Need advice...

need advice, my girl admitted that she let a guy she was only hooking up with take a couple videos and pictures of them during sex do I break up with her?

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I would, how embarrassing.


What is the big deal?

i'd say no big deal. people fuck and people like to watch people fuck. pretty natural shit. if he's out there actively sharing them though, then it's time to address that with him.


ask her to get a copy tho so you can watch together

No. Ask her for them and post on b

Okay OP, I'll get straight to the point.

Your girl is stupid af. Doesn't understand the consequences of her actions and will cause you more trouble in the future. I wouldn't even date a girl if she'd done that. Now she's forver a trophy and easy amateur porn for that guy.

Find yourself a smart girl OP, talking out of experience.

share your girlfriend OP show us her noods

Was it during your relationship? if not... who cares.

show picture of her

if she's hot, stay with her for free sex and break once you find an other girl

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fuck wouldnt date a girl if she'd done that..well dude...youre gonna be very flash
a huge % of women have sent nudes or been photographed at least once..unless theyre underage..
but most women will have done at least one naughty pic to a guy
its no big deal nowadays...shit ive shown some of my exes pics and vids of other exes i had and they didnt care..they even showed me some

Hey man, you do you. I for one have a girl who just doesn't send/make nudes.. ever.. And it feels good.

Everybody here can lie if they want, but if you really like a girl you don't want their nudes somewhere at some random guy. And as I see it, girls who send/make nudes easily for guys tend to be unloyal anyway.

If you need to ask Cred Forums about that then you are perfectly fine without breaking up faggot.

I wouldn't worry about it, I dated a girl for a while who did the same thing and knew the guy put the vids up on the internet. I never found them, and still to this day wish I had lmao

completely disagree..
i love a girl who wants to show me only...i want her to send me pics and be my model.
my ex even let me post her on b (no face) and i twas hot as well.
so what happens when you dont see your girl for a while?
theres no big deal sending a tit pic or an ass pic..especially if youre in a relationship..alot of girl wont send shit out all the time..but most of them say if theyre serious with someone..then yeah why not?!

i feel sorry that your girl never does pics...your missing out!
maybe...if shes hot..if your gf is ugly then yeah..can see why you think that

Nah fuck that

I like that you're saying ''to me only''. An occasional tit/ass pic without face is something I wouldnt mind either.

The chances of finding a girl who sends ONLY YOU pics and hasnt done so in the past to other guys (or in the future..) is nearly 0%. I rather not have my gf be a trophy to other guys who she fucked in the past. A trophy (vid/pic) which they can just open on their phone and jack off to.

My ex has send me ALOT of nudes. And to be honest I prefer my current gf's way of doing things. If I wanna see her ass I'll come and see them. She plays it safe and smart and that's one of the reasons I like her. My ex on the other hand was a raging whore who (ofc) also cheated (sending pics on snapchat behind my back).

Not saying your way is bad, just saying to OP that he's at risk. Girls who don't think about the consequences of their actions can cause alot of trouble.




No self respecting guy would ever be in a relationship with some whore whose tiny brain told her it was a good idea to have pics snapped of her nude. There are plenty of women who haven't acted like sluts and actually respect themselves enough not to let any douchebags take nude pics of her.

imagine your coworkers downloading dem pics/vids and then laughing at you "LE CUCK! LE CUCK!"

but I think you just wanted 4chanfags to call you a cuck.
now that you've COOOOMMMMM, go back to your homework, faget

>also, "she admitted ... a couple vids/pics" actually means "she knows that those thousands of pics/vids are on the internets rignt now"

i get what youre saying...seems like youve just had a bad experience tho...not all girls are like your slutty ex..

i know the chance is 0%..unless youre her first and only bf and she doesnt have a phone! every woman has sent at least pic to a guy...even your current gf...she might say she hasnt but chances are she least a tit pic or an ass shot..she has man..sorry to break it to you.
but so what...women can do what they want..i have no probelm if any of my exes exes have pics of the one who still gets to fuck her.. and i can guarantee they dont have half as much as i do..or have her doing half the shit i got her to confident in that...

Cucks should not be giving anyone advice on anything. Youre a deficient human. Some of the weakest, least worthy people in society.

>I rather not have my gf be a trophy to other guys who she fucked in the past. A trophy (vid/pic) which they can just open on their phone and jack off

How insecure can you be ? I have like 4go (we live apart atm) of my current GF, being it cam record or nudes/vids, and I absolutely don't care at all, even if she already done it to someone else in the past (this one didn't, I was the first with who she needed to send nude due to distance).

When you know you have a good hold on your girl, and that no matter how many guy jerk of to her, at the end of the day it's YOU who put your dick in her biscuit, only a colosal beta fuck would worry about it.

If your girl doesnt send you a naughty pic saying she miss you and want your dick to fuck her hard so much, then sorry to tell you you'll have a very boring life.

Well, I think that is where our opinions just differ. It sounds weird, I know, but my current gf just doesn't have a tit/ass pic out there. She ain't no saint, but just zero pics.

Hope you enjoy your girl, user. Godspeed.

not at all...look up the meaning idiot...

fuck me theres some disillusioned people in here...if she doesnt admit to it, shes lying...every fucking girl has been convinced to send a tit pic or to be snapped quickly in bed...every girl...if you wait for girls that'll either die alone or in jail because yiou had to young

why is she a whore? for letting a bf take a pic of her tits while they were together? because she wanted to treat her bf? maybe he did something nice for her and this was a reward?

this...agreed man

she does...youre kidding yourself mate


I bet you've sent a million dick pics to a million chicks.

>colosal beta fuck
>very boring life

Sounds more like you're twisting reality in a way you can cope with it, and come out as an alpha chad. But you must know you're the cuck.

I'm not going to explain myself to a raging cuck like yourself. Let your gf be easy, cheap jack off material to other guys. That's just what she's worth, I guess?

Nothing boring about my life, I just go and fuck her if needed.

Find a smart girl, they usually don't have pics out there. It isn't that weird.

incel lol

>imagine your coworkers downloading dem pics/vids and then laughing at you "LE CUCK! LE CUCK!"

If a situation like this happen, and that is how THEY react, it mean you are so beta and weak nobody respect you. If ppl around me find out about my girl nudes, the only action they would take would be "oh man looks isn't that your girl?" and that's it.
I would just laught with them and joke about it, and that's it, because they RESPECT me and therefor my GF through me.

I can just imagine all those guys on this thread against it, crounched on their bed with their phone in their hand, syaing to themself "oh shit I hope not a spec of her body leaked on the internet otherwise some other dude I never seen and will never see is maybe jacking of to her... please be it that she always be a good boring bitch"

Twisting what reality ? You're just an insecure faggot that can't accept that your girl had a life before you. You think a girl sending nude to you to make you horny or give you a treat is shamefull? if yes, you're utterly retarded and should be forbiden to reproduce, if no, then as long as you're not her first, then you're a fucking hypocrit dumbass.

Either you didn't put enough though into this matter, or you're a very pathetic beta incel whom nobody respect. I really hope for you that it is the former.

ugh...there is no point trying to talk to people on here sometimes..keep living in your fantasy world where youre the only guy to make her cum, maybe even to fuck her...your right...your gf is so good she never does anything likke that...just for you..and im sure when you guys break up..she'll be a good girl still right...wont fuck anyone else..jusy stay at home pining for you and your amazing cock.

fuck! every. single. girl. has had a pic taken of them or sent one...dont beleive me? ask one of your girl mates (assuming anyone on here can actaully have a friend whos a girl) and they'll confirm

smart girls have pics too man ex was a smart dorky innocent princess to anyone that knew her... but i got her doing some nasty things on camera...and no one is wiser

And also, because YOU didn't manage to get a nude out of your girl doesnt mean everyone is as INEPT as you. You're just bad at it, we're not, suck it up beta incel

Man, look at the tantrum you're throwing. Defending your cuck point of view.

- I never said she was a saint, she had a nice life before me
- She just doesn't have pics out there, because why give other guys somehting private that can backlash hard? (like spreading or showing to friends)

I'm sorry I'm dating a smart girl, it's not for everyone.

Ah so is that it? dating a girl who sends everyone nudes without thinking makes you an instant chad who fixes nudes? Nice man makes sense

cant wait till she gets drunk one night and tells you the truth.
i dont care what she says...she has at least sent one pic to someone in her life..or let one guy take a sneaky cleavage shot or ass in thong shot

Keep convicing yourself, we don't care anyway.
She'll probably dump a shallow prude beta waste of oxygen pump like yourself soon enough

Yeah continue to distord my words with your strawman, your argument is weak and your rethoric pitifull, try harder in your next life incel fag

Hey man, I ain't mad. Just feel sorry for the fact you get so pissed off bc of a simple argument. There is probably some underlying frustration for you surrounding this subject.

Dude look at the topic of the thread, how can you think the way I say this stuff is legit serious ? I can't believe this place became such a crybaby place in the past 14 years that I can't even get a good showdown with a fellow Cred Forumstard.

I still think a girl sending a nude to his man is nothing to fret about, but guys seriously you don't have to mind your words in this freaking place, shit on ppl !

Shit all those boring conv made me sleepy, gonna go to bed.
Have a nice time all !


Who gives a fuck, now you can get nudes from her
Too many simps in this thread being a bunch of fags with their girls fist up their asses

this actually...its always tricky asking her nudes or to take a few while youre fucking...but is shes already done it...she probably will let you...depending how long you been dating and if she sees you as long term material

Beat the shit out of her and rape her. Keep her tied up and confined for a couple of weeks while you continue to rape her bareback. If she gets pregnant, just show her the videos and remind her that she's a whore that nobody will believe. Then feed her a sheet of acid and leave her naked in the woods somewhere.

>talking to your partner about past sexual experiences

now THAT is bullshit

Post the video so we can give you an accurate answer. I wont show it to anyone tho

sex with another person during a relationship means the relationship should be over

any other decision and you are cucking yourself op

what? of course it does...but she wasnt fucking another person in a relationship..fuck dude can you read?

found the youngster

In with this dont let the little shit ruined just look for a virgin butterfaces

Then you should definitely not call her your girl in the first place.

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you never made a distinction that you were not in a relationship with her while they hooked up. i'd say then who cares its in the past

if you two (yeah thats you and your 'gf' op!) are in a relationship and she has sex with anyone else, not breaking up with her is cucking yourself/

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Well if you want to jerk off while watching them have sex, don't break up