How many dumbass actually think he died in a """helicopter crash"""?

How many dumbass actually think he died in a """helicopter crash"""?

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it was an inside job

Nice fucking dubs and trips

Check em

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Imma get it this time, I won’t disappoint you.

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Nice trips

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die in a nuclear holocaust

Even dumber is thinking I even care about some pinheaded nigger. I hope heaven is whites only. I don't want to spend eternity looking at a bunch of shit skins

No u

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Who gives a shit. How many dumbasses care?


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Story ??

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Kobe fakes his death and went to his private island to fuck bitches

Who cares, asshole

What the fuck is this?

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This post has autism. Do not reply to it pls.

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Too late, you already did.

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What the fucking fuck is this thread

people mysteriously forgot he was a rapist


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Jewish trickery

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Don’t reply to this god-tier bait thread

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Ok nigger

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How many of you dumbasses actually believe we had the technology to land on the moon more than 50 years ago?

What game is that from?

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implying this nigger was important enough to be killed

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You seem to know something about this