Why do blacks think it is ok to watch videos on there phone in public at full volume?

Why do blacks think it is ok to watch videos on there phone in public at full volume?

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Because they are black.

that's part of their alpha personality

Because theyre all niggers. Niggers lack any self awareness at all. And even if one did happen to notice their rudeness, they wouldnt care cause fuck whitey. Theyre also the biggest group of cry baby hypocrites on the planet.

i avoid them as to not have this issue

The same reason they yell to each other on speaker phone, no matter their location. (because niggers)

Because African Safari reasons


To personally target and infuriate you


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just shut up and eat your mayonnaise white boi

Don't they blast terrible music like the Muslims in Europe?

This. But there was a time when they were somewhat better bahaved as they knew Whitey would crack the whip. In this improper order we find ourselves in there is no discipline and so the nigger runs wild.

they think they own the world

they see being an obnoxious fuckwit as a positive thing.

Low iq causes lack of awareness. As far as they’re concerned no one else matters

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Why don't you say something to them

>Low iq causes lack of awareness

keep repeating it, you might believe it someday, dirty faggot.

>Why do blacks think

There's the problem

It does. I've worked with retards.

This thread is full of insecure children. Waaah muh niggers are trying to replace us. This is why no one will sleep with you unless you pay.

it's not just blacks, all under 20's do it.

The simple fact that your are user and think you can get away with speaking this way is hilarious. Most of you faggots in here would never dare to speak this way in reality, let alone to an actual black individual. simply put you are a bunch of Pompous, Beta, Pussies. We White people are funny...They act like Incestual rape/ molestation, serial killing, and mass shooing is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll good. That is way better. Our White hands are soooo clean. You know it ispossible for a white person to meet the requirements of the word Nigger too. Stop being a prime example of one, grow up and take responsibly for your words and actions. Bunch of cowards. I am ready for your pussy ass response. It wont do anything put prove my statement. You a vagina that hates for no reason.

Niggs gonna nigg

>This thread is full of insecure children.
More like civilzed human beings. Notice how you niggers and lovers complain about us merely discussing poor behaviour exhibited by blacks rather than the poor behaviour itself. What does this say about you?

Lol thinks I a black




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Because in their subculture being loud and obnoxious is expected, kind of like Trump.

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toupe or not toupe, that is the question - Will 'baldy' Shakespeare

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What about this thread makes you civilized? You're talking like it's the 1950s and acting like white people do no wrong. You obviously werent civilized enough to pay attention in history class, because white people are in the lowest tier

>because minorities are treated badly there?
No, because then the ethos will shift from minority protection to majority protection. You sound like a White leftist. If so, wake the hell up and stop helping those that wish to destroy you and the future of your children.

Even now they launch terrorist attacks based on nothing but insecurity. You think Brenton Tarrant was civilized? You all have this superiority complex but you really are bottom barrel.

Also most poor people. It's not a race thing, it's a lack of maturity.

Negro, I am from the 1850's. I know, the history books are written by the wicked cult-Marx system. It's to much to explain to you so I'll just leave it at that.

Weird fanfic dude

Being put in a group home doesn't count

lol you're absolutely adorable, or wait no delusional. That's the one

lol nothing wrong with mixing... Nothing should not change your pride in you heritage and where you come from. Its cool to be proud you where you come from. but dont let that pride destroy your ability to accept others.

>you can’t talk like that

>you faggot

Pick one user

i see no discrepancy

keep hating!

because you soy drinking white pussies arent going to do anything to stop them

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Yeah what have white people are given humanity???
I mean aside from vaccinations. And electricity. Cars. Planes. Antibiotics. Computers. But besides that shit, nothing.

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Why do people still own phones when they learned that everything they do on them is tracked and recorded? NPCs.

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Nah bru. Nigga made peanut butter. We wuz kangs!!

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trying to bait you into fighting them and to try and show dominance.
They love to annoy decent people and waste their time. Example they walk slow as fuck in the street and stare at you.


Niggers steal things, they don't care

Man, can you imagine what its like the manspread you personality without regard for peoples personal space like that, men shouldnt recede but sprawl.

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I've had people of all races try to do this on my bus and I tell them to turn it off or get out. Stop being a faggot OP

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This. One black guy was playing his shitty music so I started playing shitty country music and he got mad and had the audacity to tell me I was the one being rude and annoying. An older black gentleman proceeded to tell him to fuck off.

i prefer my niggers well done. those disc lip niggers are legit tarded

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>White people make up most burglars
>Black people steal
Pick one incel

You can't make that shit, therefore it's a personal achievement not a white one

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/thread these betas are scared of black people

couple weeks back I saw a nigger chimp out at the dentists office. He came in with a toothache and was pissed they wouldn't see him without an appointment. Then he demanded their corporate number and sat down with them on speaker phone in the office bitching that they wouldn't make him an appointment. eventually just made an appointment for the following week and left

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Right, it just happened that they were all persoanl achievements of White men.

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>bitching that they wouldn't make him an appointment

I meant see him without one. need more coffee

Wow good one

You're not the same as Thomas Edison. Make a lightbulb then retard.

Your mom's pussy was good one white boy

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>Comparing Africans to black Americans
>Thinks architecture is a sign of intelligence and not a matter of convenience

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Why do blacks listen to music with the bass turned to max when they live in an apparent and they’re hole alone

>nigs gonna nig

it takes a society of white men to build a civilization to get to the point of being able to make complex materials.

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>Can't make lightbulb
>Can't justify his taking pride for others accomplishments
>Well we live in a society
You're not the same as those people who actually accomplished something. You're a beta, incel virgin who's never left his basement let alone accomplish anything.

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>Implying white people don't do this

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My apartment was entirely white for 5 years and this problem never happened before. Granted I have lived other places where a white was the culprit but after telling him I work nights and me hearing his shit songs all morning was keeping me up he apologized and stopped

Current situation the nigger is the victim because he can’t blair his music

maybe you're just a dork who never rocks out and it has nothing to do with race

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Na I’m just considerate to my neighbors if I need to rock out I throw on my bomb ass headphones or if that won’t cut it I go to a club.

Try harder nignog

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Hmm, I wouldn't mind seeing some more pics of that little 'boo wench sashaying out of that mud hut.

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It's not that they think it's okay, they just don't give a fuck.

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Why are you wasting you time on niggers? They are what they are and you wont change them you stupid cunts.

They say the same thing about you racist ass you stupid fuck

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>alpha personality
Read: low iq and zero impulse control.
Additional references: every prison and morgue in the world

Ooga booga bix nood. Muh dick

The left still can’t meme

Lol what?
Ahahahaha. The fucking cope. Kek.
>it’s convenient to build the acropolis


Sub 80 iq detected

He can’t into the concept of civilization and contributions. He is, after all, a nigger. Without slavery he would still be barefoot and eating mudcakes with his African “civilization.”

because theres no one around with a whip to correct them anymore

because even animals are smarter than them?

Why would they need to change?
Niggers are a scourge to every community they infect — this is an objective reality.

wait what i thought everyone did that?


You people are sick... and you will never change... troll away white niggers!

>You're not the same as Thomas Edison
Don't strawman. I never claimed to be Edison or even to be equal to him but that I appreciate him just like I appreciate Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz because thanks to them I have a car.