Congratulations republicans,not only are you racist,but your also sexist

congratulations republicans,not only are you racist,but your also sexist

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i think most of them are just ignorant, not racist or sexist

Yes. Get rid of niggers and women should stay out of politics. Got a problem with that?

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All politics aside you probably shouldnt be posting on this website if that offends you sweetheart. You should find and kinder and more gentle site that will pander to your oversensitivity and feelings.

you cant even draw a swastika,also.the nazi's didnt care about women

hey retard,did i say it offends me? no i didnt,now fuck off

Had to use my finger tips to draw it, smart guy

OP is mad about something.....

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you seem pretty offended. seeing as how you started this thread, and are now calling someone a retard who didn't insult you in the slightest.

Its ok to leave here sweetheart. Its anonymous so you wont feel embarassed about being driven out because of your offended feelings.

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haha,a trumptard talking about offended snowflakes can go a week without being offended over's that super bowl workin out? i heard you got mad at the half time show,even without kaepernick you snowflakes found something to be offended over

aww is someone butt hurt, look at that picture you posted. A little inner peace is what you need, smoke a joint and bang on a drum circle jerk

op here,not a liberal.if you trumptards wernt dumb rednecks you'd understand that the majority of republicans hate donald trump to

Atleast we know how to speak english

nice picture, I am sorry your daddy raped you and then told you that you are the best little drug addict, no matter what anyone says. Dont worry, the world doesnt expect you to actually contribute anything

IDK, I didnt watch the Super Bowl.

>but your also sexist
I am ESL, but even I know the difference between your and you're.
Pic related is you.

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actually you dont,your president butcher's the english language on a daily basis

So youre a dumb redneck too?

lol, republicuck leaning states are lowest literacy states by no small margin. Post otherwise with facts to back your claim up, faggot.

So are you implying that trump recognising various non-whites for most of the state of the union and his “muh lowest unemployment for wahmens and minorities” of which pelosi struggles to tear up his speech is racist and sexist?

no suprise there,the snowflake trumptard didnt watch the san francisco 49ers play.even without kaepernick you snowflakes still get upset

your wrong because you're grasp of the english language is terrible

and the fact that he voted for a president who cant even pronounce the english language correctly

Always fun to see the "republicans are ___" whenever they're winning.

Now about Sanders' "rape fantasy" essay, any comment?

>women and minorities

people who still hate donald trump and the republican party regardless how much ass kissing donald trump does.its like "my president is black"barack obama all over again

>republicans are winning

really? losing the house majority isnt winning,retard

its not even worth calling them republicans anymore

Yeeeep, you guys are mad....

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You obviously havent been paying much attention to whats happening in the major Dem. ran cities on the west coast huh? Id rather be illiterate than having to dodge piles of human shit,and typhoid infected homeless bums on every sidewalk in LA,San Fran.,Seattle. and Portland.


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its funny how trump supporters call democrats mad.but who are the ones throwing tantrums for the past 4 years over sports players,the media,mexicans,muslims? sure as hell not democrats.grow up snowflakes,this is why nobody in your party wanted to vote for you in the midterms and you lost house majority

Keep whining sweetheart.

nice bait

Burning flags is so patriotic thing to do, right Antifa?

so what your trying to say is,the poor.meth and opiod addicted.hillbilly towns that are ran by republicans and filled with republican voters are any better?

besides,you realize your so called "republican"president has lived his entire life in a dem ran city

Does this mean that you are for all of those things listed there?

top notch user

Not true. Propaganda. You’re a fool. You’ve been played.

I am so triggered right now

Trump only lies, cheats and bends the law so he can be re-elected and continue to serve the interests of the people, you should admire that level of altruism

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He was a life long Democrat before he agreed to run as a Republican. Educate yourself snowflake.

makes me laugh whenever i hear a trumptard talk about patriotism,because you know.a draft dodger being commander in chief is so patriotic

i dont know what group of people is more stupid,democrats or trump supporters.if you can even tell a difference between the two

I live in West LA retard I see it everyday.

the meth heads and the takers need to feel good about themselves. At least they are white, so that is a huge life accomplishment, right?

>educate yourself snowflake

coming from a trump supporter,if your so educated.then why did your dumb redneck ass pick a life long democrat for a REPUBLICAN president.go figure why he's such a shit president

Look gais, I'm sorry I wont vote for Trump again OK???

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You can’t even use an apostrophe.

>Mueller report provides evidence of Russian interference
>various members of the Trump team get convicted
>left takes it completely out of proportion and focuses on Trump instead of Russia
>right pretends nothing happened and would rather have Russia fuck with their country as long as they benefit from it
The biparty system was a mistake.

so why did you vote for him then, it is people like you that show that the republicans are just little Beta followers who do and think what they are told

>Turn into a middle of the roader pissed at everyone when you get BTFO.
Nice play snowflake.

you shouldnt vote to begin with,ignorant voters is why america is such a shit hole.and this isnt just trump supporters

this, I think for myself, it is a rare breed. Unfortuantely we are forced to just pick the lesser of two evils

She tore it up after Trump ripped it up at the SOTU

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>pissed when you get BTFO

>says the party that drove around with armed militias when obama pissed them off

whatever you say snowflake,go find some more sports players to get mad at or whine about the media again

Because Hillary is a crooked mess. Why did you vote for him?

>or whine about the media again
Don Lemon, is that you?


Still so mad. You need a nap sweety.

>hillary is a crooked mess

and donald trump isnt? at least with hillary,we would of gotten a person running the country like the party she represents is suppose to.unlike donald trump,who might as well be a fucking democrat

Exactly, only if everyone would vote straight ticket democrat, the world would be a much better place..


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nope,im talking about trump and his supporters.after all,it wasnt obama or hillary who coined the phrase "fake news"it was trump and his crybaby supporters

I agree hillary is a mess, can you agree trump is as well. I have never and will never want hillary as my president. I voted in the primary for obama when it was between those two. He was a good president, not perfect but better than hillary or trump.

now can you admit you are a trump cheerleader

fuck off retard,we all know your some snowflake who voted for trump who thinks he's any better then what the democrats would of given us

its obviously that pile of shit your call a brain didnt realize why your own party didnt want to vote for you in the midterms and you lost house majority.and no,it wasnt mexicans,muslims or the media like trump supporters blame everything else on

Actually reddit is down the hall to the left.

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If he might as well be a Democrat then why are you so angry you got what you wanted snowflake. Some people just cant be satisfied.

>he was a good president

no,he wasnt.the cult following that obama had was even worse then people who support donald trump

lol go to kitchen bitch

aww, you are so nice. have a nice jerk thinking about trump, you earned it

>you got what you wanted snowflake

i wanted a republican,retard

I really dont give a shit about politics I just like pissing you oversensitive politicos off. Its easy and fun too.


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You got one, Trump is a Republican president.

nice checked!

Your right though... I'm human scum...sadface.jpg

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if he was so bad, why did trump just try to take credit for many of his accomplishments. Just saying.

and he wasnt perfect, and yes some of his followers are fucking nutjobs. Can you admit that many trump supporters are nutjobs and trump isnt perfect like he claims?

Can you admit you cried on election night when Hillary lost?

well you arent pissing me off, so yeah...

I am just seeing if i can steer this conversation into the middle and have a legitimate dicussion on the internet


On Cred Forums??? How long have you been here newfag?

Well, they did say he was going to lose the election and made fun of him, and we all know what happened.
But hey, the fact that CNN, MSNBC and other "real" news networks are losing viewers is because of Russian hackers, am I right?

actually I was never a fan of hillary. I was interested to see how trump would change politics. He changed it alright, tweeting about everything.

now all world leaders think they have to be more open, that is good. We get to see what is going on in trumps mind every time he takes a shit. 4 years is enough though

a looooong time, too long, lol.
call this a social experiment, if i can succeed then I can do anything

Libtards always reflecting.

Why is it the Republicans can get a long with wll races but white libs can't even get a black friend? It's because their desperate try hard mentality reveals their closet racism.

They didnt care about blacks either.

please do expand on this thought

Your comment sounds like lyrics to Death Grips song

no,he isnt a republican.if you want to know how a republican is suppose to run the country.look at george w bush,you know.the person that trump and his supporters hate

does anyone else get the feeling that bush never wanted to go into politics. He was forced into it by his family. Then pushed around by war mongers and other powerful people and feels bad about that.

He probably always just wanted to go to art school. His only way out of politics was to become president so that he could retire early and do what he wanted to since he was a kid. I think he is probably just a nice guy who got screwed by people around him and got a bad rap for it

Really? Youre a fucking moron with no grasp of politics dumbfuck Bush was an incompetent retard. His father ran the country much better. Go back to Cred Forums stupid.

Here is my question, and I really do mean this because I cant understand it. How do you explain the entire republican party as well as the fox news cheerleaders just falling in line like they do.

I seriously cant understand it, I imagine some of those people have leadership qualities or else they wouldnt have made it as far as they have. What is it then?

He wanted to be a modern jazz dancer but his family wasnt having it.


That's a man, though

Go fuck yourself leftist, nobody gives a shit.

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You think thats a partisan issue? Both parties fall in line with whatever their leaders want its always been that way. Reps. have Fox and Dems have CNN and MSNBC and most if not all of MSM..There is no diversity in either party and to pick one over the other as being better is ignorant and naive history has proven it.

you form a well thought out and educated argument there. you are a shining example of our conservative thought leaders

true, I dislike that from both sides, just falling in line. I dont like every democrat falling in line with every single gun legislation because people need their guns to protect themselves as well as a free society. But I am for keeping guns out of the hands of convicted violent criminals (so basic background checks on all gun sales).

But I also think people should either be forced to have health care, or that hospitals should not be forced to take people who cant pay. It is an either, or, situation. you cant have both like republicans want.

however, it just seems that with this president, this falling in line has reached a peak we havent seen before, with the exception of mcain

Explain how Clinton was acquitted after being tried and convicted of perjury and even admitting he did it himself after the fact. democrats fall in line for their own party too.

You dont think Obama made his whole party fall in line? Remember all those civil casualties from his drone strikes nobody on the left seemed to care about or his monetary bailouts or Uranium One sales. Not a peep from the left in politics. You can go through every pres. for the last century and find tons of examples its just that the Republicans are now the ones who are doing it and when a Democrat comes into power they will all do it for him/her too.

clinton got a blow job and lied about it so his wife wouldnt find out. should he have lied, no.

trump used taxpayer money and his position as president of the united states to pressure a foreign government so that they would help him win an election and he could maintain power.

if you dont see the differences here, there is no hope for you.

im in the middle but lean more left, though people on the left dont like all my thoughts and people on the right dont either.

I found those casualties appalling. As I did with the x amount of innocent casualties of the unnecessary iraq war

same user, just to say, sometimes war is necessary and there are innocent casualties in all wars. Destroying the taliban after 911 was necessary and I feel sorry for those innocent people in the crossfire. but sometimes these things can and should be avoided.

we need to maintain the strongest military on the planet, however we should be careful how and when we pull the trigger

Clinton lied under oath, a felony the same thing all those guys in Trumps cabinet went to prison for a couple years ago. Trump didnt do that to "win an election" they havent even figured out who hes running against. Burisma is corrupt and the current leader in the Ukraine has even said so and admitted Trump did nothing wrong. He may have did some shady shit over the last 3 years but if you watched the impeachment you would have seen he broke no laws and committed no impeachable offenses.

Nope. The government accountability office has judged that trump’s actions were illegal.
Good talking point though.


he succeeded in what he was trying to do, look at how few people backed biden in iowa

he did it to knock out a political opponent and he used taxpayer money and his position to do it.

can you really see no difference between the two? this is just amazing. The framers of the constitution put those laws in place to keep exactly this from happening. They gave two shits if a president had a mistress

If it was Trump calling for those strikes it would have been different though. You saw how everyone on the left lost their shit when they killed Soleimani a war criminal and terrorist sympathizer who Obama also had on his kill list but didnt get the chance to get.

Assassinating a foreign government official is a war crime.

The President of Ukraine sees things different than CNN/MSNBC and Fox are feeding you. Wait until Nadler subpoenas Bolton and youll see.

i agree, I hate hypocrisy.

I think it was a rogue general that iran themselves also wanted gone. They give info to the usa, the usa takes him out, trump gets a pat on the back. Iran retaliates on an empty building. Both sides look good in their own country. Price of oil goes up. Two of the biggest oil producing nations profit, and an asshole is gone.

Thats the way politics should work. I think its bullshit all the left wing stuff saying trump was trying to start a war. Too many people on both sides vote with their eyes closed

Then why didnt the Democrats add that to the impeachment articles and why didnt Obama go down for killing Gadaffi????? You cant have it both ways.

no it is not, i hate to play the hitler card but for fucks sake, he was a foreign government official. Man you are not helping your cause with such statements

well looky what we have here, on /b no less, it is halfway possible (and only half way but hey..) If it can be done on /b, the bottom of the internet, but our fucking senators cant have a reasonable debate, what does that say about them

Looks like the wingnuts got scared off when people started making valid points. Come back little lemmings, things were just getting fun

Is there any other way to be?