Cuck couple here - would you do my gf?

cuck couple here - would you do my gf?

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fuck yeah

there we go

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what a great body

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what sorta fun does she get up to?

qithout question...god type exactly

Fuck. Yes.

our usual thing is to go to cosplay conventions and either have her show of her goods a bit, lke show pubes, nipples, ass

or have her suck off some nerds in costume
she really digs doing it in costume and it empowers her sexually

with the right guy and curcumstances she does deepthroat to anal and back

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lucky nerds

If she was still doing Lazytown I might, but nah!

She’s quite lovely. Would absolutely love to see and hear more about her achieving satisfaction while in character.

where you guys from?

Now I absolutely need to see her cosplaying in a pink wig.

no complaints so far but some funny sitations haha

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I'd love to hear about them

she did color her hair full pink one time but no wig

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If I had to

I mean, you'll need to point a gun at my head.


what are those tattoos for?

our usual stick is to go scout the area of a convention for safe spaces like bushes, disabled toilet (lots of space) or unlocked empty rooms

then me and her go around looking for people we might be interested in and she then flirts with them and asks if they're interested

rest depends on how this goes

we also had her rock a full bush as poison ivy and people kept looking at her crotch and ass

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if thats what it takes to get you har I gotcha buddy



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show us less clothes OP

The girl is the one on the... left, is that correct?

your eyesight is fully functional, sir

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any fun stories from doing that?

Damn that’s quite hot.

she is stunning buddy
massive W

those paw print tattoos mean what I hope?

Fuck which cons do I need to add to my list?

Fuck shes got me hard

moar OP she's hot af

if only she went to a convention dressed like that

Your girlfriend looks like a 52 year old man caked in layers of makeup and a wig and probably has a taint that smells like a jockstrap from all the dried splooge in it from other men.

I've never been turned on by a locker room and it's not about to start now.

0/10 fuckable
10/10 gloryhole material

No wonder you cuck her out; I wouldn't stick my dick in it either

Some cons in my area have no dress code depends on if it’s family friendly or not

we now know batman is not the hero she needs but maybe the hero we deserve because he creamed his pants

one time we decided she and a common friend of ours take a piss on the green in front of strangers (other people from the con) and so both her and or friend squatted down, pulled their clothing aside and just pissed while being seen by the people there

it is


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ever see anyone walking around like that there?

more like this one OP holy shit

damn, she's great in every pic you post

more like this one OP goddamn

Eww, is she Asian or does she have down syndrome? Fuckin eww

Daytime nah night time hell yeah Especially during adult panels. Literally seems girls fuck on stage before

we're eurotrash

i feel you bud

me too haha

she is

we worked in the odd nipple slip, ass out or pubes and pretended not no notice already

its quite hot
also been doing it at some comic book stores but thats only a short thrill

yeah some have very relaxed rules

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yeah... "g"f

Why do you keep making this thread?

what cons?

Shame come to us cons. Love to play with her as jinx

full frontal okay for you guys?

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talk about cuck stuff

got inspired to take her to the adult cnema in the last one

guys love to get Jinxed for some reason haha

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ever take pics of her with them?

yo OP more of the full frontals damn
instant hard on honestly

have any fun at the cinema?

some but mostly busy wanking haha
we ask if its okay for the guys and when some say no its okay for us

we're going tonight first time

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Wow, kik?

keep the nudes coming

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any more like this one OP?

have any plans for her?

have most others of this on my comp I think
having her just in the fishnet was fun

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Does she have a Twitter?

she will go as officer Jinx and if we like the atmosphere there we want her to get t on with one or two guys at once

would love to see her face covered in cum if all goes well

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no wonder bud it makes her look insanely hot

not for our cuck related stuff
we tried to keep it low profile but a little bit exposure and bragging have excited us both
not sure where we take it from here in the future

currently focussing on getting some friends into it too

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has she ever done a gangbang before?



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Did this start out as a cuck relationship. Or did you talk her into it? Are you her slave 24/7?

Diet, jaw reconstruction so she doesnt look like a trap and haircut/bleach.

I mean Jinx is crazy so it’s a whole vibe that I enjoy. Would love to catch her and give some police discipline to the troublemaker

No it didn't. We started finding out that we're both turned on by cuck stuff 2 years into the relationship. She was Poison Ivy at a con and she didnt finish her cloak in time and people just kept staring at her butt all day. When we taked about it we found out we both thought it was kinda hot and kept exploring this stuff

we're not in a master slave relationship currently
outside the cuck stuff she actually likes getting tied up an spanked by me

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that she fucks dogs? obviously.

she really digs it if people bring some roleplay into it

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I mean it’s what makes it fun. Besides her in any cosplay would be fun to throw around a bedroom. She has me solid keep it coming

Probably. One of my favourite pastimes are finding sjw, super feminist, Liberal types, arguing with them, then fucking degrading them treating them like the objects they know they are.

imagine her kneeling like that before you

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Seid ihr deutsch?

Impersonating an officer is no joke. I would have to get Vi or Cait involved unless she could work something out..

what if we are?

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god damn. please show some of her with a guy

Cosplayer thots are fucking worthless

should probably cuff her too, just to be safe

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Cuffs would work for the start. But she’s gonna need extra restraints. Get them nice and snug around her body making it easy to manhandle her.

had a fantasy about her getting restrained on a sack barrow in cosplay and leave her somewhere with her tits out
but feel like we need some backup in case something goes wrong

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Wäre geil, liebe es cosplayerinnern im kostüm zu ficken.
Außerdem habt ihr auf einem Bild ein deutsches Bild :)

I'm sure her friends would be willing to help

Do you have any normal clothes pics? I just wanna see what she looks like


yeah, its the most likely option

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this one is pretty normal

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God the thought of coming across that and just teasing her to get worked up. By the end of it I would leave all her holes dripping with cum

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Crash her into the Supremacy flagship.

How big is her dick?

you like her holes?
being honest here though with stranger we require condoms because we cant test for STDs on the spot

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This is definitely someone having a LARP.

that's a shame. good call though

I had to google that
didnt watch new star wrs becaue its trash

her genitals have been document in this thread above what is required, officer
see for yourself

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waiting to see her taking the knot


Lust mal was zu machen?

How about just nude?

Smart I mean I would happily prove I’m clean if I got to fill her up. She has me solid keep going. I would love to have her senseless by the time I’m done playing with her

Why would i want a girl without a dick? What's the point of that. Delete the thread faggot.

god damn, need more pics like this

Hi OP, I hate to break this to you but.. your bitch has a dick.

would love to see some of her in action

how kinky can she get?

we've been keeping contact with some guys for that
last time Perona got gang banged she had to be carried and lie down and rest a bit
she was also a bit sticky

ok you are correct. sorry


oh i never noticed

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>we're eurotrash
u meant 'pure trash'

you and faggots of your like is what destroying europe.

multiple dicks, girl on girl, oral, anal, piss play,
public in costume

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Fuck I want to cover her in cum. I bet she’s a perfect little cumdump. More jinx? I want to finish to her being a slutty troublemaker

Post ur kik

someone made a cum tribute of her as Jinx

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how many guys?

how public?

Do tell how she showed her bush to the nerds at the convention. I'm edging now, and would cum soon.


I mean, she's cute and everything, but I like smaller tits than that.

Stinky cunt

how tall are you OP?

3 and I joined in because I couldnt hold back

fucking in the bushes, sometimes flashing directly at the con

weaing her poison ivy outfit and the pubes are just plain visible in that cosplay if she does not shave

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like this?

not true unless she got filled with cum


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Aww man, please post some more, i want to see her pubes. Would like to coom on them also

let's see a cock in her


I would give "her" a blowjob.

I had an ex that was like that. Always forced her to show her pussy to strangers. She liked to be shaved, i liked her bushy, especially since I've got a thing for neat, clean, good looking girls being unshaved.

based yuropoor

exact height thx

we're gonna head to the cinema now
might post more tomorrow

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Id love to send some trib if you ever wanted

She looks tedious as fuck. Hard pass. You two should split up.

Fuck yes


Ok tnx. I always had respect for whores. Heck, if it weren't for girls like her, i could easily still be a virgin, ha!

gotta update us on how that goes

one of her in action before you go?


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Turn her around

turn her off



Hanson jack lokin ass

Throwback Thursday

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I would fucking rail the shit outta this sexy bitch so hard she wouldn't be able to walk for 2 weeks.

Yeah I'd conquer her doggystyle with her head banging into the wall, but before I do her I'd beat the shit out of you right in front of her to show you both who's boss.

You're not a man.