Do the women who pose nude for money realize what the purpose is?

Do the women who pose nude for money realize what the purpose is?

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Patrycja and her friends sure do ;)

how can you tell?

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Just a hunch lol. What are you up to OP?

not much atm. wbu?

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Same. I have today free for some "activities" if you and the girls are interested.

>god damn you need to post this babe more

Where did you go last competition? Did you bust early or have to leave?

busted early then had to leave

My wife models nudes she doesn’t care she brings home $250-$500 a shoot.

Damn. All good though.

how'd she get into that?

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and she does it just for the money?

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Do the girls also have you rock hard or just me?

I mean I pushed her into it to she did a shoot for me for my birthday and I thought it was hot I love when she shows off. Then she realized she could get paid for doing it and made a model mayhem account

already jacked off today sorry!
hmm makes sense then

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No she likes it, it makes her feel sexy she likes the pictures and of course the money

Yes. Women are whores.

Last shoot she did

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thank god

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Man it's still early! Did you make a thread that I missed?

Are you telling me the babes dont deserve a second round? ;)

Still around?

Yeah and they don't give a shit.


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Well keep the sexy girls coming man!

God damn
Have you seen OPs girls before?

Nope, new to me. But definitely hot as fuck

You've been making this thread with that ugly woman for years now every day fucking commit suicide you low iq zilch

Well, stick around. OP has a lot more of offer!

a newcomer?

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I guess you could call me that? I'm new to the thread lol

full on nudes probably realise this. but there is apparently a lot of cognitive dissonance when it comes to lewd instagram pictures

oh man oh man you've got no idea what you're getting yourself into

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>there is apparently a lot of cognitive dissonance when it comes to lewd instagram pictures
makes sense but how do you know?

Lol well I guess I'm in it now? Hopefully it's not too bad

You're in for a ride friend

ask my friend

You're in for possibly one of the best times of your life, if you have the endurance to hold out!

Sounds fun I think?

Trust me. It's a great time, should you choose to join in the fun

All right, I still dont really know what it is, but I'll join in

You made the right choice ;). Do you want details? Or just wait for OP to make things clear?

I kind of like the mystery. How long is this gonna take though?

I'm pretty new myself friend! But usually around 2 ish hours?

Hmm.. ok. I can make that work

All right well if you have any more questions ask, I'm gonna go play some game while we wait on OP. I'll try and check back every so often though

Sounds good. Imma do some work so that I dont have to do it later today

So who is your favorite girl, and favorite pic so far?


Runner ups

My man. Good choices.

Very good choices

the purpose is money

Thanks guys. OP you back?

I missed fapping to his girls

Are you a tits guy or an ass guy?

yeah it's me. so how many guys here wanna put their cocks inside these babes?

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Tits guy, by a little bit.
Another one of OPs friends?

Definitely just been busy
I am claire user

I think we have 4 including you!
Astro, Newcomer, another regular?, you!

they do, some just act ignorant about it

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haven't seen you in awhile. should we hold a competition?
which one are you?

I want to fuck these babes and find out what this thing I got myself into is all about!


What time?

how about in like 5-10 minutes?

Sounds good
Already throbbing with the pics from now

You didn't ask me but that works for me!


how good do you want your first competition to be?
if you select worse than average you're still probably going to have the most fun you've had in months.

I want you to blow my fucking mind OP. Show EXACTLY how bad this situation I've ended up in is ;)

I like the way this guy fuckin thinks.

not even the regulars have experienced it as amazing as I can make it. Would you enjoy more a gradual build-up or should I just start the process with my most powerful weapons?

I gotta warn you, you might not be able to handle it. Like try to imagine the most fun you ever had when you 13. Now multiply that by 5 times. that's the most boring I can make it for you

Gradual build up is the way to go I think. Start with stuff like

Gradual build up, but let's say if I make it over an hour or so then you really turn it on ;)