Uk girls

Uk girls

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Woah, I thought the Isle of Man was part of the UK.

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Northern Ireland

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North of Ireland*

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Any Bristol girls??

Telford Kik: yehyeht

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any shrewsbury?

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They banned it for being inherently sexist.

not sure whether sexy or deformed

any teesside?

bit of both tbh

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yeah you got anything to share?

Moreeee!! Name?


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Anyone got more of this slut?

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You Got any from telford?



how come the brits are so damn ugly? both male and female

Plz post pics of yourself as reference

Nope, that's why I asked

someone post Theresa May

nah I'm good.

Americans, men and women, cream themselves over britbongs all the fucking time. Signed a Canadian who hates Amerifat hypocrisy

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Any more Beth? Manchester.

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I'm not american so jokes on you
yeah that totally represents the largest share of brit population. and her tits are ugly and her ass is flat so not even a good example
vice. go fuck yourself

Vikings took the tall, beautiful ones back to Scandinavia and left the short ones with crooked teeth.

That's literally it.

what is with her fucking eyebrow


why don't steal them back? did they got used to the short ones?

Heh, well done.

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Best be more

got pics of or know kayleigh from birmingham/leamington spa area?

hmu on kik: jayjayjayzee

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