I cannot fathom someone actually being this much of a retard...

I cannot fathom someone actually being this much of a retard. I know reddit is full of soyboy neckbeardcucks but tumblr is 70 times worse

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this is literally a vocal minority.
Dont care for it and be indifferent to it.
Even if it becomes a things, it will be very isolated cases.
Christ even anyone can go to gay bars and anyone is accepted in them.

Chai lattes tho
U gotta try tho

Shut up fag

what are you even on about ?

Oh wow! Dumb fags are fags! In other news, the sun is hot!

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i mean
wouldnt be a bad thing to exist
easier if they are all together in the same spot

A homo being a pearl-clutching homo? Whodathunk?

Who gives a shit about one fag on the internet? Cred Forums gets so easily triggered

Gay ass

>I know reddit is full of soyboy neckbeardcucks
do you retards actually believe Cred Forums is just crawling with chads or something?

it has a lot of chads

lmao how fucking delusional are you? yeah chads spend all their time posting on the racism and child porn site

This. Internet likes to cherry pick so things look worse than they are. I have a bunch of gay coworkers and some gay friends, not a single one of them acts or thinks like this, infact most of them hate these kind of gays.

This person seems to be implying that cafes are boozed up sex clubs lol. Where are these cafes they go to?

I wasnt rambling about the idea of a cafe for lgbtqs, its her completely degenerate arguments that i cant understand.
>no need to socialise you can literally just sit there and be gay
What need to.socialise just sit there and drink your shit and if you do feel a pressure to socialise, how would a cafe being labeled as lgbtq eliminate that pressure.
>i fukkin love chai lattes
And you cant get that at your local starbucks or wherever you americans get your fancy coffe shits, a chai latte cannot exist unless it is served in an lgbtq caffee?
>non sexualised spaces
What is a sexualised space i dont understand
>no pressure to find hook ups
Youre not going to a whore house you bum

>so i told the girls how i post on Cred Forums about obama and the jews and they just instantly started sucking my dick bro

>Non-sexualized spaces
>Cafe literally defined by sexuality


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Thats very good to hear, the 3-4 gays i know of are the geberic rainbow socks "everyone has to know that im gay" kind

Non sexualized spaces? WTF?

yeah wtf kind of cafes they go to

Probably none

nice trips and yeah it IS fucking stupid.

Mental Illness is alive and well. This is the direct result of the anti bullying campaigns in the 90’s/ early 2000’s. way to fucking go

>LGBT cafe
>non-sexualized space
Pick one.

Some user from Cred Forums was a student at Cornell when they tried having an LGBT-only dorm a few years back but it had to be shut down for public health reasons (STI vector) because it became a 24/7 gay orgy.

Mostly IB's.

More ignorant ramblings.

>public health reasons
>24/7 gay orgy
Homosexuals behave like animals. They're only interested in the pursuit of carnal passions. This is the "pride" we have shoved down out throats not only all June and every June but all year.

BS. More incel lies.

The butt fuck kind.


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I use both these sites and I have only seen the radical side of one. Guess which one I've been seeing a lot (Hint: It does not start with a T.)

While I realize this is a single post of retardation, how does someone come to this faulty thought process? Since when do coffee shops pressure you to hook up with someone? Or out yourself as gay? How does labeling based on a sexual orientation make it not sexualized? Since when aren't you allowed to drink coffee alone? Is this the result of strawmen and propaganda?

>"Non sexualized spaces"
>LGBT is literally ONLY about sexual orientation
Or maybe is it about being retarded as well?

Because they dress/ act like flamboyant faggots and people stare. In their mentally ill minds, they feel that’s an attack on their sexuality. We’re dealing with mental midgets here.

Idiots itt:


If this is legitimately how you think you should
>kill yourself

all this 'non-sexualized' talk is in contrast with LGBT bars and clubs that are highly sexual environments where there is some pressure for hooking up (exactly like in 'regular' clubs and bars, mind you)
they're just lamenting the fact they don't find enough LGBT friendly cafes to their taste, likely because they don't enjoy club culture
which, LGBT cafes are totally a thing, the poster might just not know any, or there might not be any in their area
all in all, it's pretty innocent if a little dumb, and getting mad like you are at this - like this is a personal attack on you - is frankly pathetic

>believing sourceless anecdotal evidence from a partisan observer
>believing strangers on the Internet, period
what a big brain you have, my boy ...

Sick anecdote. The LGBT dorms on my campus are the cleanest compared to any other residential building. Cis men are slobs on average. Cis women are slobs on average. See how this can't be extrapolated to say anything about a generalized group reasonably?

Also, a sexualized space isn't one that allows people with different sexual orientations, it's one where sexual advances or activity is considered normal or expected. Like a bar or a club. An LGBT Cafe would probably be specifically a nonsexual space re:OP because Chad doesn't feel empowered to hit on any woman with a pair of tits in line of sight

>All homosexuals are carnal passion driven animals
>Lol why do they want a non sexualized space
You can't have both user

Thanks, this

>complains bars and cafes aren't gay enough
>complains that gay bars and cafes are too gay
Why can't he just take initiative and start his own bar or cafe? The answer is because he's a spineless little faggot who is afraid of risk.

He needs a beat down just because of the chai lattes. I don't care about lgbtq stuff.

>u can literally sit at a table and be gay all by ur self


MOAR of the chubby girl on the left

I am the B in LGBT - and will tell you the LGBT hyper sexualize themselves. They do it as a choice. This post makes no sense.

friendly reminder, that B in LGBT means "G in denial"

uh hua, sure there total closet faggot

I've been in Sweden, Netherlands, US, UK and nowhere have I found a cafe where someone got drunk or tried to rape someone.
It's just people with low chromosomes trying to blend it.. I'm kind of a fag but I absolutely hate people like this cunt. I want them all to die painfully, preferably in a gas chamber

What a pos.
Oh, so rather than sodomizing each other right in the cafe they'll just go home and do it. That's exhibiting some decency I guess, by homo standards that is. They just want another "hook up" joint because, again, homosexuals only have degenerate sexual contact on their minds.

You could have just responded to my post lol

Cafes arent sexualized spaces you're just a fucking retard. It's not a bar

I support self segregation. Fuck them, let them have their own space.

I doubt anyone would care at all but you dont just ask for those things you make them a reality.

lol I can tell, from a single comment, how unhappy you are with life

once upon a time it seemed that grown ass adults introducing obvious gay twinks at tender ages into their respective sexuality, now with the post kevin spacey era we're gonna see a lot more of those twitter faggots and that century old culture of faggotry will cease to be for the sake of protecting children, offering teenagers to a lot more quirky cults of faggotry
I think I prefer those "cis" faggots who largely were banned from all inclusive spaces or put into exile, even if they created them

Sure I'm just saying if they wanna make a fag cafe and say 'STRAIGHTS STAY OUT!!>!' I have no problem with it since they'll stay out of our places more often.

Why doesn't he build one then.

Yeah so what i saw this shit tumblr post and wanted to express my oppinion of it on this board, i dont see the problem with just talking about some random bs

But if it was all gay then all the fags would be fucking each other. Legit. It always happens.

Also “wouldnt be outed” if you’re going to a literally gay cafe, anyone in there would be the gay.

Also also how are you supposed to prove it? Is there a bouncer with a gaydar? Or do you just have to suck a dick to get in?

What a retarded faggot.

LMAO haaaaaaaave you met /fit/?

Go cluck your pearl necklace in denial somewhere else faggo.

>harrased me publically for my contact information
Yeah right like someone would wanna ask your sjw rainbow haired ugly manhating whitehating liberal ass for your number

Nope they’ll demand you include them while they’re excluding you.

Double standards galore.

Then their fag only joints won't get enough business. There aren't enough degenerates to do both.



cope faggot

Ho wood half funk u troony

Okay then, tell me since when theres pressure to socialize at a cafe, i sometimes go to a local cafe and i never feel the need to talk to anyone or anything like that.
>no one has ever asked for my number time and attention only to have sex with me
Okay i understand, you dont like being flirted with or whatever but if you had a cafe where only lgbts could stay do you think youd never get asked for your number?