So there's like a 99% chance I'm losing my virginity this weekend, at an embarrassing age

So there's like a 99% chance I'm losing my virginity this weekend, at an embarrassing age.

What are some tips of things to do / not do during sex so it doesn't give away that I'm a virgin?

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Cum early, apologize, and then cry until she leaves.

Don’t choke when you suck his dick.

Have a tactical wank before

Stop sweating, or get a towel.

She's really hot. So regardless, I'm still probably going to bust quick even if I do this.

Use diferrent positions
Nothing too fancy
Start with missionary switch to side saddle them doggy
Finish with missionary so she can see your face when you come
Put a pillow under her butt when your doing missionary

first, don't go on Cred Forums to get valid information. that's like the supreme virgin move

Light some candles.

Wear nothing but a banana hammock.

Lay down and tell her
"Ravage me"

Keep a towel handy.

She might slip on all her pussy juice and crack her head

Don't do this
Can you not come twice in a row? How long does it take you to get an erection after coming? Just have her play with herself until you can get hard again

Don't worry too much. It's not gonna happen anyway.

Hey i tried to help him
But he's right my advice probably isn't the greatest

How old are you?

It's going to happen. She's coming over my apartment on Friday night and she has to spend the night because she doesn't have a car.
Also, I don't really have much to entertain her with there. I have a laptop to screw around on the internet, and some food to eat. It's like unspoken between us but we're probably going to fuck.

(Not op)
I'm guessing 27

a pillow for fucking real? who uses a pillow? op aside?

Don't stress it. Be confident. If that other person loves you, then they'll see this as something extra special. Because to them, you gave your virginity.

Someone who cannot have respect for you, isn't worth it.

Good luck :)

Feed her eggs

It's all about expectations, yours and hers.
If you can be honest with her, she won'e be surprised. You can't fake experience, she will notice for sure. Otherwise, missionary and doggy are best and make sure to satisfy her at least a bit.

regarding what op says of the situation, it sounds more like a car problem than a sex promess but whatever

Bad advice. Can be difficult to stay hard in condo m if you do this

Trips of sexual wisdom

All the eggs

If she goes down on you just let it go on for about a minute then lay her on her back, put it in then lift her legs up and hold on to the bed with your arms behind her knee caps and pound away as hard as you can until you cum

Just tell her you've never had sex. This will do 2 things:
1.) Brings her expectations down
2.) Will make her more inclined to verbally tell you how she wants to be fucked.

So instead of fumbling around for like 2 minutes trying to find her clit, just tell her you're a virgin. Also don't ask Cred Forums for help.

Just tell it's your first time and be relaxed about the fact / make a kind joke out of it, she'll like it and will show you the ropes and it will also not reflect poorly on you if the sex is bad as it was your first attempt after all and If anything it would be on her.
Honestly, she'll probably think that it's romantic that shes the only girl you've been with and she'll be extra turned on.

You don't have to tell me what happened to you, but you do have to eat these

Go back to 9GAG or something, a Cred Forumstard like him is going to get help

This guy

Make it special for her to "show" her you make it seem like you know how to treat a girl. Not like your not getting any satisfaction from it anyway, unless shes a raging piece of work

The fuck do I need to find her clit for? Can't I just stick it in?

3-5 min cool down, once in a rare while 0 mins. Cum and keep pounding.

>stick pp in
>Push in and out in and out etc

If you're losing your v card, just cut the cord right after, because that relationship is never gonna last

Well you see sport, you gotta get her wet before you can just pound away. Girls like a little attention payed to their lady parts before you rearrange their guts.

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I feel like this is true.

Why do I get the feeling you've never had sex either

False. That's what spit (or ky if you're fancy) is for

Can't argue with this

Just tell her you've fooled around before but never had actual sex. Trips here is absolutely correct. And don't rush through or force anything because everything will happen naturally anyway. You'll know exactly what to do, it's a natural thing that all animals do and respond to. So unless you are drooling-on-your-shirt-level autistic you'll be fine, user. Have one drink or whatever beforehand and just relax. Only when it's over do you realize you were worried about nothing.

Her clit is her best spot, it's much like the head of your penis. She would like it to be licked, and gently sucked. You can find the clit above the vaginal cavity. Then are at the top, and it sticks out a bit in some cases.

Tell her you lack experience, and she will guide you through the process of fucking. Btw, you can't hide you lack of experience.

Your a virgin, if you think this is true.

I just want you to know that I laughed, user.

Don't cum inside her. At the last minute pull out and spurt in her face. They love it!

Oh yeah I should have mentioned, I have no intention to be sober when she comes over. Not going to be drunk, but maybe 2 or 3 shots of something to loosen my inhibitions.

There's nothing you can do to hide it. Women can smell it. Just don't be embarrassed about it. Roll with it, nut too early, laugh, wait 15mins and get hard and try again. That's all you can do. If she likes oral, tongue her clit while you wait to get hard again or something.

All women like to be wet first, from foreplay mostly. If she's not wet you can use lubes. Do not use spit, might turn her off. You want her to enjoy, for more later. Good luck Bro.

This post.

How old are you

Just drug her the first time so you can practice?

Honestly OP, this is something you have to learn from experience.

Every woman is different in terms of what she likes. Some women like things that makes other women cringe and want to claw out their eyes. Some women cum really easily and repeatedly during intercourse, and others require work that feels like some ancient ritual combined with puzzles.

I think your best course of action is to be honest about it. You can't fake being experienced and skilled at sex.

My advice: lots of foreplay. Anticipation is absolutely critical. Start small, kissing/nibbling/TASTEFUL licking.

Don't go straight for the vag. I wouldn't pre-wank if I were you. Busting early is better than not getting it up.

If shes worried about her clit then youre raping her

Almost every advice given in this thread comes from cumdumpster worshipping wimps.

tell your partner you've never had sex before. If you don't communicate and don't respect them, then they will do the same.

Don't do it OP, conserve your mana

I'm interested in your conclusion. Can you explain?

This is written in a really gay way but the info is good.

Be very careful with alcohol. I would recommend against it unless you are an alcoholic and can consistently get raging dong when inebriated. If you have to have some booze, go for beer with low alcohol content. Liquor and anxiety are a recipe for catastrophic, embarrassing failure.

Tell her you're a manslut without a number.

Ur gay. I speak the truth.

Just take it easy it is self explanatory. Remember keep pounding if you cum early. After admin that you were so horny that you cummed in x second

You fucking troglodyte I said you were correct, you just write like a faggot. Pay more attention next time you fucking rock.

I already joked about it with her that I think she's hot and that I'm probably going to cum in about 9 seconds. She's expecting it.

I write not gay

You very much write very gay

So she already knows you're a virgin

Have a wank in the bathroom. Clears the pipes. ALso shower before hand.

No not really. Non virgins have that problem all the time.

op, ask her best friend for tips and be sure to tell her you're a virgin
hopefully her best friend will give you some practice sex and then you'll be a pro ready to bring her to pound town
theres literally no way this plan could fail

Evel person shift like bllet in the skull

Poster with gay writing here, I forgot to mention


Just act confident, my first one didn't have a clue until I told her afterwards.