.
So no? Seems like another 4 years is in order

This post is the state of the democratic party and the policies they stand for

>Censure is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
It might also serve as a wake up call to both Trumptards that think they aren't the minority as well as the non-voters who try to convince themselves all politicians are equally bad.
Think about it, almost half the American people wanted the human circus peanut removed 9 months before the election.
Now if only the Dems had anyone who could bring in the black vote, he'd lose in November.

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>having this much hate for a person because he's orange and doesn't bend the knee to emotionally dysregulated self-loathing liberals.

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Alinsky tactics? Do you ever use your own mind?
When was the last time YOU had an original thought?
fucking zeros, denigrate the medium without looking at the content=70IQ

Because the poor pay SO much in taxes...

Math is hard.

Sigh just another ripoff. Do you faggots even try?

>Repubs are leaving the party

Still your president and you are triggered. Asshole

If the Dem's spent 3 years trying to come together and decide on a couple of great, sane candidates that had some solid policy points, I think they could beat him easily.

Instead they have spent 3 years screeching and trying to impeach him, and the average American doesn't even know what any of their policy stances are except Orange man bad and Bernie is a commie. All they had to do was not whine for 3 entire years but alas, this is the party of AOC and Nancy

It's ok let the TDS flow through you.

Bernie will win 2020 and there's nothing that any zombie-Trump cult members can do about it

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Keep telling yourself that,nigger

The Dems seem to be losing the Hispanic vote as well. Contrary to what the media spews, legal Hispanics do not support open borders and illegal immigration. Maybe has something to do about how they LEGALLY came in and don't want to see lazy fucks and criminals get the same advantages as they do.

Bernie couldn't even beat Hillary Clinton, and Trump beat Hillary. Inb4 THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED! BERNIE WAS CHEATED!

Your vote doesn't count during a presidential election idiot

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It's ok you admitted you have mental retardation. That's the first step.

Technically everyone's vote does count, it just doesn't have the same weight as someone else's from a potentially different state or district. Your vote does affect where your districts electoral vote goes towards. It's just silly when people talk about the popular vote, this is not ancient Greece, we are a republic and have always been a republic.

The leaders of the fucking party, along with every faggot that didn't give them shit for it.

What a petulant child.

No it doesn't asshole. It's been proven that popular vote doesn't count for anything. Now when you go to school tomorrow ask your 11th grade social studies teacher how it works,idiot.

>trumptards are a minority
If you think that, then you're fucking gullible. He got half of the country's votes in 2016 and that is in no way a "minority".

I think you are missing the point. Your individual vote counts and decides where your districts electoral vote goes towards. Then these electoral votes count towards the final verdict of the presidency. Obviously there can be a slight difference between popular vote and electoral votes, but to say that your individual vote doesn't matter is just retarded.

My party is retarded, bending knee at every turn.

all the impeachment did was give him even more attention than he already had

this is going to backfire so hard, he can literally thank the democrats for securing his 2020 re-election win because of this


>He got half of the country's votes in 2016 and that is in no way a "minority".
He got less than half.
That's the definition of a minority.
...and even that's only counting the fifty-something percent who voted.

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You sir are my nigga well said!

But user, haven't you heard? The dems won all the places that mattered.

Wow, I can literally read the soy in your statements - you guys are Canadian

both sides are retarded

I'm glad that you know which candidate the 50% of people who didn't vote support. Where do you get such information?

You are just using one definition of the word minority. If 49% of the country supports him, I wouldn't consider that a minority.

At this point I leave nothing to chance, hell voter rolls are still faulty so the whole thing was bullshit as it stood. Regardless, there was no efforts by prior administrations to address the issue if there's one thing I can say the bastard was good for, it was bringing that glaring oversight to the forefront.

trump has not gained a single voter since 2016. His base barely won then, so how will they win in 2020? Most trumpers never voted before him and wont vote after him. The republicans sold their legitimacy for at most 8 years of getting nothing done because they backed an idiot to win temporary votes from bigger idiots.

Assuming only 2 options the smaller is technically a minority even if it is a very large and marginal minority.

>which candidate the 50% of people who didn't vote support
They didn't bother to support either, duhh.

>If 49% of the country supports him, I wouldn't consider that a minority
Of course not.

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So why is he not going after a known fraud family like the bushes and focusing on biden? Hmmmmm


As opposed to a system where those in government rule and no one can gain ground.

Must be fun being stupid.

If 50% of the country didn't support either, unless all 100% of those people support the exact same singular candidate, then there is a group of voters who support someone at less than a 49% rate, thus making Trump supporters not the minority. Fucking dumbasses

If you don't vote then you don't matter to the democratic process.

He's rolling things back as they cropped up, Biden is more recent and John McCain was "put to death" according to John Kasich.

Oh no, you've NOTHINGED HIM. How could you sink so low as to NOTHING your own president?

Free stuff. Vote for me. Free stuff.

Hard to get votes with no ideas - unless....FREE STUFF!

Go ask a math teacher, I'm out, you white nigger.

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You what?

Is trump next since like half his family is benefitting financially from his presidency?

I'm under the supposition that you live in a alternate universe. Like out of star trek, when old spock meets young spock. Regardless kind potato you are an idiot in this universe. I'm sure back in your reality, where you are president of the nigger cum drinking club, everything is as you say.

Funny side note. There has only been 2 presidents of said club the other was your mother.

You are missing the key point here: California gets 55 electoral votes, Wyoming gets 3. If you add all of the electoral votes for: Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota,Alaska, Idaho, Nebraska, West Virginia, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi and Iowa together, you get 52 electoral votes. California alone gets 55. But yeah, Wyoming has an unfair advantage.

There's no law saying the president cannot employ family members in advisory roles.

Is there a law saying hunter cant go work in another nation? He is a lawyer you know...

Or put them on boards of foreign energy companies - once they are kicked out of the military for drug usage.

Nope, there isn't. What is illegal is Biden threatening to withhold foreign aid to keep his son and the company he happens to work for from being investigated.

He was being investigated by Ukraine for illegal activities on said board however. That's when papa came in and ended it

Is your name Sherlock? Thanks for being obtuse. It suits you.

There's law and there's ethics. Sometimes they are shared.

Only Lord Trump is akbar

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That wasnt illegal either. That's called politics.

Biden was asked by several foreign agencies and officials to withhold the money because of the corrupt pm at the time who was a known russian hack splitting the nation in two. Bidens are clean bud, trump fucked up. But so did the dems.

Guess who gave him that information? FBI Director Robert Meuller.

Altogether, those states are home to 20.7 million people, about half the population of California.
So collectively, voters in those states have the same voice as twice as many voters in Cali.
Oh, and they get 12 times as much voice in the Senate, which might help explain why Democratic Senate candidaets got 18.4 million more votes in 2018, but the GOP still picked up 2 seats.

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Honestly, if things are going as well as they are, he can say whatever the hell he wants.

tr*mp tards should all kill themselves

How the kool-aid?

Fuck off and watch Shawshank Redemption on AMC again, boomer. ROTFLMAO

It is illegal since there was no evidence to Biden's and other's claims that Viktor Shokin was corrupt. They even tried to have the guy killed.

I can get past the disrespectful part of this. It's the childishness I can get my head around. She's supposed to be the face of the lib party. Meaning she's supposed to handle the simple task of acting like an adult, or at least pretending in public.

t. ""master race"" tr*mp faggot

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The whole point of the republic is to prevent one individual state from having too much power and too much say. If we gave California twice as many votes, it would be similar to when we were a colony except Britain would be California and Utah would be America

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kill yourself concern troll

>It is illegal since there was no evidence to Biden's and other's claims that Viktor Shokin was corrupt. They even tried to have the guy killed.

Wtf. No, hunter was sent as legal aid. He was an in for the us government. That's it.

If it's all a lie then why are shokin and the pm on the run? And why was there domestic public protests to have both removed.

This whole argument is dumb. Either its illegal, and Trump had the right to investigate him, or it isn't illegal, and what Trump did by association wasn't illegal either.

>hunter was sent as legal aid
lolwut? Shokin had a hit put out on him and almost got assassinated in his fucking office, I'd run too.

Jesus fuck you're salty. Haha Typical Cred Forumstard response, no response call them a troll.

It's a simple fact, when you're the face of a major organization like a political party. It's imperative to (at the absolute least) look mature and in control, competence is semi optional. Otherwise your party looks like a bunch of whining children. The libs aren't looking mature, stable, or competent right now

a) That's some seriously contrived bullshit right there.
b) You're moving the goalposts.

The original point I was making is this:

>The GOP has a huge advantage in the EC. Their conservative base makes up a slim majority in a large number of small states.

Nothing you've posted refutes this.
I'm sure you LIKE it this way, but the fact remains, GOP candidates don't have to win as many votes to take office, which is why:
>your party hasn't taken the White House with the consent of 51% of the voters since 1952.

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You just sound like an entitled Californian. Fix your homeless and feces problem and then maybe we can talk about giving you some more votes. The country isn't just California and New York.

Did the word obtuse hurt your feelings? Or did you not understand the meaning? Was it both?

You're already BTFO, faggot. Next.


Just won a bet.

Actually the Senate is a bigger embarrassment

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>and feces problem
Oh, it's _you_ again!
Help me out here, where are you getting this whole "feces" thing?

Also, I'm not from Cali, nor am I asking for more votes.
I'm just pointing out you can't claim the EC doesn't offer Republicans a big advantage.

Seriously though, where ARE you getting this "human feces in the streets thing from"?
I mean, any state with x million people will have a few of them pooping in the street, but as far as I know, only India has this as a real problem.

Oh, btw:

Don't let him use teeth.

simple problem with democrats is, that they have cried wolf for 3 years about how trump should be impeached.. when they finally impeach him, they come up with 2 charges that seem like complete bullshit and literally open to interpretation and gut feelings.. literally no real hard evidence of motive..

Basically, after democrats tried to impeach 5-6 times now literally, the one time the impeachment vote passes, it is complete bullshit.. Democrats look like foolish buffoons now trying to save 2020 for themselves.. and now, it will certainly fail for sure.. what idiots.. Literally the worst thing they can come up with to impeach trump after 2 years, are 2 bullshit charges... they should of honestly tried to censure him instead of impeachment for this baloney.. sad state of their party here.. they look like angry/jealous children.. i imagine a bunch of these idiots are angry hillary didnt win, and they didnt move up into higher positions as promised.. Trump is a embarassment i agree, but its because he's a loudmouth new yorker, not because he is a racist blah blah blah blah.

Yeah, Schumer and Romney will live with this embarrassment their entire lives.

Trump was abusing his power to get dirt on the bidens.

This is another reason to vote for Republican next round if none of the candidates are really to your liking. Granted, Republicans started the idiocy of political impeachment (in modern times) and suffered some backlash. Apparently it wasn't enough for the democrats to learn the lesson. Without a huge backlash this election cycle I'm afraid were going to be seeing impeachment trials as a regular occurrence.

>2 charges that seem like complete bullshit
Only if you're not paying attention.
Both charges relate to him overstepping his Constitutional authority.
What he did amounts to a line-item veto.
Go google that shit, completely unconstitutional.
Between him and Barr, they've also effectively stripped Congress of their power to subpoena witnesses.
Literally unraveling the checks and balances system, biggest threat to our system ov government EVER.

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To add to the list.

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Why no democrats on your list?
Kennedy who got America caught up in a jungle quagmire police action
Carter who gave away the Panama Canal and who allowed his 2nd term election to be decided by Iranian hostage takers
Obama who had a women as secretary of state (I know it was her consolation price but still) when having to deal with multiple "critical;" nations with misogynist cultures. Fun fact: reason why forces in Afghanistan have beards is because its the only way they'll be taken seriously and considered men by Afghanis.

Different poster. Suppose I grant you your premise. Are you trying to argue that removing the electoral college would somehow make it more fair when it comes to each state being represented?

Biden wasn't in the presidential race when that was happening

Libtard post.. boring.. Trump best president ever.. hey libtard...what did Obama do again? obamacare?? more $$ / less coverage? thx.

You can't pin Vietnam on Kennedy alone, and the American body count is less than 10% of the Civil War.
Carter gave the Canal back early. Wow, what a blow to America!

>Obama who had a women as secretary of state
So did GW Bush and Bill Clinton, what's your point?

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This is you

Attached: 1579890514213.jpg (759x508, 76K)

>Are you trying to argue that removing the electoral college would somehow make it more fair when it comes to each state being represented?
I'm saying what I've already said.
I know you'd probably like to words in my mouth, but that's just not happening.
I was refuting the often repeated claim that the Democrats just aren't as smart as some random Cred Forumstard, and that's why they only win the White House about half the time.

If you want to believe it's important to be more fair to individual sates, even if it means robbing elective power from "we the people", that's an opinion, one I don't share.
But consider this: What if someone wants to believe it's important to be more fair to individual races, or genders, or religions, even if it means robbing elective power from people in general, or the states?
Why should Christians pick the president, just because they outnumber the other religions?

shit trolling, loser

The Whole Impeachment saw a SHAM...! If anybody should be on trial it is the Democrat party, look what they have doe to Bernie Twice(not that im a supporter of Bolshevism/socialism...) What they did amounts to a Coup d'état and should be put on trial for treason.

Trying to get a feel if you're presenting real sentiments or just a troll. Obviously anti-republican but your list doesn't make sense from a unified perspective.

Why not just say you're against the electoral college rather than spending the first half of your post deflecting rather than denying? Is it because that statement shows you don't understand its purpose? Maybe you should read those wiki posts yourself when considering your religion analogy.

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I'm not the user you're talking to but I would like to add (as a California native living near Seattle now) feces on the streets is an actual problem in certain progressive cities. San Francisco is bad. I avoid downtown Seattle at all costs. In the last year I've been down town 4 times, every time I saw filth and garbage every time. I saw feces out in the open 2 of those times.

>muh empy acres
Stop trying to drag me down your personal rabbit hole.
My point was clearly stated, well supported, and (thus far) unrefuted.
I'm not your strawman, bitch.

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>San Francisco is bad.
I've been to San Francisco, didn't see a single brown crayon.
I've honestly seen a lot more dog poop in the suburbs.
Also not sure how he's assuming it's human feces he's seeing.

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