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Well now, it's interesting you would mention such a Le Edgy Cred Forums meme, because when we examine the 2018 US Criminal Victimization Survey, we can see clearly that whites are roughly twice as violent as blacks in the US.

And considering the entire total of non-white violent attackers doesn't come close to approaching the number of white victims, it becomes sickeningly clear that even whites cannot trust whites.

The statistics are clear-

Around Whites, Expect Fights.

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That's a ban

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bump because its truth and kikes hate truth

DESPITE. I hope you're just pretending to be retarded.

Ever seen the kindsa spics that get away with labelling themselves "white"?

I’m not OP but can you really make that comparison when you look at the population? 171,493,180 whites opposed to 33,132,399 blacks. Yes white have double offending rate but they’re nearly six times as large as the black population.

Ever seen a vagina?


More Whites, More Fights.

>5x as many whites as there are blacks
Nice try, shlomo. Ever heard of the words 'per capita'?

That was b8 m8. And not a good one either.

So what you are saying is you need to resort to a mythical fantasy world where the black population is 5.2 times larger to justify your bullshit? Maybe you should get out your DnD dice and we can roll you up some more non-existent coping stats? Are you starting to feel violent user?

You need to go back--->

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Cherry picking. Whites are 3 times more the victims

That's a lot of cope for the statistical fact that whites commit double the amount of crime that blacks do in america. Better pull out muh graphs!

Do you even check your sources? Thats a self reported questionnaire that doesn't even include murder.

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lol imagine being this jewish
Go back to plebbit rabbi

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Anyone posting in the Reddit thread? I'm in need of lols

you need to go back to israel

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>white population 171,000,000
>black 33,000,000

More Whites, More Fights.

You make a valid point though user, we should really start working on reducing the white population until it matches the black population, then we can truly start to test Cred Forums's theories and find out if you are correct. It's the only way.

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you couldnt find one dirty white person?

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Fucking Cred Forums retards. Doesn't this pic prove that jews are not too concerned about conquering western society? Make up your mind already.

You are saying muh joooz were thwarted by a sneaky campaign of forced marriages to non-jews?

You fell for bait, retard.

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Why the fuck is this board entirely Cred Forumsspam today...?

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Reddit is better than Cred Forums, in every way.

Look at the population difference kek, you dun goofed nigger.

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Because Cred Forums is a shithole now full of cucks and faggots.

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The 13/50 is decades out of date. It's closer to 13/38 now.

You're a massive, massive fucking retard. Nobody is saying it's all of the Jews, but all the creatures moving the puppet strings are Jewish.

NGL I could probably see myself breaking in the asian and breeding his boipussy if I were tipsy.

Is it jewish tricks that you can't get a boyfriend-free gf whose heart is true and honest?

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