Post your ideal bodytype!

Post your ideal bodytype!

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I love this artist
that Nagatoro of his is amazing

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All of them, except too fat or too skinny or disfigured.

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100% flat

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This is a very white post
Also post tits

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based and redpilled

Is that one of his oppai "loli" elementary schoolers?

I'm cooming

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>elegant, tall and slender
>big breasts and long navel
this is the peak.

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imagine getting charged a fee for every action you do to her on top of the hourly rate and hotel price
>kissing = 100¥/per on cheek, 500¥/ on lips
>deep kissing = 2000¥ for 2 minutes, 5 times; 5000¥ to kiss freely/per hour
>look into eyes while penetrating = 2000¥
>change position = 1000¥
>dirty talk = 2000¥
>shave pits = 2000¥
>act sort of interested = 10000¥

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White paypiggu here, this is my fetish

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I have two ideals.

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and this.

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Can my waifu be my ideal body type?

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Picture didn't load.

Yukino Season 1 and Eli are the prettiest anime girls ever made.

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Ahhh, don't look at me like that Miku.

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Is that the agl support pan? Shes pretty good after her dokkan. All the pan cards in dokkan are good.

Your pelvis should always be sore afterwards

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chunky ranma

Apex female form

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You posted it.

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>the taller they are the bigger the muscles
that's not how it goes asanagi

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Brown, short, short hair/pixie, genki/violent personality, big tits. Tanlines as a bonus.

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I will take the opposite.

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What makes you think logic is involved in this thread?

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inb4 fatfag

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there's a dead body in the pool

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manlet cope

bigger muscles look worse though

>I only think about boobs and penis everyday, I am known by many as the cuumer! Fear me!

And there's a rotting body coming out of the pool as well.

wtf im a necrophile now!

Raita's girls drive me bananas.

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Something like this

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>Herodotus also alluded to suggestions that Greek tyrant Periander had defiled the corpse of his wife, employing a metaphor: "Periander baked his bread in a cold oven.
Dare I say based and redpilled

Raita girls basically have my ideal body type (tall, sldender and breasts) but idealized to it's absolute limits. I guess that's why they are so appealing.

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Finally someone with taste ITT

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reminder that Achilles raped Penthesilea's dead body after killing her

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Absolute peak female character design wasted on a garbage manga with a terrible ending. I'm still mad.

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Just enough.

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Why not both?
I ended up rolling both on the Setsubun banner and I am very happy


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>gyaru draph
Whoever thought of Kuvira is a goddamn genius