Try to impeach THIS, liberals

Try to impeach THIS, liberals.

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That’s my kinda freedom user.

Oh fuck, they make my GDP go up!

try to impeach 2016?

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how is this conservatism?

Hahah that’s at my old high school

It’s called Freedom.

To be whores so that they will be incapable of pair-bonding with their future husbands?

Uh, they did impeach. You're such a fucking chud you don't realize that the Senate convicts, the House impeaches.

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I want to come to america and get myself a nice christian conservative lady

He got re-peached you fucking beatnik

Forever stay mad kid

Land of the free, home of the mentally fucking handicapped. And you’re also not free, you’re bent to a broken democracy and you’re all too fuckin stupid to realise .

Flat assed, lipless girls that vote according to their mom and dads belief. Amazin.

Only thats not how it works. The House gathers the evidence and sumbits the articles for impeachment.. The senate then votes to Impeach.. They voted to acquit which by definition is a NOT GUILTY ero NOT IMPEACHED. Face it, guy is going to be your president for a long time.. Best you have to hope for is he doens't run next election.

Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. Impeachment does not in itself remove the official definitively from office; it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges against the official.

He's still impeached.

So Clinton wasn't impeached either. Got it.

Can't remember how many MAGA sluts I fucked at political events in 2016. Don't need to impeach that, I impaled that.


He is impeached

God i love the girl on the right. Just wanna spank that ass and pick her up

>vote according to their mom and dads belief
I used to see dumb white girls in high school say they were conservative because of their parents, even though they had no conservative values. They were as left as they came or they didn't know shit about politics.

You can tell they're conservatives because they're not landwhales.


Goddamn, I would cum in rights butthole so hard Nancy Pelosi would feel it despite being blackout day drunk.

Yup. Extremely typical.
Not going to pretend like I wasn't affected by my parents either, but I wouldn't wave a sign or political flag without knowing what it meant or the impact it had.

i'd like to be in this peach alright

>rent free europoor

thats a cute butt, anyone else agree?

The average European lives a far better life than the average American my guy.

Why do all the women in "Trump 2020" pictures all look the same

Why do all "women" in leftist protests look and sound the same

He was impeached. You don't seem to understand the definition of Impeachment.

> Acquitted

>You don't seem to understand the definition of Impeachment.
I'll reiterate for your edification. You don't seem to understand the definition of Impeachment. Impeachment is the process, not the result.

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Nothing like wearing a sign that says "Feel free to grab me by the pussy!"

Women who support Trump don't care about having any sense of self.

Are you having trouble deciding which bathroom you can use?

Young lady you are technically correct, which is the best kind of correct. This in no way stops you from being a colossal faggot. I'm sure you'll point out my inconsistency, calling you young lady and a colossal faggot. But there in lies the crux of your existence. To be a little bitch or a huge faggot. Choose wisely and god speid!

Lol. Nope. I'm having trouble with people in this country who support Trump. I'm bummed about the men who do, and shocked by the women who do. Their self-esteem must be at rock bottom.

As your superior in every way, it would be wrong of me not to accept your unconditional surrender. You're welcome.

*impeaches THAT*

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Can anyone explain to me how Trump girls became a thing

Nigger loving white whores

Trump 2024
Trump 2028

Sorry. They already signed papers dissolving the impeachment because he was acquitted. Try again.

Imagine actually believing this

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>He doesn't know

honestly just got really turned on by picturing bernie sanders raping her topkek

Same stupid ass camo clothes and leggings lmao. Imagine being that much of a conformist. These bitches don't have a shred of individuality to them, how sad.

you don't get to cry about treason if you had no problem with all of obama's shit.
also, you need actual charges and evidence.
learn to politics and law, faggot

What I want to know is where are the charges and evidence for what Obama did? Must be a cover up by the Demoncrats.


As sad as it is, you would never be able to pull one of them anyways. Tell us about how much of an individual you are. I bet you like metal music lol

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>No u
Come on, dude. Surely you aren't that simple

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Fucking kek!
No, not even close you walnut. Go read ...something, you at least need to learn how to read and educate yourself.

Don't you mean Obama for treason?

Well, Bernie does claim that women have rape fetish after all.

Imagine being so uninteresting and desperate for attention that you feel the need to do this shit. I'm no liberal but women that are this needy for attention are just as bad as far left bitches

Provide sauce of claim