Celeb thread

Celeb thread

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Dunno her but fucking gorgeous, wow

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betchu he's seen Creed tho...fuckin nigger

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pixel upgrade

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Kek! you probably right!

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selena was shaped by God for the sole purpose of pleasing my penis

Nothing wrong with being coloured. Wrong are the actions and judgement of people.

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And this nigger obviously doesn't know where he is...Put away the stolen laptop and get off the stolen bike Jamal


We are 4 days past the super bowl, and my pp is still only responding to latin mommies

With God as my witness, Shakira has broken me

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Only blacks don't watch Rocky?

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my pp too anony

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Its because blacks have a problem with italians

nice digits

Nigga I Ain't Jamal
What's your name?
I Ain't no faget

Reach out and touch faith!

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holy shit! budtrips checked, satan hailed

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I am ashamed that I forgot about Shakira for so many years

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Sometimes you have forget the dumb niggers and whoars such as in this thread and go on your own. It takes patience and skill, not hurt.
Johnny Cash - One - Lyrics

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If that was 2007 I'd be really excited.

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that's the kind of face you blow rope on

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I wouldn't want to piss him off in a dark alley!

gulp gulp gulp

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there's a place on my face for kiki

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You people scraping for so called celebreties really aren't doing very well. They're either lame ass disney creations or just nothing that something owned by disney is pushing.

Try harder for these lame threads.

she gets mad because you know the whole dyke thing is just for show, and now she's sitting there covered in cum after letting you raw dog her in a nightclub bathroom

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that's a good line lmao
you cute anony?

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There's a reason...
Johnny Cash - Man in black with lyrics

u bet

Corly is not a fairy.

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post hole

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fat disney p

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Don't take your guns to town
Son leave your guns at home
Johnny Cash - Don't take your guns to town lyrics

Imagine drinking Alices p and she looking @u like dis

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ok ok she's qt there, but not like Kira.

these Koreans are packing heat in the pussy department

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I hate Johnny Cash!
Just main peen hand side click on the room with the music in it

I'm obviously cherry picking them based on the puffiness of their lady parts.

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Stay outta Dodge.

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well I for one appreciate it and you for it

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New nude scenes tomorrow!

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I'll get right on that one, yeah right!

I can practically hear it open up.

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This thread is retarded, I hope that you people know that.

Please please please!
Please leak the rest of best Emma!
It's the only thing that matters to me!

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Fuck off you lesbian cunt that's worse than when Bond had to deal with a LASER beam between his legs.

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Just look up post boy from married with children and get all the pictures that you want.

I do

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sodium chloride enriched Dane detected

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I want an Em's paperweight

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I bet she has a great voice, given on the casting couch.
Johnny Cash & June Carter - It Ain't Me, Babe

You should be posting nudes of these Kpop girls.

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Post some JJs fat ass

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Talking Heads?

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Leak some JJ nudes.

That bitch needs to tighten up and stop fucking niggers.

kek'd ngl

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You’ll see...

Her boyfriend is white, retard.

They don't really have nudes. That's actually the whole idea of the korean pop music industry - the girls are supposed to appear extremely pure and idyllically perfect with their morals. No nudes, no public appearances with boyfriends or sometimes even full dating bans for 3 to 7 years.
Taking a nude picture would be a career ender for them.

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>tfw have an hour break for uni and all friends go home
>go around card shops and hobby shops
>spend near 50 quid on gundam figures and yugioh packs
>get no good pulls.

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Once she's got a ton of niglets she'll expect some white dude to take care of her and her brood. It's not happening.

Despite her age , I legit think she may have the best celeb ass.

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I don't go for the fat nigger ass, so for that small part of the population I go for Kira Kosarin.

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Guess what morons, not everyone wants to be a nigger or act like a nigger or have a big ass nigger ass!


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it's stupid but yes, that's how it works

it's well known in certain circles that emma doesn't care for niggers. in fact, that "The Circle" movie was the first one she had done with a nigger co-star. she got paid 5 mil for it. don't fret though user, your efforts aren't entirely in vain. I read your post, after all.

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Looks like a self-entitled korean cunt that'll never shut up.

I don't care about her money, I can do that on my own, she still looks like a paper boy.

Where is my fucking iced coffee?

best kpop anony in the building

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you seem flustered. everything alright?

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to be fair, if I was worshipped by millions of fans, I'd also feel pretty self entitled
I dunno, those cameltoe webms are pretty good too

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Bonnie owns me. Her leaks made me such a big fan, i couldnt deny it

It's in line with your fellow faggots at starbucks.

so hot

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Oh, emma!

those webms are what dreams are made of and he cool he cool... but he doesn't have the raw & unrefined charisma you've got

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I said

Oh yeah, but I wrote isn't incorrect, those little korean cunts might be cute but the ones that get into the USA are entitiled little cunts. Daddy bought them a place here.
The hot ones are the Chinese ones that'll send them right away if they see any "foreign" influence as once happened to a girl and I though we were doing nothing wrong.
Her older brother, some gangster dude sent her right back to China, I had no say in it if I did I'd get whacked.

goddamn those tits

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lmao you're alright user
I know right. have this while I delve into my archive for more Salma

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... looking back on it, it wasn't about his sister or I, we were the same age, but about him loosing face or some shit for his sister being attracted to a white guy.

Are you calling emma Watson a dog or are you some sect of furry?

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okay? I wasn't aware I had any charisma, lol

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Check out Indonesian chicks.
They're killer.

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If I needed someone to drop some newspapers on my door I'd call in emma watson, that's a proper paper boy.

trent reznor looks...different

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Well at least now we have something in common?

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Bitch got that Charlie Kirk syndrome

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she's way hot

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you got it in a big way bud
them Bali hoes mmmmmm

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Too weird...
Joaquin Phoenix - I Walk The Line (Lyrics)

He's no Johnny Cash but he's pretty good. Cheers!

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I'd pay to see him playing that.
He's really good and can arrange stuff right.

yes she is

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love those tits

That's pretty cool, at first I thought that was some fish fry.

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I can't believe I never thought of asking before, do you have any dreamcatcher toe webms?
I'm gonna choose to believe that

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she needs it so hard

I dont believe you

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> do you have any dreamcatcher toe webms?
No. Are they even famous for their feet?

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I wouldn't lead you astray

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Dreamcatchers have to be made for you by one that knows how to do it. They sort of look like pic related. I have a few and am not sure where to put them all.
If you're not pure of heart they wont help.

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VERY nice feet


sry, cameltoe webms, I'm not really a feet guy. Should've specified what kind of toe
nothing personal but I don't fully trust anyone here no matter how sincere they seem to be
alright alright, I lol'd, well done.

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mmm my dick

You forgot to take pills

Maybe I do have them but I don't really know dreamcatcher girls

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>I don't fully trust anyone here no matter how sincere they seem to be
Very smart.


That's pathetic.

The other thing about a proper dreamcatcher is that helps to focus an opinon when not sleeping.

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Attached: 1545664319023.jpg (1080x1349, 83K)

alright. thanks anyway. keep being awesome
I should get one, is there some authentic ancient magic that you can only get from the ones that are handcrafted and not mass produced?

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Post Ivanka

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Wholesome Anna is best girl

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plz tell me one of the upgradeanons can find this one

No u

That looks like fun, just getting blasting by some waves. I've done that before and it is fun. Look at the splash of the ocean as a cry, sometimes it doesn't mean to harm but it does, and then it's awesome. It's the awesome ocean, never think you can beat it.
Cry, Cry, Cry - Johnny Cash

That fat slobby ass looks like it's been fucked by more niggers than mighty joe young can count.

nvm, found it

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Yeah, those chink bastards chop off sea tortesties flippers and shark fins to make their little pencil dicks get hard. That's pretty harsh shit. It's why those asians want nukes so much.

damn, that's a cute pose from her.

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she actually looks very similar to emily browning

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oh my penis

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Johnny Cash - Tennessee flat top box with lyrics

>What should I do now, user?

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I like it leaving it up to the lady, those two were very noice.

Attached: 1580181560744.jpg (3355x4624, 818K)

It's up to you muh lady, as always.

When will she be mine? :c

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Attached: 77248132_37678752_2128825204106907_3896346338966634496_n.jpg (1080x1350, 268K)

>just throw stuff out out

as soon as you're ready to claim her

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mmm my dick

haha, that nose hole looks a little weird

that sounds like a horrible thing to do to turtles

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Not sure who, but gorgeous

Another few months in the gym then I'll be ready to sweep her away.

Attached: 133376981_r8q9sgiytdw.jpg (905x1080, 301K)

That's why we call them savages and that those fuckers have no souls.

She has some great lips... just sayin..

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Good luck dude! Just ask now, spending time in a gym wont change anything.


Aye, cheers to ya!

good plan :)

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Dubs confirm anons devotion
You are not alone friend

Attached: 1561760275388.jpg (1332x2000, 469K)

The stupid thing is that's easier for me to offer advice to others, which is usually right then to take it myself. I've been shot down but it sucks and I know to expect it.
WHaaa whaa!

Tomorrow user, t-tomororw I'll ask...

Lili Reinhart.

I think so. :]

Attached: J8K6UUeT_o.jpg (1452x2048, 858K)

Sure you will, but make an internet promise to do it!

Good luck user. I will light a candle for your success

fucking hot

He don't need no stinking female candles, he needs to just ask. GTFO with your stupid candles!

Attached: 5878f5f69a162_ZaraLarsson060.jpg.c8a3dbdccb67e63bac18d6d6d9f56d08.jpg (2088x3000, 415K)

Tomorrow, February 7 2020, I user will ask out Lili Reinhart and sweep her off her feet!

Thank you!

Attached: b4_819991877_1580867614748_LRdemtits.jpg (1125x2238, 131K)

India Eisley

Attached: 1560375490688.jpg (2634x3982, 1.12M)

Attached: nataliealynlind_1.webm (640x1136, 1.42M)

Attached: natlynd7.jpg (954x1335, 521K)

Attached: anya alien lizard.webm (640x798, 866K)


no problem. Have fun with her

i would suck on those all day


Isn't her mom a celeb from the 70s

Anya Lizard kiss make peen leak

You best!
If you don't we'll all make fun of you!
The Man Comes Around

Just remember that she's just as inquisitive as you are. Especially if she talks to you, I know it easier said than done but just know that worse that can happen is that she sais no. Nobody's laughing at you or her. Just remember it's always up to her.