Daphne or Velma

Daphne or Velma

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>Daphne or Velma

Both, what are you gay?


Probably Velma, feel like Daphne would be one of those hotties who are let-downs in bed.


Shaggy and scooby spit roast

Both at the same time. You're not a fag, right?

Daphne, im sorry I know im a basic bitch... but those curves!

Both you fucking faggot

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velma. I'm a sucker for skirts

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Alright, between Daphne, Velma, and Scoob

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Animated: Daphne
Live Action: Velma

Daphne easily

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Velma looks kinky

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Comms 1/2

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Comms 2/2

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No one considering the Hex Girls?

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Daphne got tied up way more. So her.

Velma, thiccness that I crave.

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Yup yup yup yup

Movie version of Velma was the only time she has ever been hotter than Daphne.

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fuck off Dafne, I love Velma for his big ass

truest thing ever said on Cred Forums

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Total bullshit, Velma has always been hotter.


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Shad used to be really good but the last few years he has become obsessed with assholes, giant asses, and traps. I think his mind is going.

That can’t be actual can it?


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sadly not, its an edit, but even in original, she has the cake

Daphne, love me a nice and sexy uppity bitch - you know she'd be all nice girl up until the bed and then go wild and want you to fuck her until she can't move.

Feel like Velma would just be like, "Well are ou gonna stick it in or?"

God bless you

Bout to say those animators sure did have fun that day

They either failed to cast someone hot enough for Daphne, or overshot the casting of Velma.

I bet Velma is a freak

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Scooby-Doo has always been my jam

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SMG is over-rated

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You got it backwards my friend

Agreed. Quiet, nerdy girls are often freaks in bed

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Yep Linda Cardellini was way hotter then SMG. They needed to find a busty natural redhead for Daphne.

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Who would have you used?

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Total anal queen.

What every Cred Forums user have to say

Hard to say since hollywood has a total blindspot for redheads in general

Pull over, dat ass is too fat!


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A younger Christina Hendricks maybe?

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velma everytime

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Yeah that could work

both, duh, you know they'd be down with that

No one for the Hex Girls?

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Christina Hedricks was mostly unknown back then but the Scooby Doo movie came out around the same time that she was on Firefly.

She would have been about 26 then. She was gorgeous, busty, and this was before she got fat.

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I was just in the middle of finding a pic to say that.

Precisely. Daphne is probably fucking missionary-only, totally not into it, and the only thing she has going for her is the tight body.

>fuck Velma, she’s probably a freak or at least willing to explore
>marry Scoob, he won’t rake you over the coals in divorce court and doesn’t give a shit who you’re fucking
>kill Daphne, it’s practically not even a crime because she’s a ginger

damn sexy velma

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>all these people saying both
no shit both, but its a CHOICE

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It's... IT'S!...

*rips off gorilla mask*


How the fuck did you post a 19 second webm and still stay under the retarded 2mb limit? Are you a wizard?

Cute cosplay

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Sweater Puppies.

She's old now but this was almost 20 years ago.

Both really

But if I had to choose 1 then Velma, if only for all the jinkies she'd get up to

I knew I knew her from somewhere!

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I still totally would even now
>kids movie

>Marry Scoob

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Velma, definitely Velma

Fuck: Daphne
Marry: Velma

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Christina Hendricks

Velma, because she is thiccc and I like big titties and asses I can buy my face in. Also the hex girls like these two anons said, but mainly the old version of them.

I never noticed but I'm not sure she is wearing a bra in that scene and I think you can see her nipples through her shirt.

Yeah, that was my first choice too

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Velma AND Daphne

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"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids"

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Daphne is for leglock mating press and cumming deep inside. Velma is for face down ass up, fat ass fucking with no safe words.

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More like this!!!

no bra

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I see what you did there and I approve.


You are an American hero

My dude, this one's almost as difficult as Coke or Pepsi. Love them both for different reasons.

Daphne pretty much singlehandedly was responsible for my fetishes for redheads and bondage, but...

But end of the day, Velma was always hotter to me. The knee socks, pleated skirt, baggy sweater, freckles and glasses, brains... Smart girls who dress like that are usually hiding a slammin' body, and with all the running they did, you know she's not a landwhale.

Plus, agreed, she's probably a major freak.

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Dude draws a mean asshole though

That's what he is known for, he's always been an ass man

Velma got dat DUmp Truck Booty

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A god among men

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Daphne has a canon fattie
its over

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That's not thicc. Its curvy but not thicc like Velma.

No one said "Let's split up gang!", Where you guys at?

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Will you help find her glasses?

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sexier with the sweater on

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Question: where did the whole Velma is secretly packing gigantic titties originate from?

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velma for life

Well, shes always been thicker than Daphne

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Penny Gadget.

Well yes but being thicker doesn’t always translate to having secret mountains in your sweater

Artistic license then?

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Daphne for obvious reasons

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you know she had to get diddled by one or two of those masked creeps while she was trussed up

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fo sho. I love how there's so much material of her out there even before fanart existed

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it always bothered me she wasn't gagged in that scene. she's literaly wearing a scarf and pantyhose

velma coz she seems human and daphne is a dumb spoiled child, yeah she's pretty but that's about it.

it's not like rarity in mlp where she is an actual competent person. daphne is a fagot and only fagots low=ve faggots you faggots!!!!

Does Scooby have a sister?
Asking for a friend.

especially since she was gagged so often. oh well, I still remember fapping

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the one on the right looks like some lofi shit xd

Always figured it was. Just kind of an extension of the trope of the demure and thick character having a secret amazing body

nope, just a retarded cousin

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dfscffxc yers he dowes

kind of sad knowing that dogs birth in litters so the rest of them are dead hahahahah. but if they're all like Scrappy we're better off

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>just realizing Scooby's entire family is dead and his only living relative is Scrappy
Zoinks, Scoob. It doesn't get much worse than that

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Theres a few still around: scoobydoo.fandom.com/wiki/Doos

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What anime is this?

Only possible answer

that makes it even more absurd that Scrappy got as much screen time as he did.

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Should have had more Scooby-Dee

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>double dubs

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Any more Daphne tied up or hypnotized?

Totally agreed. I like his old stuff but the new shit is too far gone for me.

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real photos, not cartoons you niggers

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post whatever Scooby-doo girls you like user

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The girl is Felgavo. She's a top-tier cutie

Why not both?

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Not even joking.