Rate my girlfriend Cred Forums

Rate my girlfriend Cred Forums

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pretty on the inside :)

She looks like she's the sentient example of mumps.

Dog collar, does it bite?


This head shape is acutally my fetish.

I bet she sounds like Droopy.

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No, but she sits when you ask her to. :)

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miss potatohead/10


he could a face lift.

She looks like she'd be a genuinely nice person. Maybe.

You kind soul, by putting the meat to this monster, have earned my respect. The fact that you can maintain an erection and then push it into whatever she has below the waist. You sir are a man among men. I salute you and wish you god speid. You beautiful son of a bitch.

If she's yours, we don't have to worry about her.

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I wish they'd fucking stop redesigning Mr. Potato Head.


Where's her neck and Why does it look like She missing part of her face?



She's a beast, she better be nice because anyone giving her the time of day should be heavily compensated

That's no way to talk about Grotcron: Crusher of Skulls and Devourer of Men
I rate her 10 pillaged villages out of 10

She looks like she is melting

So elegant !