What is your opinion of this picture of a mom in diapers?

What is your opinion of this picture of a mom in diapers?

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Would change

She does look eager.

I see a drawing

we need the real thing

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>Diaper/breast-feeding lesbianism

I approve.

I think it's sad.

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Hot mom but I really don't want to see or smell her excrement smeared all over those fine cheeks. I'll pass on this one.

I agree, don't enjoy the messing. Incontinence, however...

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Work in a old folks home ware you have to change them Daly thare nothing cute about it your a sick fuck

There it is a job, not a fetish.

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And all The medicine and vitamins and junk they give them. That trash can quality food. Shit comes out and it's worse than a nuclear warhead

No more from OP? Well then no more from me.

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Lewd diaper-slut.

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op is a faggot!

Anyone know what kind of diaper this is?