Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs

Warm Bread for Hungry Celebs

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The one and only

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I like that moment she looks into the camera.

My everything

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Would love to have her in my corner when I fight.

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Yeah on this subject you can dream forever :D

Just imagine how she is worried when you fight
youtube.com/watch?v=5lJBjYailHk&t=3s 1,25min

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It would feel so grab her from behind and press on that

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She looks like Britney Murphy

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I would be great to see her worry that much.
Currently it is only my trainer and mom that worry about me when I fight

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her dress is so sparkly, James

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Gonna need to see your green card

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best emma

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Kike bitch



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At least someone:D

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why the sad?

The things he did to her feet.....

Yeah this is good stuff. Just feeling her wiggling around against your jeans

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I would rather have Dua worry about me than my trainer / mom

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Best girl

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Nothing to do and every activity is boring, no motivation because of that

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>tfw right wing party outplayed everyone else

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thats what the thread is for :) wasting time

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I love her so much. Instant hard on and frustration when I see her

Lol good times watching lefties defeat themselves

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Of course, this is the best that could be. And how pleasant it would be to embrace her after another victory, feeling her heartbeat

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; _ ; That feel.

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Titfucking her in clothes would be aa good as life could get

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Milk truck has arrived

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So fucking sexy

How about a tuna melt? That's good to break the ice.
No fru-fru shit, just a good old fashioned tuna melt on a English muffin.

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Victory or Defeat , she will always be there for you. either to celebrate with you or to say you will win the next time.

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How to grow in size as a male: Eat your own boogers by the mouth
Eat some dirt over a longer period of time
How to gain penis size: stop masturbating. That is all. Let the seed overflow to the point of premature sleep ejaculations
How to stop any gut problems: drink wine or anything with alcohol but not beer! Beer is full of fat components and makes you fat
How to cute fatness: Eat only fat for a couple of days until you feel sick. After that eat nothing at all until you've lost weight. Eating your own shit also works. Combining these two will accelerate the process.

Meh. Lefties didn't. It was the middle, the biggest party, that screwed itself over
Voted for a minister. Right wing had a candidate, but they didn't vote for him at all. Instead they voted for the middle one so now everyone thinks they had some backdoor agreement. Gotta admit, 200IQ right there

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Don't stop

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Yes, and you know that. But I just don’t want to lose in my dreams: D I want to be the strongest for her.

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So tiny and perfect. Her movie with Blake lively was a straight up boner jam

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See Chaddio for explanation

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How to shrink in length as a female: Eat only your own shit and drink only your own piss. Eat your own menstrual blood.
That's your diet until you shrink to preference

you can trust me, user.

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You will be the strongest one for her :)

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That was the almost the most overrated bitch in all time, in NYC they almost flew flags to half staff when that nasty bitch died. It was pathetic.
I never saw the appeal of that one shot wonder.

Thanks this is working great

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How to gain muscle as a male permanently without exercising: make the muscle rip. Stretch a lot and make the muscles rip without blood being added to the muscle.
Stretch exercises!


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She was a really good actor when she was younger plus she died from black mold poisoning. Lowering flags might be excessive but she had value and her death was sad

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Debating whether to cum for Anna before my girlfriend comes over in like an hour

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Did she have hollywood relations like nick cage who is a talentless hack but whose uncle is Francis Ford Coppola?

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I thought she fell in the shower and cracked her dome open

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Outplayed. The hate they now get. Meanwhile, right wing is probably laughing their asses off that their plan worked

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And the most beloved) Imagine how tender she can be with a loved one,
What kind of love can she give

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So you say

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>me in the back tugging one out through the hole in me pocket

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How tenderly she kisses you when you win.
How you wake up next to her looking her smile every morning
The love she gives you is unlimited

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She had overdose like symptoms so everyone just said oh well she's a drug addict so we don't care but then two more people who lived in her same building died within like months of her and her landlord got sued

You people must be real suckers for loving some hollywood sucker like britney murphy.
Not not that one but any one of them.
This is /b get your shit straight.

Saw that her mom was a pretty 70s celeb

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>Come home.
>See that.

That's actually a pretty genius idea lmao, I wonder if you could get in trouble for that.

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Making it very difficult to keep this nut

Did you know her personally, why do you care?

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get used to it. it's a brave new world, dovey.
take a leap of faith, brodie.

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Lefties didn't get screwed so it's fine :p

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the thiccening begins

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Do you want vampire fangs?
Eat raw rat meat and eat your own shit and piss after eating the meat with the intestines and the rat shit inside it as well. The cats get their DNA from somewhere, don't they?
The cats eat the rats.

Cool pic

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It's just amazing, you feel all the pain in your body after training, but she relaxes you with her touches, her tender body snuggles up to your muscles, you feel her hot breath and you kiss forgetting about everything

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Didn't she invented Carona virus

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I think she's the one who showed tits under age in romeo and juliet.

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her pits look so lickable

I'm a human and she's a human and she had a gift that she shared with the world which I happened to like. All death is tragedy and in a selfish sense people like her deaths are slightly extra tragic because we the living can no longer enjoy their presence on the planet

This movie is softcore with an insanely hot lead


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>check it out that weirdo is talking about your sticc legs on Cred Forums again

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More, duffcum incoming

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She's transforming into breeding mode. Many such cases!

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Trips confirm lefties cuck themselves hahaha

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Great look for her

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Preparing to watch a horror movie so she can snuggle even closer to you while she is scared

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I don't believe in faith, I believe in action, I'm not Altaïr

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el dia de la ropa esta venido, wey. better settle up.

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Do you want to be a werewolf?
You have to eat raw meat of animals such as sheep, cow or pig. Then eat your own shit until you only crave raw meat as a diet. After that, eat normal food and repeat shit eating until you no longer crave raw meat.
If it hasn't been tried maybe you shouldn't laugh at it. Beware! Not all people have the required genes. You will identify as either werewolf or vampire. Manly men and women are werewolves. Feminine men and women are vampires but not all of them. Only a few can do it. Others feel sick.

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not sure what to think about that

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imagine what that must smell like

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You hit the user point, tell me more please

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I think you're right
Little girl probably grew up a nudist
Hope we get nudes from her soon

Taylor looks good as fuck tho

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Take your meds

Don't forget bats so you make Chinese novovirus stew.


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That bitch looks like a spider, that might be kinky to some but I'd fry that thing faster then she could say wtf just happened.

The first mirror was invented by rubbing two pillars of rock against each other.
Greece t'was in

Whatever happened to her, she was talentless and didn't suck enough Disney dicks?

You're not jesus, is that what you tell the bitches on your casting couches?


are you fucking retarded? like seriously

she is MJ in the new spiderman movies. she is the lead in HBO's euphoria. she is in the new DUNE remake. she has been in like 25 projects since leaving disney and bella thorne in the dust

in addition to countless modeling gigs

The new testament was written by Caesar. The apostles were there to spread the teachings of Caesars' son after his accidental crucifixion. Jesus and Judas were twins. One of them was loved and the other one was an outcast. That's how he "woke up again" after three days. It was Judas, his twin. Nobody believed it was Judas so he hanged himself.

Nope just general human empathy and respect and like I said selfishness. I like clueless so the cast of clueless dying is sad, go figure

right.. shes MJ and she just had that super well received show "Euphoria" on HBO, stupid

More like octoman with the guys hands all over the chick on the casting couch.

Euphoria is good

which caesar?

Yeah, but it's HBO which isn't known for well known shit, so how do you think these chicks get in there? It's not from talent or beauty, tons of chicks have that, it the good old casting couch.

make a new thread for yahwehs sake

Taylor Swifts Pussy Stinks™


oh and jesus (jc) is julius caesar?

Seriously, as another user asked which ceaser? If you can't be specific than you should shut the fuck up.


>HBO which isn't known for well known shit
lol yep total retard

The leader of Rome!
Muhammad was a cannibal and all of his wives were whores on the street. Not only that, they were all his daughters!
History has Been rewritten a million times my friend

No, you are just used to the rancid smell of nigger jizz in your mom's pussy

Tay is pure aryan sweet pussy

That's real good in hope, but it doesn't work that way in real life with your daughters who get programmed into that bullshit.

which one? caesar is a title, not a name.

If this is anything from HBO it'll be full of shit. Sorry for doing this.

lmao he cant afford an HBO sub so he whines about it

It's not about the money you robot it's about that the shit sucks. What a sucker you are.

>duh he likes watching advertising

Are you really a moron with a marketing or advertising degree or both that is so stupid as to think that it's about money?
Get a grip you fucking cunt. It's not about money or even time, or whining about HBO bullshit. It's about being able to not turning off the bullshit.
Get with the program little man.