Emilia OP edition!

Emilia OP edition!

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No one will find the thread because you didn't include 'waifu' in the OP. Reminder that Stocking is a filthy whore. Both the character and the fat loser behind the keyboard.

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Tru, but if it is cold u can cut the heat on and wrap yourself in blankets :o

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Jordie "Liquid Richard" Jordan claimed

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claiming your mom faggot

Dajuan "Energy" McDaniel claimed

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Yes heyhey Stocking fren

I mean it's not that hard... I just scroll till I find the threads anyways...

Sing us a song?

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Waifu find it your damn self edition.

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You overestimate the average IQ of waifu posters.

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Okay that one is actually good. Top notch shitpost

I'm wondering if I'd be a good whore. Got no idea tho.

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I can swallow up, bottle up, alcohol it up. Feel like Godzilla betta hit the deck like the card dealer.

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hehe who goes there

Really? That's an interesting line if thought to go down

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Is bleach a considerable cure for autism?

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Been thinking of becoming a crossplayer. Don't know if im trans.
Don't think I or my surroundings could handle me transitioning in any way. If I enjoy the thought of dressing up as a girl, but not necessarily in a sexual way, am I a transvestite then?

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clicked thread for the cute
found out it was waifu

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Akame's claimer is now claimed ^^

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You don't steal? What are you, a normie?

I was honest with you... I really can't add you atm...

hmmm what is discord even for anyway...

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Needs waifu in the OP

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If I get dubs again I'll just fucking try it.

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why is that.
always the same excuses.

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imagine talking to sono

I c I c... I don't really know the answer that tbh. Not exactly the biggest expert on that topic sorri



Noted! I didn't really think about it because I just scroll until I find it lol
Also heyhey rory fren!

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someone said you like-like me and i'm scared you want to take me away from Akame..

Always wondered why people think talking to Sono is a bad thing. What did she do?

no... don't grouplink me ._.,

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I jus didn't want to say heyhey twice in a row and seem rude;-;

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now that just goes to show how sad and frail your relationship to the akame poster really is... so frail that you have to be scared of getting taken away

what a joke.

why are you doing this to me yet again...

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hello, what brings you to our threads?

for a second there I didn't know who you were lol

I think my relationship to him is healthy, though i wish i could do more... unfortunately I'm very shy and i lack money

I don't want to hurt you emotionally... so that's why I don't want you to even try to take me away from him, because it won't work :

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Yo he totally put the title in the options bar like a tard


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Nope! I put the title as you see it!

Uh, you guys! I like talking to people!

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Waifus are belongings

seems they don't like your kind 'round here.
I'm sorry.
prejudice follows you even outside of the anime

dis not a waifu thred

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I don't understand what you mean???? Everyone I talk to is nice!

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I don't care what anybody else says, i think you made a good thread.

a casual filter if anything

waifus belong in the kitchen

i c u

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Thank you fren!

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no problem Emilia-tan~

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We live in 2020.

XS I just imagined a waifu rights march where a bunch of NEETs leave their house for a single time to protest while carrying their bodypillows around.

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Bro you just posted cringe


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yeah i know

the true era walk

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do you really like-like him

zamn vro

Imagine getting cucked by a greasy weeb in a waifu thread

what do you think

imagine coming here for an internet relationship


Help... this image in my head is way too funny!

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i think u stink

sorry, i'll go take a long bath

I could help, but I don't feel like going outside :^)

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what happened to the mordred poster

Hopefully he killed himself

Nice turipsu

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nice dubs

back to back, checked and witnessed

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Nope. Stop it. Stop having fun.

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ha nice

A living legend!


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nice dubs
It's because of my love for rory

Thought of shaving my legs (and perhapsss try some cute female clothing on) but am afraid to get called out on it.

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your body, your choice
as long as you love your waifu

So many dubs in response to dub trips!

I think you should do what you want. I mean it's just shaving your legs, if someone called you out on it I'm sure there are plenty of excuses out of it if you choose not to own up... like "I did it because it made my legs itchy" or something!

More dubs!

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I love Emilia

Pills here

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try again

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Also dubs

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why so confused

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Surprised* because you just said "I love Emilia!"

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am i not allowed to
nice dubs


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ohaioooo evening waifus c:!! i hope you're all ok

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u too sweetheart I hope you ate good today

It's not that you aren't allowed to... it's just extremely surprising!
Also dubs!

Even more dubs!

Heyhey fren~


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u_u sorry..


we're pretty toxic though...

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do you love me

Yeah guess I'll just say it was a impulsive decision because I thought it would be more comfortable or somethin.

VuV I do

Maybe this time?

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Eeeeh~ I see most of it in a positive light... only a few people actually fighting with eachother and everyone else just being in good fun kinda toxicity, which I don't mind~

I... love... you all!

Mhm mhm! Exactly! Plus maybe you will think it's more comfortable!
Also rip dubs ;-;

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I hope you don't get tainted by the likes of Rory and Shizuru

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That's better than nothing, I guess.

rory is cool

rory is the best poster

You don't have to-

-orbit him

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don't be jealous~

i did eat good today, user-san! :3 the shop near my house has started stocking American cereals, so I've been gorging myself with Reese's Puffs and that cereal which consists of mini donuts (Donettes I think they're called) - both of which are amazing, I'm super-jealous about those who live in the US, you guys have the best food! c:


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Thx for the encouragement.

And yeah F for the dubs.

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why orbiters can't define orbiting???
I orbit only my waifu

aw yeah, thanks for sharing linachan, have a nice one

Of Rory?

Who is your waifu?

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who else

peperoni secret
who is your waifu

Good night everyone! Imma go 2 sleep and ponder wether I should keep being a egg.

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eggs hatch into birds
I like birds

>All my boys are busy
>I'm bored and half asleep
Imagine having responsibilities
Nn bro
You'll hatch and grow into a giant fucking beetle someday

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I'm good!! A little bit peckish though. You?

Mhmhm! Any time!!

Nightynight fren~

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Is it Rory's user?

My waifu is a secret, but I do claim her sometimes

What's the point of sleeping when you're just going to wake up in a couple of hours?

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I might be

You can do better

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I don't think i can, also, Rory is a perfect specimen

just do it.

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? So this isn't your waifu??



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stop rejecting my love

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I won't hurt you..

Nope but i do have strong feelings for her
But she appears in my dreams a lot

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you really are jealous

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Of what?

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That guy is a internet legend also shout out sean ranklin big ups liquid richie and brandy got blacked


Attached: DgzrDhXUYAIZlhA.jpg (768x1024, 144K)

Rory being orbited

Stop getting demon trips!

Oh you have her in dreams frequently? I remember I think one of the first times I saw you, you mentioned some lewd dream with her in it!

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Why does Rorycon get all the orbiters?
It's not fair. I mean come on.
I'm clearly the cutest one.

Attached: 1580795137085.png (935x919, 159K)

Nice get/waifu thread, everyone.
It's been a pleasure, good night/day.

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by her husbando

bro rorycon lol i said the thing bro

Attached: 1550147305916.png (1280x720, 826K)

Just stay in the threads for 4+ years and you'll start garnering them.

Attached: 1577390943313.jpg (1748x1206, 793K)

if your waifu posted on 4chin maybe she would orbit you
maybe she does but doesnt post

bro I posted the funny rorycon picture

Attached: 3dgifmaker6.gif (350x350, 564K)

love me
rory is perfect
i'm not
my thing

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hello :3 -handshake-

Attached: LinaInverse14.jpg (1287x1469, 401K)

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strong grip you got there

Attached: unknown (1).png (1151x753, 688K)

The only problem with being faster than light is living in eternal darkness.

Attached: 1577429415566.jpg (724x1024, 61K)

Au revoir
Tsk. Always gotta play the long game and shit
Even if she was real there's no way she'd notice my existence.
Same goes for most waifus i'm sure.
So you're saying i'm not? ;c
Spam user! And right when I was starting to miss you.

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Attached: 1557983057529.jpg (1518x2024, 461K)

By her claimer?

I had four really intense dreams about her. One of them even woke me up...
y-yes one of them was very lewd...

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Alternatively you could make a discord/telegram server and invite people who would orbit you. That's what a lot of other whores in these threads did.

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you are.. second most perfect! wait no.. mordred is second.. then emilia, then you.
I wish, being Rory must be great

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we live on a small world, anything could happen


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Who are the oldest, still active waifu posters?

Attached: 1553114474876.jpg (501x900, 59K)

does that mean i can tell you.

Attached: bn654jh.png (843x1200, 667K)

It'd be easier to just live out my days as an underappreciated artist.

Attached: 69158013_p8_master1200.jpg (1200x851, 280K)

me bitch

Attached: Meee.png (1280x720, 934K)


There there fren. There there.
You need a pat!


Das a long time...

So persistent!

So sad ;-;

Oh my oh my!

I added a few people on here through Discord because they're cool tho ;-;

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Attached: 1575744985501.png (534x332, 101K)

Attached: 1488654244306.jpg (1224x1632, 97K)

Never gonna make it.

You bout to get invited to an orbiter server.

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Attached: 1578929160010.png (178x178, 26K)

hey at least it's not last place, that belongs to Sono. jk

Rory's claimer or the anime girl?

I think Shizuru and Rory are the oldest

Your disc? :o

i knoooow
i swear her touch felt so real..

Attached: Asakura.Ryouko.full.814729.jpg (800x600, 405K)

Dubs! Also how am I in 3rd when I've likely been here less than most everyone else??


Attached: anime-anime-girls-re-zero-kara-hajimeru-isekai-seikatsu-emilia-re-zero-wallpaper-preview.jpg (728x1029, 68K)

What's your discord?

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Attached: 1465674537564.jpg (720x1184, 190K)

Attached: 1578953740556.jpg (1024x1083, 285K)

I cri(
oh god oh fuck
Maybe it was rigged from the start?
>Last place
but he's so cool

Attached: 77569651_p3_master1200.jpg (363x736, 133K)


Attached: eksd.jpg (950x826, 56K)

Attached: 1555880737640.jpg (731x918, 138K)

Reminder that this dude unironically fapped to his own hand that his crush touched.


Attached: 1505235445078.png (500x500, 58K)

Attached: 1576650954892.png (418x80, 9K)

yeah he might be cool, but he's still the least perfect one. being the least perfect doesn't mean not being perfect.

Why do you keep getting dubs!?
Also huh? You want my disc?

There there, there there.


Attached: eaa9c8bd6819ec55ce76892657f22cc8.jpg (480x678, 57K)

i'm not the one asking for your discord, that's a different user

Attached: EPvHpp2W4AMHyx2.jpg (2048x1538, 364K)

Attached: 1574836484370.png (431x762, 598K)

Attached: EJHShMZX0AsAWfj.png (405x571, 167K)

Attached: 1551356580808.jpg (860x460, 81K)

There's another user talking to me!?
Am sorri user

Attached: eafc1b31a0df2723556e6f36c6a15b618282877c_00.gif (320x180, 390K)

Attached: 1552608412157.png (909x968, 1.78M)

Attached: 1571337424466.gif (272x500, 105K)

Attached: DzitANxXQAAGKsg.jpg (680x511, 56K)

Attached: D08B3epX4AAVilw.jpg (2048x1538, 387K)

don't be sorry, it's okay.
I love you~



Is ASovietShark#0196 rn btw. Why?


Also dubs