How do white guys like myself even compete?

How do white guys like myself even compete?

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best thing to do is simply admit defeat as i have.

find a girl with tight pussy, they hate big cocks

do what I did: feminize :shrug:

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Well, your white so you have a job and never been to prison

You shouldn't worry, much. Big penis is considered by WHO a disability, and is reversely correlated with intelligence.

It's a blessing to have a tiny white penis. Imagine living in a society where black men rule and us white guys are required to take penis shrinking pills until every white penis is 2" erect and locked in chastity

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Everything in life is about sex, except sex; sex is about power
Gain power in other ways that sex cannot beat, dumbass.

its more enjoyable to suck an average size cock than it is to suck a huge cock that you can barely fit in your mouth
the only people who like giant cocks like that are weirdo nympho sluts and faggots who are total degenerate pervs
so once again, and always, the white man wins and there is literally zero argument against this
sorry niggers

Show your hole

Hello threadgoers
I am indeed a black guy
I came specifically to this thread to tell you fags to commit suicide by jumping off a tall building. You fucking retards and your threads are just a fetishization of Black people and it’s not only racist, but makes you look like a complete dumbass virgin loser (like you are)
Again, please, everyone in this thread just die, you won’t be missed.

>its more enjoyable to suck an average size cock than it is to suck a huge cock that you can barely fit in your mouth
speaking from experience, faggot?


>thinks this nullifies the fact

By realizing that large cocks are an evolutionary response to rape as a procreation strategy, and that as a race other than black you probably have other positive traits besides large genitals. Also, realize that if a woman absolutely needs the largest cock possible to be happy, them she is what we call a "slut" and not worthy of your attention.

I didn't say whether it did or not. I asked a question.
so you're an illiterate cock-sucking faggot.
moving up in the world

why are you such a faggot op?

>actual nig tells Tenda to kill itself
How will it ever recover?

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who cares

those were a lot of big words buddy but large cocks evolving from excessive rape doesn't even pass a smell test, much less have data backing it up. What do you suppose is the evolutionary advantage to rapists of having a large penis? If anything it would be more likely to traumatize your victim and make her less likely to get pregnant.