How do I fix my hair /b? While I possess several unattractive facial features...

How do I fix my hair /b? While I possess several unattractive facial features, I feel like one of my main problem comes from my hair. Should I just shave it all?

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Yes shave it all off. Do it right now

Pics of it didn't happen

Also sorry for potato quality, didn't realise it was that bad

Naw bro the main problem is your pussy chin.

Choose a comb over/ivy league. Dress smart/smart casual. A lot of negative features can be overlooked when you at least look like you have money.

Still considering it for now. Will post a pic if I end up doing it

You look like a child molester. Shave the hair and let's see if it fixed it

Tell me more about it user. What's wrong with it, exactly?

Go to next Tattoo Studio and get a swastika

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I never actually use combs. Maybe I'll give that a try instead

Walk tall, look forward not down, dont force a smile but dont allow facial muscles to remain slack

Fucking hair cut. Change stylist

this isn't you

do you have a rough idea what your head shape is like under your hair? If so yeh shave it

if thats you , youre an average looking guy with no severe deformities, no striking features either, just be glad you arent ugly as fuck, not a chad like most but not bottom of the barrel either, live with it

Don't shave it you retards. You almost always look worse with a shaved head.
Get a haircut, shaved back and sides and put product on the top.

Try spiking it up with hair gel never know it might look all right.

Also look up, people interpret a downward looking face as a threat, and shave chest.

- Use plenty of hair gel
Also this might help you.

Damn you look like a fucking kiddie rapist

Why would I post a random picture of another guy online asking for advice on his hairstyle? I can prove it's me if you wish. Ask me to take a picture that I couldn't possibly fake, like me wearing a spoon on my head or something

The smile part is actually good advice, my smile is creepy as fuck

Basically it's very round, like the rest of my face. That's why I'm still hesitant on shaving it all, having no hair may accentuate my already disgraceful, kind of fat face zz

I've actually been using hair gel for the most part of my life, I've always felt like it was better but I got many comments pointing to the opposite. Maybe I'm not using it properly?

Solid advice on the looking up part

shave it
with a razor tho

Go to an expensive barber, ask for the best trendy haircut that goes with that style. It’ll probably be a really good cut, ask him what to tell a barber to get that cut. I always thought that I was fucked because I have naturally thin hair and it’s straight as an arrow, but I did this and now I know what to get every time.

As for your chin that is trying to recede back into your face, chin up champ

Get a barber to shave the back and sides of your head. Get product on your hands and just push it back and slightly to the side through your hair.
Spiked up with gel is a 90s/2000s style.

I'd recommend keeping the sides trimmed to avoid the bowl look. Maybe comb the top over to the side and use some gel to get it to stay in place. Definitely look for something that compliments your face shape. Remember that if all else fails and you don't like the haircut, you could shave it and start over. But explore other options before jumping straight to the clippers.

Your hair looks quite thin/fair. I'd suggest shaving it off. I shaved mine on new years day for the hell of it. If you dont like it, it grows back. also post pics of ur bald virgin head after

shoe on head or gtfo

do this , already similar

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Stop being a faggot

Yeah you're right, I'll do that tomorrow and if I'm not satisfied with it, I can always shave it all. Solid advice /b, thanks

shave it now pussy I spent ages writing that advice

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Give us updates when you do it. Hope it goes well!

you look like a russian elon musk

Your eyes seem to be your most prominent feature, so you could always do something to draw attention to them. Also explore some changes in clothing style and your wardrobe. Nothing boosts confidence more than a fresh haircut, a new outfit, and a smile.

not even close, but thanks I guess

You're beautiful the way you are retard

also, smile, faggot. part of your frumpy look is that frowny face. it's just 2 muscles, exercise them.

you need to get a hair style
>lets hair grow

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