What can Anons do to make sure Trump is voted out of office in November?

What can Anons do to make sure Trump is voted out of office in November?
What can Anons do to make sure Republicans loose every election till hell freezes over?

Let's collect some good fucking ideas!
We can do it. We are Anonymous!

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Remember everyone this is Cred Forumsspam!

Make up your mind. I thought /pol was nothing but right wing Nazi's.

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He won with 3 million LESS votes then his competitor.

Even if every single person in Usa did NOT vote for him, he would still win.

Only a sniper on a hill could try to stop him, and that's not going to happen.

Plus security guards now a days have clear bullet proof glass they can carry and set up outside or anywhere.
So if you did shoot, you wouldn't hit.

I am far from being a Cred Forumstard since they were taken over by Neonazis years ago.

Seems to flip flip flop. Or at least in b/

tell the DNC to choose a male opponent to win the primary this time. the electoral college will never choose a female to win the election

Mysogonistic asshole.

I want the just the opposite. And thanks to political impeachment, if you like democracy you want just the opposite as well. I will grant that the Republicans started this stupid shit with Clinton but unless the Republicans stomp in the next set of elections and politicians see the level of backlash that political impeachments incur we're going to see impeachments every other term. And its not like Trump has been able to make much headway against the liberal agenda with overpowered Federal judges blocking him at every step that another 4 years is really going to matter.


It's called bait.

Last time i checked im down for 4 more years of trump. Love riding this amazing ecomony.

Backhand attempt at calling for an assassination of a sitting president. Is this an idiot or an alphabet?

>He won with 3 million LESS votes then his competitor.

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>What can Anons do to make sure Trump is voted out of office in November?

basically nothing.

now, repeat with me: IT'S OVER.
Trump will stay till 2024 and beyond.
Also, Jews are destroing Bernie. Ask yourself why.

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Fuck you fascists.

>right wing nazi's

yeah,the political party that supports israel,nazi's.LOL

Jajajajajajaaaaa! Drumbpfpff have tiny hands!

They support a right wing government, opposed by many Jews. Not the same.

Ooh, do the long tie ones next! :-D

Why would we? We WANT Trump and the republicans in more offices and shitheads like AOC and Pelosi gone.

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>be me
>friendzoned by my crush
>find out she fell for Chad McChaddington
>accidentally see Chad loveydovey-walking with Stacy
>take a quick pic
>send to crush and text her "apparently that's the part of his '''job''' he didn't tell you"
>my crush goes on full rage mode and sends him the pic "what the fuck are you doing there"
>Chad is literally whatthefuck'ing hard, Stacey is trying to understand what's happening, while I barely contain my laughter bursts
>Chad proceeds to text her "I'm with a coworker, on an errand, will text later"
>crush shuts off the phone and cries up to 3am
>laugh like there's no tomorrow, albeit a little sad for having had my crush crying and sobbing
>next morning crush texts me about the day earlier
>laugh again
>tell her I'm offering my shoulder for her to weep on
>she invites me over
>run like hell to catch a train
>while in the train she cancels because Chad just texted her he's going at her place

The dems have been working on making sure all elections yield a Democrat from now on. It's simple really and they aren't to far from achieving their goal.


The NPV act. Many states have already passed it. If enough states participate it pretty much nullifies the Electoral college.

No longer will the votes of non coastal states matter. Sure they will have voting as an exercise in so called democracy, but their state representatives have voted to have their electoral votes go to whomever wins the popular vote.

This means that high density states a d massive cities will decide all future elections.

No longer will politicians have to campaign in the heartland. No from now on they need only win the California and New York elections.

Do you like the fact that candidates have no choice but to acknowledge all these low brown rural states? Too bad. No more having to win 51 separate contests. No just 2 from now on.

So if you want to put an end to democracy that allows uneducated farm folks and dirty oil patch knuckle draggers and uneducated middle American deplorables voting and interfering with progress, then have no fear. The NPV act is Here!

I’m not an elector

did that work last time?

There's also those pushing for and/or already allowing illegal immigrants to vote ...which is literal foreign influence in an election for you "muh colluzon, russha" faggots

>by the people
the constitution says only 500 people actually choose the president

dumbass, your vote doesn't count during a presidential election, idiot.

I lost

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Lol. What third party Republican strategist are you associated with bud?

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>I'm still young enough to believe that voting works and I have a choice

No state assigns delegates based on that state's rules and how people vote. Delegates than vote based on how they were assigned. US is a republic not a democracy. Technically delegates could vote differently but they are chosen from within tight party circles and the backlash would be enormous. Only reason this technicality was included at all is to have an out if populace decides to vote for King George or Mickey Mouse. Bigger issue when it comes to elections is the degree of variability between states when it comes to assigning delegates and national news. Reported results and predictions from east coast voting can drive voting turnout. As it is I don't see why people in Hawaii or Alaska even bother since the race is usually called when they're still voting.

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Unfortunately, I believe Trump will stay till 2024 and then retire to Mar-A-Lago after.

Mostly because unfortunately the democrats don't have too many good candidates to win 2020.

Simple. GET OUT AND VOTE AGAINST THEM! And just not voting for tRump isn't good enough.

Have you tried REEEEEEEEEEEing really loud?

That's a staged photo for when he was doing a thing with the WWE.