Are niggers really stupid subhumans or is it just a meme?

Are niggers really stupid subhumans or is it just a meme?

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my papa always said "they should gas the jews, gypsies and other faggots, but niggers have to live to serve white ppl"


the average black's iq is 20 points higher than the average trump voter

Dude, do you seriously think white males who sit inside all day, on the computer all day, spewing hatred with every breath...

do you think that's the kind of person that has drawn an intelligent conclusion on something?

Hate consumes the entire being, mind body and soul.


Found the nigger lover.

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1936 summer olympics. A bunch of niggers and jews went to nazi germany and disproved your “superior race” bullshit Ideoligy. Google it, I dont have the time to educate your dumb ass. The caucasian race is an abomination to mankind. you people spread diseases, cause wars, famin, and are easily burned by the sun. Your not supposed to be on this earth. accept it, deal with it, kill yourself.

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>Hate consumes the entire being, mind body and soul.
Even the cawk?

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How do ants trade?

There's some truth to it but if you look at them overtime they're becoming better, more productive members of society.

Point proven. Look at this retard.

"Disproved it" how

you mean they die?

Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the sprint and long jump events and became the most successful athlete to compete in Berlin while Germany had the most medals but also competed with jewish athletes

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You know what's a funny idea? Black people are the only people besides natives who didn't immigrate to america, chinese, indians, europeans, they all had to earn a visa to get into your country. Basically what I'm saying is that on average, immigrants who managed to get a visa are smarter than the average american. It's not an easy thing to do, leave an undeveloped country, and the only people who make it out are the best, the smartest, this is why all chinese and indian immigrants are smart, because their countries are hell-holes you cant escape without being well above average.

Now this doesn't matter for white people, who's population is so great that they end up with the most people at the extremities, meaning white are the stupidest and smartest people in america. Now african americans, and natives don't have this advantage, and didn't need to be smart to immigrate to America. It's just speculation but beyond genetic differences in IQ I can see no other reason why blacks don't appear to be as smart as other races than brain drain.

ahhh, a claim without a source, I will ignore it. Seems yoyr race is so lazy, it can't even defend itself with the "facts" they have.

Just a meme to make underachieving people feel better about themselves.

This is a fact. SeeBeat Germans in front of Hitler.

>this is why all chinese and indian immigrants are smart
We obviously went to different colleges. A lot of the ones I've met were just the kids of rich parents. As dumb as any other rich kid.

Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the sprint and long jump events and became the most successful athlete to compete in Berlin while Germany had the most medals but competed with jewish athletes. I’m not in class therefore I don’t feel the need to provide a source. you do know how to use the internet don’t you? now go fuck your sister you inbread hick

>Just a meme to make underachieving people
I don't know if it's just a meme, I think it's just a part of black culture to be insolent and act stupid even if you are smart, would you agree? Let's take a look at blacks in pop culture, the headliners of black people in the world, starting with Lizzo, listen to the song truth hurts and tell me this woman isn't dumbing herself down for the sake of mass appeal? To what masses? Ghetto black women? I'm not saying blacks are stupid, I'm just saying the culture appears to celebrate a brash simplicity that resembles an almost barbaric (savage) impudence (rudeness).

I see no source. So how can I verify?

Can't you read?

Are you serious?

you are a retard

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All the hardest working people I've met in my life have been east asians, chinese and indians, you can doubt it if you want, but let's look at the average SAT math results for american's in the past 30 years, keep in mind this isn't the IQ of people in india and china, this is the IQ of asian people who have managed to escape india and china and migrate to america.

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There are some real statistics that help feed it, like avg IQ, crime rates by race, etc, but race itself is not a defining factor, just an aspect you can use to judge if any of those traits do apply. There are very peaceful, very intelligent blacks, and very ignorant, violent whites.

Culture is the biggest problem.
White from the smartest to dumbest will still oft support/encourage another trying to get an education, practice work ethic, and be successful
Blacks of the "hoods and ghettos" will usually shun and mock other blacks striving for the same as "trying to be white" or an "uncle tom" thus discouraging many from bettering themselves and those around.

Can't blame them, it's in their genes

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Indians are dumb as fuck.

are all white people as ignorant and dumb as you?

>striving for the same as "trying to be white" or an "uncle tom"
This is weird though, why does being smart as a black person make you more white?

Opportunities are limited for blacks. Yes, even today.

You do know Trump has literally denounced the white supremacist since Charlottesville right? Like it was literally in the “good people on both sides shit”

Its ur own fault for being so illinformed.
The dude isnt even really red, he was a life long democrat.

I dont like the guy, but i hate the transparent slandering the media consistently does to spread more chaos.

White people have destroyed and genocided more peoples than any other.

It doesn't, but those stuck with a "fight the man" chip on their shoulders say shit that don't make sense most of the time.

They are bro, look at this chart, but again, we're not talking about indians, we're talking about indian americans. Do you know what it's like to get a visa in an undeveloped country without and education? It's not possible, it literally just doesn't happen unless you're sponsored. Basically, what I'm saying is that every first generation indian immigrant in your country has a diploma, only around 35% of americans above the age of 25 have an education.

niggers understand Trump is a racist so stay away from him

Too bad you didn’t pay attention in elementary school, dumbass.

>do you think that's the kind of person that has drawn an intelligent conclusion on something?
I've yet to see those who propagate cultural-Marxism win a debate with the far-right. Therefore the answer is a solid yes.

Hate itself is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends what you hate. if you hate evil then it is a healthy and good hatred. If you hate good then obviously not. Everything cultural-Marxism teaches and pushes upon society can be objectively deemed evil.

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google "klan bake"

"Had the most medals" Seems like they still won

It does though, I'm not being a prick or anything but there's this stereotype of the artsy intellectual black and in my opinion that guy is more colonized than the average black in america, really think about it, I don't know if I'm racist, but the second I see a black person with an education I consider them to be colonized and integrated to western culture, at least 100 times more than someone selling drugs without a GED, I don't know if that's just me being dumb though.

No, they have more opportunity than other minorities or even whites nowadays.

There are sectors of success dominated by blacks like sports and rap music where they can make fucking millions, and laws to insure or boost their chances in sectors mostly white. Additionally their are affirmative action groups to helps blacks that don't do shit for any other minority, much less whites.

Yet all these "peoples" are not only still around but around in White societies to espouse their grievances about these alleged genocides.

he’s still right. not his fault some dumb fat white bitch was to lazy to teach her class

You might be right about that, this country is mostly white, and as such whites have certain advantages in that they are surrounded by their own kind. If you were to ask me, the problem has nothing to do with white people or anybody but black people imo. The real problem is that gangster culture is overshadowing the culture of actual african americans who want nothing but for their children to be educated like everyone else. You see what I mean though? All I'm saying is rap music has taken more black kids out of schools than intolerance has in the past 10 years.

yea with jewish athletes.

Abuse/neglect/denial of abuse in childhood reduces cognition and social cohesion even into adulthood. What community could be more vulnerable to this mechanism than the children of the children of slaves?

have you visited the trailer parks of white america?

Are you unironically saying that slavery is why nogs nig in 2020?

>in the past 10 years.

lol what are you on about nigger?
nobody said anything about trump.
go shill somewhere else

? With one female jewish athlete

still not a pure “aryan”race. that sounds like one two many to me.

Black babies fail the mirror test. They are a violent retarded race. We would be better off without them.